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NetAdvantage® for jQuery is our first ever suite of lightweight, high performance jQuery controls (as well as controls for ASP.NET MVC). You receive standards-compliant controls with a rich feature set that includes streaming online video playback and AJAX file upload — plus the fastest jQuery grid control anywhere! Build data-intensive client-side applications with our jQuery grid control and jQuery data source that leverage jQuery Template Support and full DOM virtualization to achieve their blazing speed. Offer users Office 2010 integration to add value to jQuery Web applications running with .NET by using our Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel® and PDF/XPS assemblies to create and work with Word documents (in .docx file format), Excel spreadsheets (in ExcelML .xlsm / .xlst / .xlsx and BIFF8 .xlm / .xlt / .xls file formats) and Adobe® PDF/Microsoft eXtensible Paper Specification documents.

NetAdvantage for jQuery will help you create awesome Web site experiences in browsers across platforms and on devices backed by any server data endpoint — without the need for any plug-ins or extensions. And it's exactly what you need if you're using jQuery and JavaScript to build applications targeting Web browsers.

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Infragistics Seminar Israel, November 2011 NetAdvantage® for jQuery

  1. 1. jQuery & HTML5 - the next webapplication development platformKiril MatevTechnical EvangelistInfragistics,
  2. 2. Contents• Definitions• Benefits/Challenges of the use of jQuery• Comparison with other platforms• Typical Scenarios• Presenting NA for jQuery 11.1• NA for jQuery roadmap
  3. 3. Definitions• What is jQuery? • jQuery is a lightweight open source JavaScript library • It allows developers to find and manipulate HTML elements with a minimum amount of code • Microsoft ships jQuery with Visual Studio
  4. 4. Benefits• Why use jQuery? • Independent from Microsoft • Works on all platforms • Allows a developer to build a highly responsive, fast UI • Allows a developers to build light-weight AJAX applications compared to ASP.NET AJAX • Easy integration with ASP.NET AJAX applications
  5. 5. Challenges• Some challenges to keep in mind: • Tooling is inadequate, productivity is low • HTML5 will not become a standard for at least 2-3 years • Until then new browsers featuring inconsistent support for HTML5 requiring web developers to invest in ensuring their code works on all of them
  6. 6. Comparing jQuery to other platforms• Ranking developer productivity (cost of development) 1. Web forms (cheapest) 2. MVC 3. jQuery• Ranking performance, scalability 1. jQuery (most scalable) 2. MVC 3. Web forms
  7. 7. Comparing jQuery to other platforms• Ranking flexibility, portability 1. jQuery (most flexible) 2. MVC 3. Web forms
  8. 8. Typical Scenarios• jQuery/HTML5 would be the platform of choice when:Cross-platform/device compatibility is requiredSubstantial degree of scalability andperformance is required
  9. 9. NetAdvantage for jQuery 11.1• Built for Web developers who want: • high performance client-side user interface • rich user experience • based on the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript engines.• Featuring jQuery controls, controls for Microsoft® ASP.NET MVC and eventually PHP wrappers, it targets the large-scale public Web sites, browser-based apps for desktop deployment and Apple iPad apps that developers are looking to build with support for Microsoft and WebKit-based browsers.
  10. 10. NetAdvantage for jQuery 11.1• Client-side based controls using CSS3 and HTML5• Grid, upload, video player, editors, rating• Can be used with any data server end-point, as they live entirely on the client• Extensions to the client controls enabling ASP.NET MVC• Demos
  11. 11. NetAdvantage for jQuery 11.2 Roadmap• Hierarchical Grid • Load On Demand • Paging • Soring • Filtering• jQuery Tree • Selection • Activation • Checkboxes • Load On Demand • Templating • Images
  12. 12. NetAdvantage for jQuery 11.2 Roadmap• jQuery Combo Box • Auto- Suggest • Auto-Complete • Filtering • Load On Demand • Multi-Column Layout• Grid Features • Column Moving • Column Resizing • Column Hiding• High-performance chart
  13. 13. Questions
  14. 14.