Combining Asset Based and Grassroots Techniques in Urban Regeneration


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Combining Asset Based and Grassroots Techniques to develop a Mixed Method Approach to Cultural Planning for the Barrhead Foundry

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Combining Asset Based and Grassroots Techniques in Urban Regeneration

  1. 1. Combining Asset Based and Grassroots Techniques to develop a Mixed Method Approach to Cultural Planning for the Barrhead Foundry Christine Browne, Economic Development Officer & Sarah Angus, Arts Services Manager East Renfrewshire Council
  2. 2. £3.4m capital project...
  3. 3. Location... Located within the Levern Valley area of East Renfrewshire, Barrhead is one of the most deprived communities in Scotland (SIMD, 2012) and has been identified as a Social Inclusion Partnership (SIP) area by the European Union (2004). It is a community well known for its social and economic deprivation; unemployment, addiction (alcohol and drugs) and crime are prevalent along with poor physical and mental health.
  4. 4. The DNA of Barrhead
  5. 5. What already exists in Barrhead? Tangible Assets • • • • • • • • • • • • Library Sports Centre Museum Schools Government buildings Churches Parks War memorial Shops and cafes Public spaces Growing local economy Inward investment Intangible Assets • • • • • • • • • Active Citizens Community pride Community spirit Heritage Connected communities Strong identity Strong sense of place Strong relationships Diversity Photo credit:
  6. 6. Local Art Groups Arts Development Investment Libraries Economic Development Schools Learning Resources Sports Development Buildings Sports Clubs Early Years CHCP Nurseries Customs/rituals People Place Culture Heritage Definition Jobs Community Social Issues Ideas Public Spaces Parks Partnerships Shared beliefs Expression Shops and cafes Identity Regeneration Local economy Ethnicity Health and Well-Being Pride / Values Inclusion Diversity Accessibility Mental Health Skills for life Employability Break poverty cycle Societal Improvement Prevention Improved health outcomes
  7. 7. Council Buildings and Health Centre ASDA Barrhead Foundry Local Library Local Businesses Museum
  8. 8. Local Radio Local Paper Space? Barrhead Foundry Active Citizens Youth Diversion Community Spirit
  9. 9. Skills for Leisure Barrhead Tubal Foundry Local plumber, John Shanks, established the Tubal Foundry in 1866. This was a centre of industry in the area and an employer of many local people. Skills for Employment Health and Wellbeing Stories
  10. 10. CHALLENGES Community resentment, suspicion, negative experiences, bad press / negative messages on social media, wasting tax payers money Temporary relocation of sports users Local businesses loss of income due to parking constraints during build and new “better” facilities in new building OPPORTUNITIES Increase opportunities to learn and get involved / Positive contribution to urban development & stimulate local economy Investment in arts development and cultural facilities Partnership working with established agencies (The ARC) Arriving at community engagement too late, no community consultation for internal layout Improved accessibility and inclusion Locals residents feel too intimidated – “not for the likes of us”, failure to connect, empowerment and ownership Communication and cooperation between council and community leading to improved perception Attempting to implement a new model for public services in the future (prototype) Respond to community needs Risk averse, self preservation, resistant to change, staff capacity and buy-in Policies and procedures (tendering, can’t negotiate, data protection) Limited budget and resources, Having to do more with less, accountability, “that’s not the way we do stuff here” Trying to get council services to collaborate Attract additional funding (Creative Scotland, Sport Scotland), previously unexplored routes Putting Barrhead on a national platform, announcing “we’re open for business” Contribute to the Early Years Collaborative And Youth Diversion Strategies through targeted programming Support the Preventative Spending Agenda and contribute to the SOA and ODP Break the poverty cycle & change a generation
  11. 11. The journey? Learning Common Vision Identity Digital Partnerships How? Proactive PR Social Enterprises Community Engagement Empowerment & Ownership Brand Champions Storytelling