Reflexive pronouns
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Reflexive pronouns






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Reflexive pronouns Reflexive pronouns Document Transcript

  • REFLEXIVE PRONOUNSIt is used to express that you are doing something on your own. I myself you yourself he himself she herself it itself we ourselves you yourselves they themselves He killed himself with poison. I can do it myself. We can do it ourselves. REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS
  • 1. Tom cut while he was shaving this morning.2. We really enjoyed very much.3. I repaired my bike .4. Why don’t you clean the windows ?5. Jack and I met at the party five years ago.6. At Christmas friends often give presents.7. They looked at .8. The film wasn’t very good but I liked the music.9. The old woman sat at the park bench talking to .10.Let’s paint the house .11.Did you write it ?12.She locked the door .13.The children cleaned their room .14.Ann backed the cake .15.The cat caught the mouse . REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS
  • 1. Sally saw in the mirror.2. Tom can paint the picture , hes good at painting.3. The children did the washing up .4. I like to watch in a video film.5. Simon and George did their homework , nobodyhelped them.6. Sue, did you bake the cake ?7. The boys opened the parcels .8. Susan made a video film about cats .9. Bob, can you find the way to the cinema ?10. My father built the tree house .11. The Millers drew all the paintings .12. "Did Sues dad write the story?" No, she did it .13. "Shall I cook the soup?" No, I can do it .14. "Your face is dirty! Look at in the mirror."15. Jacks brother painted the bike . REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS
  • 1. Tell me a little about .2. He never talks about .3. She did all the work by .4. They were concerned for in such an unsafesituation.5. He has to fix that .6. I want him to do the job .7. The horse hurt .8. The players clean the field .9. She asked some questions.10. Grandpa cut .11. I always find the way .12. Elizabeth sang quietly to .13. John hurt while he was repairing his car.14. Mrs Miller planted the roses .15. I went to the shop to buy some lunch.