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Ancient Egypt Project

Ancient Egypt Project



This is my power point presentation for my Ancient Egypt project. The topic I chose was Pyramids.

This is my power point presentation for my Ancient Egypt project. The topic I chose was Pyramids.



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    Ancient Egypt Project Ancient Egypt Project Presentation Transcript

    • Ancient Egypt: Pyramids Liezl Jupiter 8-41
    • Table of Contents
      • Who built them?
      • What was the purpose for Pyramids?
      • Who were in the pyramids?
      • Why a pyramid not another shape?
      • Egypt’s 1 st Pyramid
      • Bibliography
    • Who Built them?
      • Some of the people who built the pyramids were people who worked for the pharaohs who were getting their pyramids made. Some were people who were just local villagers.
      • People have guessed that 20, 000 to 30, 000 people have built the pyramids, for over 80 years.
    • What Was the Purpose for Pyramids?
      • The pyramids were instructed for main officials.
      • The kings or pharaohs believed that they should have a pyramid to themselves because he would need many of his belongings for the afterlife.
      • Pyramids were normally not alone, they were usually parts of complexes.
      • While the main pyramid was getting done, they were also building the smaller pyramids at the same time.
      • The smaller pyramids were built for the pharaoh’s wives.
      • Around the pyramids, there was a wall built to keep out intruders.
      • They also built roads that lead to the pyramids.
      • They believed that the pyramids were mean’t for the tombs, for the pharaohs.
    • Who Were in the Pyramids?
      • In the pyramids were tombs and many corpse.
      • Many Pharaohs were in the Pyramids
      • The pyramids had many treasures they thought that would feel important to the Pharaohs inside the pyramids.
    • Why a Pyramid not Another Shape?
      • People believe that they chose a pyramid because they had copied “The Ben Ben”, a pyramid shaped stone found in the earliest temples.
      • All Egyptian pyramids were built on the west bank of the Nile.
      • They believed that it was designed that way because they thought that the Pharaoh’s Gods would go directly to the Gods.
    • Egypt’s 1 st Pyramid
      • The first pyramid in Egypt was built in Saqqara.
      • It was built by the famous Pharaoh Djoser.
      • It started out as a flat Mastaba.
      • The 1 st pyramid then rised to six step layers.
      • The pyramid was made out of mostly stone but had some wood and carvings together with the stone, some parts also had mud-bricks.
      • Underground, they had hidden chambers and mazes of tunnels for people who were looking for treasures.
    • Bibliography
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