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Game about ports in Lithuania, Latvia and Norway, made by student

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  1. 1. How many ships approximately arrive in the port of Klaipeda during a year? a) 12 b) 19 000 c) 7000
  2. 2. How many ports are in Lithuania? a) 1 b) 11 c) 2
  3. 3. Is port of Klaipeda the biggest port in Baltic States? a) Yes b) No c) Maybe
  4. 4. Where do ferries from Klaipeda go? a) To Narnia, Neverland and Hogwarts b) To Germany, Finland and Ireland c) To Sweden, Denmark and Germany
  5. 5. Every year in Lithuania’s port arrive approximately 7 thousand ships from more than ____ countries. a)29 b)45 c)61
  6. 6. Lithuania’s port is good connected with a)metro and railways b)roads and railways c)airport and roads
  7. 7. What is the largest port in Lithuania? a) Port of Klaipeda b)Port of Vilnus c)Port of Palanga
  8. 8. In which seasons of the year Klaipeda port is open for navigation? A) Spring, summer and autumn. B) Summer, autumn. C) All.
  9. 9. How deep is port of Klaipeda? a)up to 15m b) up to 11m c) up to 20m
  10. 10. How many tons are handling in port of Klaipeda per year? a)Up to 25 million tons b)Up to 45 million tons c)Up to 65 million tons
  11. 11. In which seasons of the year Riga port is open for navigation? A) Spring, summer and autumn. B) Summer, autumn. C) All.
  12. 12. What is the total length of berths of Riga port? A) 13,8km B) 19,5km C)22,3km
  13. 13. Rigas port is located next to the river ....? a) Gauja b) Daugava c)Venta
  14. 14. What is maximum depth of Ventspils Freeport? a)20,6m b)29,8m c) 17.5m
  15. 15. In which century Daugava was used as a international trade route between the Baltic and the Black Sea ? a) 5 b) 6 c) 7
  16. 16. Where Latvia’s biggest portis located ? a) Capital of Latvia - Riga b) Ventspils c) Pāvilosta
  17. 17. What is total area of Riga Freeport? a)2267.8 ha b)2623.9 ha c)2765.1 ha
  18. 18. Which is the 3rd biggest port of Latvia? a)Port of Kolka b)port of Ventspils c) Port of Liepāja
  19. 19. How many ships had visited Freeport of Riga in 2008? a) 3894 ships b)4249 ships c)4678 ships
  20. 20. Arvik port is the : a) second largest port in Norway b) smallest port in Norway c) largest port in Norway
  21. 21. Most of the Narviks port contain: a) ore b) iron c) iron ore
  22. 22. Bergen Port is leading a) cargo port b) Cruise port c) nothing
  23. 23. What is total length of Oslo port? a) 9922 m b)9923 m c)9925 m
  24. 24. The percentage of the fish export products of the country? a)17% b)27% c)7%
  25. 25. How deep is port of Oslo? a)Up to 17 m b) Up to 11 m c)Up to 10.7 m
  26. 26. How many travellers visit port of Oslo per year? a)Nearly 5 million b) Nearly 6 million c)Nearly 8 million
  27. 27. How many tons of cargo does Narvik port ship to other countries? a)5 Million b)8 Million c) 16Million
  28. 28. Which is the leading cruise port of Norway? a)Bergen Port b)Haugesund Port c)Mandal Port
  29. 29. Thanks for sailing !