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Trax Presentation FINAL
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Trax Presentation FINAL


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Hi-Five Your Work Out
    Liz Costa, Lily Chaleff, Juliet Tripaldi, Bess Couture & Olivia James
  • 2. What is TRAX?
    Introduction of The TRAX Company
    Simplest way to keep track of work outs!
    Presented by Liz
  • 3. Situation Analysis
    The Fitness Market
    45.5 Million Health Club Members
    $19.1 Billion Industry
    Presented by Liz
  • 4. Situation Analysis
    Big Competitors
    Nike, Adidas, Puma & Under Armor
    Nike & Adidas have large revenue.
    Closely examine the Nike+ product
    8.1% profit rise with their release.
    Presented by Liz
  • 5. Product Analysis
    Physical Product Description
    Orange band
    Grey buttons
    Scroll feature
    Environmentally-friendly rubber
    Salt and water resistant
    Presented by Lily
  • 6. Product Analysis
    Comparable Testing
    Online Work-Out Logs
    Digital Social Fitness Communities
    Heart Rate Monitors
    Presented by Liz
  • 7. Consumer Analysis
    Name Selection Rationale
    Play off of what it does – it TRAX!
    Price Reasoning
    Presented by Lily
  • 8. Target Market Analysis
    Our Target Audience
    Age 16 – 59
    Health Conscious, Organized & Efficient
    Presented by Liz
  • 9. Problems & Recommendations
    Sample Problem/Recommendation
    Problem: TRAX is a new product that has no commercial competitor. Its originality will make it difficult to introduce to the consumer market.
    Recommendation: Pump up many PR avenues such as social media and celebrity spokespeople.
    Presented by Juliet
  • 10. Opportunities & Recommendations
    Sample Opportunity/Recommendation
    Opportunity: Weight loss and healthy lifestyles are both very popular topics right now.
    Recommendation: Advertising should focus on how TRAX aids in creating a better, healthier lifestyle. Incorporate that language in our ad campaigns.
    Presented by Juliet
  • 11. Marketing Objectives
    First Year
    To partner with 75 New England gyms.
    Short Term
    To increase sales by 5% every month for the first six months.
    Long Term
    To become the leading national fitness tool/ regimen in the next five years.
    Presented by Juliet
  • 12. Marketing Strategies
    First Year
    Create/implement “Ambassadorship” for The TRAX San Diego Fitness Retreat.
    Short Term
    Give twenty free samples to prominent bloggers/radio personalities.
    Long Term
    Create partnerships with Weight Watchers and sponsor a season of The Biggest Loser.
    Presented by Juliet
  • 13. Advertising Recommendations
    Important Considerations
    I want to be healthy and active.
    Product Personality
    Smart, healthy and in-control.
    Brand Essence
    Use TRAX to track your workout; track your success.
    Presented by Bess
  • 14. Advertising Recommendations
    Communication Objective
    To build awareness among our target audience…
    Communication Strategy
    To convince the target audience that TRAX is unique and beneficial.
    Unique Selling Point
    Gives users a comprehensive look at their activity levelsand offers improvements.
    Presented by Bess
  • 15. Media Recommendations
    Cable TV Ads
    During primetime.
    Print Ads
    Place ads in women’s interest magazines.
    Stations that reach our audience.
    Direct Marketing
    Informational flyers.
    Official TRAX Website
    Sell through other fitness website
    Side-bar ads on sites visited by target audience
    Optimize visibility on Google (key words)
    Presented by Olivia
  • 16. Marketing Materials
    A Collection of the TRAX Advertising Materials
  • 17. Cable TV Ad
    Presented by Lily

  • 18. Print Ad
    Presented by Olivia
  • 19. Print Ad
    Presented by Olivia
  • 20. Print Ad
    Presented by Olivia
  • 21. Print Ad
    Presented by Olivia
  • 22. Print Ad
    Created ambassadorship program in conjunction with San Diego retreat.
    Presented by Liz
  • 23. Print Ad
    Informational flyers for gyms, Weight Watchersand display locations.
    Presented by Liz
  • 24. Radio Ad
    Presented by Juliet
  • 25. Web Ad
    Presented by Bess
  • 26. Thank You!
    Liz Costa, Lily Chaleff, Juliet Tripaldi, Bess Couture & Olivia James