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The Walking Dead in a Business Environment

The Walking Dead in a Business Environment






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  • Last year, the inability to produce subpoenaed e-mail resulted in million dollar—even billion dollar—lawsuits against U.S. companies.

The Walking Dead in a Business Environment The Walking Dead in a Business Environment Presentation Transcript

  • The Walking Deadin a BusinessEnvironment
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentIntroduction• Unfortunately we start seeingthe signs:– The energy around yourworkplace is decreasing.– The employees begin to seemless motivated and productive.– There seem to be a lot of peoplecomplaining, even about smallthings.• Be careful, zombie-likebehavior can be infectious andit can be spread throughoutcompany.
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentImportant• As a leader or a member of a team, weneed to make sure our coworkers aren’tjust on auto-pilot, but instead engaged,energized and motivated, using creativeand discerning thinking and not justcoasting from day to day.• Negative behavior can destroy themomentum and productivity of anorganization.• Unless we take serious “anti-lethargic”action, the zombie-like behavior canspread among everyone.
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentWalking Dead Employees – Main CharacteristicsDemotivationTiredness – fatigue - lethargyChange of moodA constant change employee’s attitudesLack of Initiative/ParticipationEmployees seem to no longer be eager tocomplete tasks or a projectsAbsenteeismAn increase in absences among employeesComplaintsDissatisfied employees(very infectious and damaging toemployee spirit)
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentWalking Dead Company – Main FeaturesArbitrary rules – Unfair proceduresHigh pressure environment leading torapid or eventual burnoutManipulation and Machine-like System(s)Management distrusts you and others.Communication that is unprofessional ordisrespectful.The workplace seems unhappy.The company has a bad reputation.The job duties are unclear.
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentBeing a Zombie – Main Advantage• The only aspect of zombiebehavior that might be useful inthe workplace is their intense,singular focus, but the ultimateresults can be disastrous.• However this behavior can bepotentially risky and is notsomething we want to reinforcein our employees.
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentStrategies to avoid a WD working environmentEncourage opencommunication linesCommunication lines providemeasures to improve the businessDevelopways to recognize employeesRecognition brings out the best ineach employeeDevelopa sense of trustIt creates a positive environment thatencourages full participation andenjoyment in the workplaceDevelopa positive “Company Culture”It helps employees to identifythemselves with their companyHirethe right employeesEngaged employees contribute to themotivation of the team
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentStrategies to avoid being a W.D. employee• Foster creativity:– When creativity is encouraged everyonealways finds new ways of improvingthemselves.• Cultivate autonomy:– Determine your own working style, findingyour own professional space. Remember thatyou are your own boss.• Reward yourself:– Learn to reward yourself, taking advantage ofyour achievements.• Be aware of your job responsibilities:– Nothing is more dangerous than not knowingyour job responsibilities and boundaries.
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentStrategies to avoid being a WD employee• Develop your communication andrelationship skills:– It helps you to feel motivated to face newchallenges.• Learn to adapt yourself to new changes:– It allows you to go further in your career andcompany life.• Always have a plan:– Having a plan allows you to minimize yourprofessional and life risks, since you knowwhere you are going to.• Make tough decisions:– They are hard to make but they can mean agreat opportunity to improve yourself.
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentConclusion• We need to be careful with inertialand disoriented behaviors sincethey can negatively transform usand our working environment.• If we want to stop the contagion ofa Walking Dead Behavior, we needto learn to be proactive and todevelop our professional and lifetalents to achieve goals andovercome obstacles.
  • • The following are referenced in thispresentation:– Hamel Khakhriahttp://blog.randstad.ca/Blog/bid/236435/Employee-Engagement-Ideas-to-Combat-The-Walking-Dead– Laura Quinnhttp://finance.yahoo.com/news/first-person-being-employed-doesn-t-part-walking-180700083--finance.html– Nickhttp://ayoungpro.com/job-tips-from-the-walking-dead/– Mary C Schaeferhttp://leadchangegroup.com/defend-your-workplace-against-the-zombie-apocalypse/The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentOur References
  • The Walking Dead in a Business EnvironmentOur Business ContactsFeel free to send us an e-mail.Our Website:www.licoreis.comOur E-mail:licoreis@licoreis.comlicoreis@licoreis.com.brLinkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico JúniorSkype: roberto.lico