Improving your Grit at Work
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  • Last year, the inability to produce subpoenaed e-mail resulted in million dollar—even billion dollar—lawsuits against U.S. companies.


  • 1. Improving our Grit at Work
  • 2. Improving our grit at work Definition Grit is the quality that makes us willing to commit to long-term goals and see them through despite adversity. It is tenacity and a meld of other qualities like optimism, discipline and self-motivation. It is a positive trait and feeling, based on an individual’s passion for a particular long-term goal.
  • 3. Improving our grit at work Important - Grit and Success • Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, who have extensively studied successful people, say that GRIT is even more important than intelligence or talent when it comes to succeeding in school, work, and many other tasks. Victory Grit
  • 4. Improving our grit at work Important questions Does a good educational background matter? Does DNA matter? Does a good physical condition matter? Does IQ matter? Does money matter? GRIT plus all these characteristics help spell success
  • 5. Improving our grit at work “The True Grit” • “True Grit” was a famous movie with John Wayne. It teaches the necessity of persevering what you want regardless of the obstacles. • Another example is demonstrated each summer, when the Army puts recruits through a brutal training program. • They know that many recruits will quit when facing a set of terrible physical, emotional and psychological tests. • But, some of them will overcome all the challenges and tasks. • But why some and not others…GRIT!
  • 6. Improving our grit at work Tip 01 – Pursue your passion • It is important to pursue our passions with activities that are essential to our professional and personal achievements. • Our passions give us elements that can inspire us and drive us to success. • Passion stimulates us to persevere and carry on.
  • 7. Improving our grit at work Tip 02 – Build in practice time • We must remember that sometimes when we want to accomplish certain things that we must be prepared to practice besides making a lot of effort and work hard. • Sometimes practice is enjoyable but sometimes it can be challenging and tedious. • People who have the necessary grit can always succeed and the result is extremely satisfying.
  • 8. Improving our grit at work Tip 03 – Stick to it • In order to achieve our goals in life we need to persist and persevere or stick to our objectives. • There will always be days when we want to quit, but, by pushing on, even when we feel like throwing in the towel, we will become stronger. • When facing any adversities we always need to dig a little deeper in order to realize our goals and stay inspired so as to maintain the necessary energy to keep us going.
  • 9. Improving our grit at work Tip 04 – Find support • When you have a difficult or challenging task or goal, try not to get discouraged or confused. • Find a trusted friend whom you can talk to and who can give you support. • Their support can help you to rethink and analyse professional and personal thoughts. • Ultimately, this can also help us to improve our grit-building behaviors, having more energy to carry out our plans.
  • 10. Improving our grit at work Tip 04 – Develop a constructive mindset • People who have constructive / flexible mindsets (instead of fixed- mindsets) tend to have more grit because they believe that their success is based on their effort and their own talents, not just luck or fate. • So, when “gritty” people find something challenging or difficult, they believe that they can and will improve through their hard work and persistent effort.
  • 11. Improving our grit at work Tip 05 – Take action • Identify an area of your life where you tend to quit in the face of difficulty and prepare an action plan to deal with it. • Research shows that if we are prepared to take action and even practice something, especially if we have good strategies to direct our efforts, our performance will improve.
  • 12. Improving our grit at work Our History - Gritty people try harder • A classic example of grit is summed up in Thomas Edison's reply to critics who asked him what it was like to fail so many times: – "I didn't fail," … he said… – "I learned 100 ways not to make a light bulb."
  • 13. Improving our grit at work Our History - Gritty people try harder • The arts are also full of stories of grittiness. • Among his many accomplishments, Michelangelo laboured on The Pope's Tomb for 40 years! • It took him four years to paint the “Frescos” in the Sistine Chapel.
  • 14. Improving our grit at work Our History - Gritty people try harder • J.K. Rowling toiled at The Philosopher's Stone between 1990 to 1996, in spite of job changes, moving, marriage, a baby and difficult bouts of self- doubting. • But, she persisted with her writing because of her passion and belief in “Harry Potter”, thus, she wrote whenever she could find a few free moments. • The rest is history!
  • 15. Improving our grit at work Conclusion • We can develop our own levels of GRIT and apply it to creating results that really matter for both our private and professional life. • However, we need to learn the art of perseverance and make a commitment to ourselves, away across depression, low results and performance.
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  • 17. Improving our grit at work Our Business Contacts Feel free to send us an e-mail. Our Website: Our E-mail: Linkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Júnior Skype: roberto.lico