Social spaces goes e culture fair 23.8.10
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Social spaces goes e culture fair 23.8.10



Presentation Social Spaces on e-culture Fair 25.08.10

Presentation Social Spaces on e-culture Fair 25.08.10



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Social spaces goes e culture fair 23.8.10 Social spaces goes e culture fair 23.8.10 Presentation Transcript

  • MAD • Association PHL-MDA • 4 research groups – Art & Object – Image and Narrative – Play & Game – Social Spaces
  • Social spaces • Explores the social potential of design art & (new) media • Via investigating and re- inventing methods and tools in design and artistic research
  • People • Cross-disciplinary team of about 15 researchers • Partners in variety of domains (social, cultural, technological,..)
  • “risky” objects are created and used to provoke evocative transmedial experiences, forcing people to interpret, participate, appropriate
  • objects should be “open” enough for everybody to participate (health care workers, art public,...) setting of borders produces creative friction, comparable to the friction that is produced in daily life
  • Health Different projects, sizes, collaborations,...
  • Health • Elderly care • Internal proposal, partners in health care, province and flemish government, sponsors • Tools: performance, co- design, cultural probes,... • Today: travelling exhibition (service network)
  • Roots • Accessible, familiar • Provocative
  • Health • Schizofrenia • Cera, Province proposal • Dreams prototyped with people: no success • Sensor of sleep patterns translated in shapes • Passivity shaped in beauty
  • Art, Design and Cross-Over Different projects, sizes and collaborations
  • Art, Design and Cross-Over • MAP-it • Mapping collaborative/cross-over processes in the field • Ivok, BAM, EDM, Z33, KULeuven, cultural Studies,... • Cases: Constant, FoAM, Frederik De Wilde, Thomas Lomée
  • MAP-it • MAP-it • Toolkit developed • Iteratively tested in different contexts: ethnographical research, workshops like Genks, Baltan Lab, I-Beta, Cumulus, Stilte... • Sticker, folded map and open source toolkit
  • • Accessible icons and system
  • • Icons producing friction
  • UseWell • Used in a sequal for design field • Inventory imaginative tools/methods Participatory Design • CUO Televic, Pyxima, ATiT, Usentric
  • Creating Spaces • Creating Spaces • Public space art project, table displays projects and should invite people to comment, contribute,...
  • Creating Spaces • Demo sessions, high and low tech prototypes
  • Creating Spaces • Open system: open street map + toolkit with which designers/art centre can easily program the interface • Friction: unfolding, instead of touching and opening, interaction digital physical,...
  • Open Garments • Large consortium, FP7 • Visualisation ideas via video, scenario and paper prototyping • Of ideas that for the traditional textile field are quite uncommon • The role of play!
  • contact?