How to Complain - Fair Approach

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  • 1. How to Complain A Fair Approach
  • 2. Introduction
    • We should be aware that when we complain we are expressing our dissatisfaction about a service or a product.
    • And it is important to avoid mixing up private emotions and point-of-views and keeping up focus and balance.
  • 3. Unfair Approach
    • Unfortunately, many people mix up emotions, stress and other problems that are not part of the real problem.
    • Such negative approach jeopardizes in many ways any reasonable solution or agreement.
  • 4. A Negative Complaint Main Outcomes
    • Lack of interest from the suppliers.
    • Problems and lack of compromise in future negotiations.
    • The building a bad reputation (for both sides).
    • High level of stress.
    • Unhappy people.
    • Felling of mistrust.
  • 5. Effective Complaining Frame your Argument
    • At first, don't attack, explain.
    • There may have been an honest mistake or misunderstanding.
    • Don't put the other part on the defensive position prematurely.
  • 6. Effective Complaining Propose a Resolution
    • It helps the seller resolve your problem if they understand what they might do to satisfy you.
    • For example, do you want a defective product fixed or do you want your money back?
  • 7. Effective Complaining Show Respect
    • Chances are that the other part is honestly trying to help you.
    • Convey trust and you're more likely get a quick resolution and build an enduring relationship.
  • 8. Effective Complaining Keep your Cool
    • If you don't, the other part may reasonably decide to hang up on you, or at least will be less inclined to help you.
  • 9. Effective Complaining Escalate if Necessary
    • There is only so much that most salespeople are authorized to do.
    • If a seller's front-line representative cannot give you satisfaction, go over the representative's head.
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