List of irregular verbs


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List of irregular verbs

  1. 1. Infinitive Simple Past Past Participlealight alighted, alit alighted, alitarise arose arisenawake awoke, awaked awoken, awakedbe was, were beenbear bore borne, bornbeat beat beaten, beatbecome became becomebeget begot begottenbegin began begunbend bent bentbereave bereaved, bereft bereaved, bereftbeseech besought, beseeched besought, beseechedbet bet, betted bet, bettedbid bade, bid bidden, bid, badebide bade, bided bidedbind bound boundbite bit bitten
  2. 2. bleed bled bledbless blessed, blest blessed, blestblow blew blownbreak broke brokenbreed bred bredbring brought broughtbroadcast broadcast, broadcasted broadcast, broadcastedbuild built builtburn burnt, burned burnt, burnedburst burst burstbust bust, busted bust, bustedbuy bought boughtcan could (kein Participle)cast cast castcatch caught caughtchoose chose chosencleave cleft, cleaved, clove cleft, cleaved, cloven
  3. 3. cling clung clungclothe clothed, clad clothed, cladcome came comecost cost costcreep crept creptcrow crowed crew, crowedcut cut cutdeal dealt dealtdig dug dugdo did donedraw drew drawndream dreamt, dreamed dreamt, dreameddrink drank drunkdrive drove drivendwell dwelt, dwelled dwelt, dwelledeat ate eatenfall fell fallen
  4. 4. feed fed fedfeel felt feltfight fought foughtfind found foundflee fled fledfling flung flungfly flew flownforbid forbad, forbade forbid, forbiddenforecast forecast, forecasted forecast, forecastedforget forgot forgottenforsake forsook forsakenfreeze froze frozengeld gelded, gelt gelded, geltget got got, gottengild gilded, gilt gilded, giltgive gave givengnaw gnawed gnawed, gnawn
  5. 5. go went gonegrind ground groundgrip gripped, gript gripped, griptgrow grew grownhang hung hunghave had hadhear heard heardheave heaved, hove heaved, hovehew hewed hewed, hewnhide hid hidden, hidhit hit hithold held heldhurt hurt hurtkeep kept keptkneel knelt, kneeled knelt, kneeledknit knitted, knit knitted, knitknow knew known
  6. 6. lay laid laidlead led ledlean leant, leaned leant, leanedleap leapt, leaped leapt, leapedlearn learnt, learned learnt, learnedleave left leftlend lent lentlet let letlie lay lainlight lit, lighted lit, lightedlose lost lostmake made mademay might (kein Participle)mean meant meantmeet met metmelt melted molten, meltedmow mowed mown, mowed
  7. 7. pay paid paidpen pent, penned pent, pennedplead pled, pleaded pled, pleadedprove proved proven, provedput put putquit quit, quitted quit, quittedread read readrid rid, ridded rid, riddedride rode riddenring rang rungrise rose risenrun ran runsaw sawed sawn, sawedsay said saidsee saw seenseek sought soughtsell sold sold
  8. 8. send sent sentset set setsew sewed sewn, sewedshake shook shakenshall should (kein Participle)shear sheared shorn, shearedshed shed shedshine shone shoneshit shit, shitted, shat shit, shitted, shatshoe shod, shoed shod, shoedshoot shot shotshow showed shown, showedshred shred, shredded shred, shreddedshrink shrank, shrunk shrunkshut shut shutsing sang sungsink sank sunk
  9. 9. sit sat satslay slew slainsleep slept sleptslide slid slidsling slung slungslink slunk slunkslit slit slitsmell smelt, smelled smelt, smelledsmite smote smittensow sowed sown, sowedspeak spoke spokenspeed sped, speeded sped, speededspell spelt, spelled spelt, spelledspend spent spentspill spilt, spilled spilt, spilledspin spun spunspit spat spat
  10. 10. split split splitspoil spoilt, spoiled spoilt, spoiledspread spread spreadspring sprang, sprung sprungstand stood stoodsteal stole stolenstick stuck stucksting stung stungstink stank, stunk stunkstride strode striddenstrike struck struckstring strung strungstrive strove strivenswear swore swornsweat sweat, sweated sweat, sweatedsweep swept sweptswell swelled swollen, swelled
  11. 11. swim swam swumswing swung swungtake took takenteach taught taughttear tore torntelecast telecast, telecasted telecast, telecastedtell told toldthink thought thoughtthrow threw thrownthrust thrust thrusttread trod troddenunderstand understood understoodwake woke, waked woken, wakedwear wore wornweave wove wovenwed wed, wedded wed, weddedweep wept wept
  12. 12. wet wet, wetted wet, wettedwin won wonwind wound woundwring wrung wrungwrite wrote written