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Libros Lege 2011 - 4th Annual Read-Aloud Contest Information. Official Release.
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Libros Lege 2011 - 4th Annual Read-Aloud Contest Information. Official Release.


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Libros Lege 2011 - 4th Annual Read-Aloud Contest Information

Libros Lege 2011 - 4th Annual Read-Aloud Contest Information

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  • 1. Libros Lege Spring 2011 4 th Annual Read-Aloud ContestAn Eisenhower Public Library Community Program.© 2011 Eisenhower Public Library District. All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Contest Overview:The Contest Overview Libros Lege is a read-aloud contest. (“Libros Lege” means “read books” in Latin.) American participants choose a Polish book in English translation off of the list provided. After reading the book, you introduce yourself and choose a short passage to read in front of an audience and panel of judges. The best 5 participants will be selected as winners and awarded an all-expenses-paid, 9-day-long trip to Warsaw, Poland during the summer. Good luck to all. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 3. Contest Mission:Libros Lege seeks to foster cultural understanding and literary appreciation among the citizens of the United States and Poland. Readers expose themselves to different knowledge perspectives and increase their tolerance of the different. Ten contest winners (5 from each country) are immersed into the other’s culture after the contest. The five American winners spend nine days in Warsaw and the surrounding region. The five Polish winners of LL, tour Chicago. All winners become representatives of their country. Libros Lege also encourages reading in general, to explore other cultures through literature. In addition, Libros Lege aims to strengthen the position of public libraries in both countries. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 4. Contest Performance: Your performance: The introduction and the reading are your performance. The reading is valued more than the introduction, but be sure to make a good first impression.You are, after all, going to be representing America and Eisenhower Library during your trip to Warsaw. Introduction: Tell us a bit about yourself and your interpretation of the book, in 2 minutes. You may be asked about the author as well. Be creative and interesting. Here is your chance to showcase your personality. The Reading: Read an excerpt of your choice, from a book on our provided reading list, in 4 minutes. You need not memorize the text, just bring a copy of the book or a print-out of your selected pages. Total performance: 6 minutes. All in English.Have passion, energy, and maintain eye contact during your reading. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 5. Contest Judging: The Judges, a panel of 5 to 10 individuals, will score your performance. The Judges will focus primarily on your reading’s: overall passion, passage choice, clarity/pronunciation, tone, etc. Secondary aspects of the performance include the introduction and your body language. Like any public speaker, focus on the use of your voice, eye contact, and expressiveness. The Judges will be looking for a flawless performance of the text, not just a satisfactory reading. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 6. Contest Process: Libros Lege always takes place in the spring. Parallel contests are held in Poland and in the US. In the US, the contest is held at Eisenhower Public Library in Harwood Heights, IL.To participate in the Libros Lege contest: 1. Sign Up for a 10-minute reading slot at the Eisenhower Public Library’s website: 2. Select a book to read from the list. 3. Prepare yourself and your performance. 4. Perform your reading at Eisenhower Library, at your scheduled date. The 5 winners will be chosen and announced after judges have reviewed all the performances. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 7. Contest Date:Sign Ups*Signup opens on Tuesday, February 27th.*Signup closes on Saturday, April 2nd.Readings The readings will take place at Eisenhower Library on: Saturday, April 9th (10am to 5pm) Sunday, April 10th (1pm to 5pm) (with contingent dates Saturday, April 16th and Sunday, April 17th) Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 8. Contest Award: The Award  The 5 winners of Libros Lege fly to Warsaw, Poland, and the Mazovia province as a group.  Expect fun tourism and cultural immersion.  All travel and stay costs (flights, meals, accommodations, entry fees, local transportation, etc.) are taken care of by the promoters of this contest and Eisenhower library.  Poland is your reward for winning the contest.Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 9. Contest Requirements:The Requirements for Participation 1. Age: You must be 16 years of age or older as of May 1st, 2011. 2. Passport: You must have a current passport or be able to promptly get one. 3. Transportation: You must be able to get to and from Chicago O’Hare International Airport on your own. If you live in the Chicago area, this should not be an issue. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 10. Contest Endorsements: Most Notably: This contest is endorsed by the Polish Consulate in Chicago. In Poland: The contest is supported by the Mayor of the City of Warsaw, the Ambassador of the United States to Warsaw (Poland), the Marshall of the Mazovia Province. Also, its media sponsors are: weekly Newsweek Polska, public radio station Radio dla Ciebie (2009), commercial radio station Radio PiN (2008), and a student radio station in Warsaw: Radio Kampus (2010). In the US: You can read or hear about Libros Lege through the following media supporters: Pioneer Local, Dziennik Zwiazkowy, Polskie Radio 1030AM, TVP Polonia, Polvision, and “Oblicza Ameryki”. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 11. Contest Eligible Books: The book you select must be from our book list.  The book list is in the information packet. The packet is at Eisenhower Library’s website. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 12. About Eisenhower Public Library: History: The Eisenhower Public Library District serves the residents of Norridge and Harwood Heights. We began in 1972 with money from the federal government. After one year, residents voted to support a library using property tax revenue, which continues to be the main source of library income today. In January of 2008 we moved into our brand-new state of the art "green" building at 4613 N Oketo. With over 43,000 square feet of space, we now have a dedicated childrens department called Kids World, a Quiet Room featuring comfortable chairs and a fireplace, study rooms, a computer lab and more. Mission: The Eisenhower Public Library District, with its helpful expert staff, offers library services in a friendly environment to all residents of Harwood Heights and Norridge. The library actively provides reference service to community residents of all ages, using the librarys entire collection and all appropriate sources. The librarys collection consists of current and popular materials for persons of all ages and reading levels. Use of this collection is actively encouraged and promoted by the library staff. Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 13. Contact Info:Eisenhower Public Library:Walk-In/Contact Us:4613 N. Oketo AvenueHarwood Heights, IL 60706 Online: Phone: (708)867-7828 TTY/Hearing Impaired: (708)867-6362 Fax: (708)867-1535Hours Monday-Thursday: 9:00AM-9:00PM Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM Saturday: 9:00AM-5:00PM Sunday: 1:00PM-5:00PM (Labor Day through Memorial Day) Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 14. Libros Lege:Contest Contact Information Contact Us to get started:  Eisenhower Public Library ◦ Walk-In: See address ◦ Phone: (708)867-7828 ◦ Online: Libros Lege Group On Facebook: http://www.facebook. com/group.php?gid= 157425605361 Libros Lege read-aloud contest information.
  • 15. Libros Lege Spring 2011 4 th Annual Read-Aloud Contest We look forward to your participation and your reading performance.An Eisenhower Public Library Community Program.© 2011 Eisenhower Public Library District. All Rights Reserved.
  • 16. The Author Of Libros Lege The author of LL is Joanna Tucholska, of the Warsaw Koszykowa Library.
  • 17. LL 2010 Winner Highlights
  • 18. More - LL 2010 Winner Highlights
  • 19. Previous Winner Highlights
  • 20. End Credits“Hunting For Knowledge” This presentation was created by: Bart Cichonski, 2010 Libros Lege Winner.