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Expert Lice Removal

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Visit our Website:
Call us at (732) 276-1447

Welcome to the website of Expert Lice Removal. Our specialists have been providing excellent care to families all over New Jersey with their lice screening and removal solutions. No parent wants to hear the dreaded words, "Your child has lice!", but lice has become a very common problem today, and it must be dealt with as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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  • 1. Expert Lice Removal - New JerseyWelcome to the website of Expert Lice Removal. Our specialists have been providingexcellent care to families all over New Jersey with their lice screening and removalsolutions. No parent wants to hear the dreaded words, "Your child has lice!", but licehas become a very common problem today, and it must be dealt with as quickly andthoroughly as possible.We understand how stressful this can be for a family and our professional staff willbring a calm and gentle touch to the situation. We do not use harsh, toxic chemicals inour treatment, but rather we have developed an effective, natural and safe method thatis free from harmful chemicals. We know how time consuming and therefore, howcostly the process of lice removal can become, so we offer our clients affordable ratesfor our services.And for your convenience, we will come to you, so that the whole process of head liceremoval will take place in the privacy of your own home.Expert Lice Removal services include:* Lice Screening* Safe, Gentle and Effective Lice Removal Treatment* Done in the Privacy and Convenience of Your Own Home* Affordable PricesLet us take the headache out of lice removal for you and your family. Please call uswith any questions or for an appointment at (732) 276-1447.
  • 2. Our Lice Removal Services Expert Lice Removal has been servicing clients in the state of New Jersey for many years.A head lice removal specialist will come to you and treat your family in the privacy andconvenience of your own home. We have the knowledge, tools, products, and expertiseto put an end to your head lice problems and frustrations. ScreeningsWe first conduct a head check and systematically go through the hair, looking for livelice and nits. If there is no evidence of head lice, we will let you know. If we do find liceor nits, we will discuss our lice removal procedure. The time needed for treatmentvaries from person to person and will be discussed after your screening. Removal of Head Lice and NitsOur specialists are highly trained in lice and nit removal. Our safe and effective methoduses a hands on approach with all natural, pesticide-free products. Our service isdiscreet to ensure our clients confidentiality. Each appointment takes place in theprivacy of your home and the duration varies, depending on hair length, thickness andthe degree of lice infestation. The thorough removal of lice and their nits is the only wayto get rid of the infestation, which requires manually removing them. Our specialist willadvise the family about preventative methods and how to perform the process of therecommended follow-up treatment.
  • 3. Frequently Asked Questions About Lice and Lice Treatments What are the signs that my child may have lice? If your child is constantly itching his/her head or complaining of something moving on their scalp its a good idea to take a close look. What should I look for? Look behind the ears or at the nape of the neck to see if a red rash has developed. Part the hair to see if you can find lice on areas of the scalp. What does lice look like? Lice are very small, about the size of a sesame seed and are light brown. Lice also lay tiny eggs( nits) close to the scalp and they are greyish white. How did my child catch the lice in the first place? Lice do not fly and can only be transmitted through head to head contact. The fact that children are often in close physical contact makes it possible for lice to pass from one child to another. Lice can also travel from head to head when children share things like hats, brushes, combs and pillows. What should I do if I find lice in my childs hair? Wash your childs hair with a non toxic, gentle hair product made specifically for hair lice removal. Next the hair must be thoroughly combed out using a professional quality nit comb. It is extremely important to remove the eggs that adhere very tightly to the hair shafts, in order to prevent re-infestation.
  • 4. ReviewsAbsolutely the way to go to turn a bad situation into a solved one. Dont drive yourselfcrazy. - Amy T.After weeks of trying to get rid of my lice, I called Expert Lice Removal for someprofessional help. They came to my house the very next morning and began workingright away. They are knowledgeable, kind and patient. I wish that I had called themsooner! After having them remove the nits from my hair, I felt much more at ease and Iunderstood much more about lice. - Jennifer L.Made the unpleasant experience as easy as possible. Super-nice, reasonably pricedand showed us what to do in the future to do it ourselves. Definitely the way to go! -Sarah D.I found out my daughter had lice this morning. I called and they were able to see ustoday. Turns out her sister and I had lice too. They come to our home. They wereextremely patient and knowledgeable with all my panicked questions. I now know somuch more about lice. They use gentle non-toxic products. Reasonable prices. Highlyrecommend. - Amanda M.Best head lice treatment in the area! Spent a lot of time meticulously combing out licefrom 2 long haired daughters. - Lisa W.
  • 5. About Lice Lice has become a very common problem among school age children today, but if dealt with in a patient and efficient manner, it can be overcome. So there is no need to panic! Lice appear in two different ways. There are live lice which are small brown bugs that can sometimes be seen crawling in the hair, and there are the eggs that they lay, whichare greyish white and stick to the shaft of the childs hair. The eggs usually hatch within7 to 12 days, so it is imperative that they be removed before that can happen.If you find either a bug or the nits in your childs hair, you should wash it with a safe,non toxic lice shampoo. Then you must meticulously comb it out with a high quality, nitcomb made specifically for this purpose. The only way to insure that your childs hair isrid of the lice problem, is to manually remove every egg from their hair.As it is very common for additional family members to be infested once a case of lice isfound in a home, we recommend that every family member and anyone who is in closeproximity, be screened for lice as well. Treating everyone at the same time is the bestway to prevent re-infestation in a particular household.At Expert Lice Removal, we are committed to providing our clients with the mostaffordable and effective solution to your familys lice problem.
  • 6. Contact the Lice Removal Experts!At Expert Lice Removal, we guarantee a timely and informative response to yourneeds. We understand how frustrating the entire lice removal process can be, so weencourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns or appointment requests.Please call us at (732) 276-1447 or fill out the form below.