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    Propaganda Propaganda Presentation Transcript

    • DISCO The Art of Events find out what’s on the otherside
    • Propaganda is an unconventional events agency that can bring colour and focus to any event. We are an ideas lab able to turn your dreams of con- necting with people into a reality. We’ll help you bring bold concepts out of the meeting room and into the world, seamlessly weaving in the latest fashion, culture, underground art and music. Propaganda has the passion and talent to create an avant-garde event that can truly express the soul of your brand. give your event color, focus & direction
    • From Basecamp to event Summit PHENOMENAL EVENTEVENT
    • Propaganda conceives, designs and delivers colossal events. We’ll be your Sherpa, carrying your concept from basecamp to the summit of a phe- nomenal event. And because we’re with you at every stage, the momentum will not stop until we raise your event to the heights of Everest. We create a positive arena, playful yet professional, inspiring your team to develop a fresh and authentic concept. We then create an airtight event delivery strategy, addressing all the logistical chal- lenges to reduce risks such as venue limitations, talent liabilities timing, and in-event programming mishaps. And we wouldn’t tie our shoe- laces without a back-up plan. Then we deliver – a phenomenal event that will connect people and ignite their enthusiasm. They’ll be desperate to tweet, facebook and instagram photos to show their friends. fROM Basecamp TO EVENT Summit DELIVER CONCEIVE DESIGN
    • Ticketing Staging Timeline Management Budget Monitoring Tasty food Brand Appropriate sponsors Creative Edge Licensing Active Partner Relations Quality A/V Printing secu Visionaries Original Content SNS Manageme Venue Unique Design Great Crowd Decorations Upbeat Staff Data llection MAKING A PHENOMENAL EVENT IS COMPLICATED...
    • Creating a phenomenal event means selecting the right venue,designing the right branding, managing timeline, budget monitoring, licensing, brand appropriate sponsors, partner management and the list goes on... Why slow down your inspiration, instead let Propaganda handle the messy details. We love a challenge. Propaganda does not pretend to be experts in all these areas, rather we are dynamic and well-rounded in multiple disciplines. We combine this versatility with a vibrant network of skilled visionaries and techni- cians. Propaganda then sets time-conscious goals and gives well-thought out direction, sharpening the focus and finesse of your event. Propaganda loves a challenge
    • original media creation effective sns management cOMPETENT Production Innovative BRANDING & dESIGN ACCURATE DATA COLLECTION sTYLISH mERCHANDIZING uNIQUE MARKETING MEDIUMS LOOK! IT’S A FESTIVAL, IT’S A CORPORATE DINNER, no IT’S propaganda! Event creation to completion exciting aRTISTS What propaganda can do for your event in-event planning & operations event
    • Records of our success
    • album launch party Records of Success
    • Records of Success When electro-funk pioneers Daft Punk launched their new album in Singapore, Sony Music turned to Propaganda for expert event delivery. Our original concept for the pre-release campaign and rooftop party climax managed to keep over 10 partners sat- isfied and the public of 500 at the event mesmerized. “Infected by Daft Punk” was a creative product activation campaign with street teams infecting crowds across Singapore with the Daft Punk vibe. This explosion of color, music and movement then became the centerpiece of the highest launch party in the world on the 63rd floor club 1-Altitude. DJ Falcon, a Daft Punk collaborator appeared in person to perform with our infected dance crew and spin a mindblowing set. Propaganda stood alongside the client at every stage: directing the on-street prod- uct activation, keeping sponsors happy, bringing DJ Falcon on-board, and managing the tricky outdoor venue requirements. The “Infected by Daft Punk” theme was woven into everything, creating a thrilling live experience to match the ground-breaking Daft Punk album. Client satisfaction was such that Propaganda was quickly given a follow-up project because of the success of the Daft Punk party. eLEVATING A BRAND TO NEW HEIGHTS 11exciting aRTISTcOMPETENT Productioncreation to completion planning & operations event original media creation partners managed 500dancing robots
    • CAPRI BY FRASER launch event Records of Success
    • stripping away the ordinary & emphasizing extraordinaryPropaganda knows corporate events – we have the skills to strip away the ordinary elements and emphasize the extraordinary. In October 2012, we helped inaugurate the luxury hotel chain Capri by Fraser, demon- strating how the brand fulfills the needs of the 24/7 digital genera- tion. Our launch in Singapore featured Youtube sensation, beat-boxer Felix Zenger and Singapore DMC champion DJ Koflow. Finally,to put an olive on the top, Propaganda brought in mixologists who concocted original drinks for the evening that perfectly matched the mood, music and brand of the client. 9partners managedexciting aRTISTcOMPETENT Productioncreation to completion planning & operations event original media creation Records of Success 150cocktail sippers
    • Partnerships
    • longlasting alliances. we’ll fight for you!A Propaganda partnership is a long-lasting alliance. We believe in pair-shaped deals, in which both sides win. Best-selling Author CLide Rich says, “Collaboration is generally better than punishments, ‘pair-shaped’ deals are better than ‘pear-shaped deals’; incentives are better than insults.”Propaganda shares this opionion with Rich. Hand-picking the best people in the business to collaborate with, we know that they share our vision and hunger for success. Different disci- plines fuse together to form a bond that has one goal only: making an event which is out of this universe. Partnerships
    • Partnerships