How product designer work in agile scrum team


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How product designer work in agile scrum team

  1. 1. 产品设计人员与敏捷团队如何协同 How Product Designer Work In Agile Team 一个真实的项目案例 A True Project Case 李丁山
  2. 2. 什么是产品设计 WHAT IS PRODUCT DESIGN
  3. 3. 收集用户需求并将其转换为软件需求 Collect and transfer the end user requirements to the software requirements 概念设计 流程设计 界面设计 Concept Design Workflow Design UI Design 让软件具备良好的用户友好性和易用性 Make the software to be user friendly and easy to use
  5. 5. 一个推迟了两年的项目 A project that have delayed for 2 years 需求不确定性很高 High requirement uncertainty 产品设计人员不足 Lack of product designers 技术难度较大 Many technical difficulties
  6. 6. • 最初的开发流程 Previous Process MRD CD Spec Dev Test Release 用户需求 概念设计 详细设计 开发实现 测试 发布 Market Req. Concept Design Spec Design Development Testing Release 产品经理 产品设计人员 开发团队 测试团队 测试团队 Product Mgr. Product Designer Developers QA QA 开发团队 开发团队 Developers Developers
  7. 7. 存在的问题 Issues 在需求不确定的情况下,无法预先定义完整的需求 Impossible to pre-define the whole requirements because of high requirement uncertainty 产品设计人员不足,无法准备详细的设计文档 Impossible to prepare the detail design document because of lack of product designers
  8. 8. 敏捷实践 AGILE PRACTICE
  9. 9. 一般的Scrum团队结构 General Scrum Team Structure 产品Owner 产品 Product Owner 团队 ScrumMaster Team
  10. 10. 一般的Scrum开发流程 General Scrum Process Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint … Design Design Coding Testing Coding Testing
  11. 11. 无法适用 Didn’t Work 产品经理在国外,无法及时和团队沟通 Product manager is in US and cannot communicate with the team in time 由于需求不确定,团队很难给出合理的估算 It was difficult for team to give estimation because of unclear requirements 在一次迭代中,大量的时间花费在等待产品设计上 Many times spent on waiting for product design results in one Sprint 产品设计人员没有时间和客户交流 No time for product designer to communicate with end users
  12. 12. 改进的团队结构 Improved Team Structure 产品经理 Product Mgr. 产品Owner 产品 产品设计 Product Designer Product Owner 团队 ScrumMaster Team
  13. 13. 益处 Benefits 产品Owner和设计人员可以和开发团队随时交流 Product owner and designer may communicate with the team conveniently 产品设计团队可以帮助产品Owner完善需求设计 Product designer may work with product owner to finalize the requirement design 国外的产品经理可以和产品Owner保持沟通 Product manager may communicate with product owner frequently
  14. 14. 改进的项目流程 Improved Process Team Team Team Team Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint … PD PD PD PD Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint ...
  15. 15. 益处 Benefits 产品设计人员专注于优先级高的需求 Product designer may focus on high priority requirements 产品设计团队和开发团队面对面交流代替大量的文档工作 Product designer may communicate with team face to face instead of the documentation 产品设计团队能够更加有效的基于开发成果去收集用户的反馈 Product designer may collect customers’ feedback effectively based on the Sprint results
  16. 16. 益处 Benefits 开发团队可以比较容易的进行估算 Team may provide estimation easier 在迭代中,开发团队可以不用等待设计结果从而减少浪费 Team might focus on implementation and need not to wait for the design result in the Sprint and eliminated the wast
  17. 17. 需求开发和设计 Requirements Development & Design 领先一个Sprint One Sprint in advance 基于 Live System 的用户测试 User testing based on Live System Team Sprint 1 PD PD Sprint 1 Sprint 2
  18. 18. 计划会议 Sprint Planning 原型沟通替代需求设计文档 Communication with prototype instead of documentation
  19. 19. 产品演示 Demo 产品演示 Product Demo Sprint演示 Sprint Demo 用户测试 User Test 每日演示 Daily Demo 更新需求 收集反馈 设计 Collect Update Req. Feedbacks & Design
  20. 20. 实践成果 ACHIEVEMENTS
  21. 21. 1 important feature 6 pilot tests 10+ design refinements 15 participants 4 rounds user testing 100+ valid user notes
  22. 22. 平稳的开发过程 Smooth Work Process
  23. 23. 稳定的质量 Stable Quality 6 Fixed Defects 5 Open Defects 4 3 2 1 0 5 10 15 20
  24. 24. 总结 CONCLUSION
  25. 25. 独立并行的产品设计过程 Independent & parallel product design process 关注高优先级的需求 Focus on high priority requirements 与开发团队保持及时的交流和沟通 Communicate with the team efficiently 频繁获取用户反馈 Get user’s feedback frequently