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Radio advert evaluation jack liddicoat
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Radio advert evaluation jack liddicoat

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  • Well done Jack. Try to use the Media words you know already in your work to make it richer in language. Include pictures next time. A good answer to the representation question - was it a positive or negative representation?
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  • sggooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
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  • 1. RADIO ADVERT EVALUATION By Jack William George Liddicoat
  • 2. WHAT CREATIVE DECISIONS DID YOU HAVE TOMAKE TO SOLVE PROBLEMS AND HOW DID THISDEPART FROM YOUR ORIGINAL PLAN?In our group we thought to create a more narrative radio advert soto engage and relate to the audience. .We had to create our ownsound of ripping trousers because there was no sound effect on theschool system. So we had to record the sound of ripping paper tocompensate for this.
  • 3. BOTH INDIVIDUALLY AND WORKING WITHOTHERS HOW DID YOU WORK AND WHATCHALLENGES DID YOU FACE?I thought that our group worked very well and were able to create ascript we were all agreed on and the recording also when verysmooth and were able to complete it in the minimum takes so hadmore time to edit and perfect our radio advert.
  • 4. WHAT ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES DID YOU USETO HOOK YOUR INTENDED TARGET AUDIENCE?We used repetition of the word waves as that was the name of theshop in the advertisement.Also we used bedding music to keep the audience engaged andinterested in the advert.We also used a narrative to tell a story and to relate to real worldcircumstancesAlso used more emphasis on some important words like “stickers”
  • 5. HOW DID TECHNOLOGY ENABLE THE CREATIVEPROCESS? WAS IT DIFFICULT TO USE ANY OFTHE EQUIPMENT AND DID YOU LEARN ANYSKILLS?The technology we used was audacity it was very easy touse although I did have a problem as one of the parts ofthe radio advert was repeated and echoed. That was theonly problem I occurred.
  • 6. WHAT CONVENTIONS OF RADIO ADVERTS HAVEYOU USED OR NOT USED AND WHY?We didn’t use a jingle as we didn’t have the time to fit it to our 30second time limit and also didn’t think it was an important aspect ofa radio advert.We did use things like bedding music, repetition and emphasis onsome words to keep the audience engaged and interested in theradio advert.
  • 7. WHAT OR WHO ARE YOU REPRESENTING INYOUR ADVERT AND HOW? We are representing a hard done by man who buys clothsfrom a cheap shop and these cloths arent the best qualitybecause they always rip so his friend tells him a highquality shop at low prices to replace these tatty cloths
  • 8. WHAT FEEDBACK DID YOU GET AND DID THISHELP YOU REALISE ANYTHING ABOUT YOURPRODUCT?Other than the echoed and the repetition on a line over onanother the feed back I received was good and non of theother components were over powering another.