Reduce Costs. Improve Service. Manage Risk.


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Enhance your infrastructure to be as efficient and dynamic as today’s swiftly changing business climate with IBM POWER Systems

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Reduce Costs. Improve Service. Manage Risk.

  1. 1. Reduce Costs. Improve Service. IBM® Manage Risk. Enhance your infrastructure to be as efficient and dynamic as today’s swiftly changing business climate. Simplicity - it is seldom easy. Companies rely on their IT infrastructures to support business-critical applications. Yet making them simple, easy and flexible enough to adapt quickly is a significant task. IBM Power™ Systems servers have a proven architecture and offer a highly integrated, scalable, reliable and virus-resistant platform. Unlike Windows®-based alternatives, Power™ Systems servers allow you to focus on your business rather than attending to the perpetual, daily minutia of managing server farms. Ten reasons why you should consider IBM Power Systems servers 1 2 3 4 5 PowerVM™ Live Partition Reliability Energy Outstanding Mobility efficiency5 Performance Virtualization provides the Yankee Group’s ability to pool and share Shift running annual user POWER6™ In addition to energy system resources reduces capital applications to other systems survey reports that Power™ EnergyScale technology efficiency and virtualization expense and improves TCO. without interruption! No more Systems servers are the helps drive down energy technology, the IBM Power™ Power™ Systems re-balance downtime for maintenance; industry’s most reliable consumption. IBM System Systems lead 70+ key workload demands automatically; re-balance your workloads UNIX/Linux platform4. Director, Active Energy benchmarks6. re-provisioning system resources across systems; grow capacity Manager™ assists wherever and whenever needed, without disrupting users3. customers in monitoring without having to constantly energy consumption and monitor system operations1 improves utilization of Check-out: IBM Client Success available energy resources. with PowerVM2 6 7 8 9 10 Reduce software Trusted security Simultaneously Non-disruptive Competitive licensing costs with auditing and combine multiple upgrades financing rates compliance tools instances of AIX®, POWER6 servers do when it is time to While the federal IBM i, Red Hat & SuSE more work with fewer cores. The Power Systems servers upgrade your system, simply government is passing legislation Linux® on a single system, Many applications are licensed are known as one of the most move running applications to jumpstart the economy, IBM per-core. Fewer POWER6 cores = reliable and secure business share processor cores, RAM, to other systems without Global Financing is helping reduced software license costs for systems in the industry. Its ethernet ports and SAN ports. disrupting users. It’s simple, companies jumpstart their own many applications. Get more work virus resistant design helps Harvest unused processor easy and a painless way to businesses, with enhanced rates done, in less time, at less cost. companies keep their business cycles, RAM and I/O grow with your business3. and flexible options that will let more secure, safeguarding bandwidth and automatically you create your own economic data against hackers with re-balance them wherever stimulus package! built-in intrusion detection. they are needed. Contact your local IBM Power Systems sales representative or Business Partner to learn how IBM can assist … … to learn more about the IBM Power Systems, please visit: or call IBM at 1-800-426-2255. We look forward to speaking with you about Power Systems servers. Take advantage of Power Systems and do more with less. IBM PowerVM feature, more details available at 1$file/POM03001-USEN-00_PowerVM.pdf 2 Requires purchase of the optional PowerVM™ Enterprise Edition. 3 “Unix, Linux Uptime and Reliability Increase; Patch Management Woes Plague Windows”, Yankee Group Report, January 2008 4 “Energy management strategies and data center complexities require new solutions” 5 6 S41911p