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Tri-University Group Primo Usability Study
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Tri-University Group Primo Usability Study


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. TUG Primo Central Usability Study Randy Oldham Web Development Librarian University of Guelph
  • 2. Who we are… Tri-University Group (TUG)  Consortium of three university libraries in Ontario, Canada:  University of Waterloo  Wilfrid Laurier University  University of Guelph ExLibris Products we share: • Voyager • bX Recommender • Primo • SFX • Primo Central • Verde
  • 3. About our institutions U Waterloo U of Guelph Laurier# of Undergrad 28,200 18,296 14,536StudentsUniversity 1901 2340 -------employee FTELibrary employee 118.5 95.4 61FTEACQ Budget 6.9 Million 6.8 Million 3.1 Million
  • 4. Primo Implementation Team Primo Implementation Team: 7 members total from all three institutions:  1 systems guy  2 programmers  2 cataloguers  2 web developers  The cataloguers and the web developers were responsible for the trial and final implementation of PC
  • 5. Initial Trial Launch Based on several other Primo implementations  U of Utah  U of Auckland  U of Iowa
  • 6. Initial Decisions Primo Implementation team initially decided on three tabs Web and Information Architecture cross functional team at Guelph  Recommended having no tabs  Single search box for Guelph  3 tabs for Waterloo and Laurier  Compare user feedback with our consortial partners
  • 7. The Design – Waterloo / Laurier Waterloo and Laurier  3 tabs: Blended, Primo only, Primo Central only  Tabs have quick limits that can be applied
  • 8. The Design – U of G U of Guelph  Single search box  No tabs, no quick limits
  • 9. The Trial Launch Waterloo & Laurier launched as separate trial, parallel to existing non- Primo Central primo view Guelph replaced access to it‟s Primo- only view, essentially forcing patrons into the PC view. Feedback links on the Guelph PC view shunted patrons to a quick three- question survey…Random PRIZE: one of five $10 gift cards for campus food services/textbooks/gifts
  • 10. The Survey Responses 88 responses Generally +ve  staff vs users Number 1 +ve:  Easy to use Number 1 –ve:  How do I find a known item?
  • 11. Immediate tweak Changed facet order Before: After:
  • 12. Usability Studies – UW @ U of Waterloo  Purpose: to discover how uWaterloo students, faculty and staff use PC, what they like, and what they dislike.  Came up with specific scenarios:  “Please search for the journal article title Strategic decision-making. Could you tell me if you find the search results easy to understand? Why, or why not?”  “I‟d like to draw your attention to the facet „Expand beyond library collections‟. Before I ask you to click on it, could you tell me what it means to you?”
  • 13. Usability Studies - UW UW Participants:  Undergraduates: 38  Graduates: 32  Faculty: 2  Staff: 4  Alumni: 1  UW Incentive Prize: iPad 2  Lots of feedback to help with labels and to get direction. Lots of non-PC related comments.
  • 14. Usability Studies - UG @ U of Guelph (True usability) Participants completed 4 real-life tasks. Before the tasks were assigned, users were asked pre-test questions and after the test a number of follow-up questions were asked.  Use PC to find information on something that interests you, or that you expect to be researching in the near future.  Take some time to look at the results of your search. What have you found?
  • 15. Usability Testing - UG UG Participants:  3 Undergraduates  4 Graduates Incentive: $10 Dollar gift card for campus food/gifts/textbooks Learned a lot about GENERAL principles of discovery vs. search and user expectations…less about the actual PC labels etc.
  • 16. Usability Testing - UG Also did group interview with Library staff from Learning &Curriculum Support team and Research Help Team  How do you use facets/with students?  When do you use Adv search/with students?  How effective is PC to find what you/students need?  What has PC been good/lousy for  What do you wish PC could/not do?  Has the availability of PC changed your search habits?
  • 17. The Final Launch Decisions: Primo Implementation Team (PIT)  Review all input:  Staff survey results  Patron feedback  Usability feedback  Staff group interview feedback  WIA feedback  Mock-up new labels and do some final testing…
  • 18. Guerilla Testing
  • 19. Guerilla Testing
  • 20. Guerilla Usability Testing
  • 21. Other Decisions: Removed “CITED ARTICLES” facet Removed “EXPAND BEYOND LIBRARY COLLECTIONS” facet Changed search scope names to match tab names Modified availability labels (for consistency
  • 22. Launch Date: FULL launch date with all new changes is MAY 1 2012 Wish us luck!
  • 23. IMAGE: hellojenuine
  • 24. References: List of Primo Sites Guelph Primo Central View Waterloo Primo Central View Laurier Primo Central View