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  1. 1. “Hello, I’m Charles Sturt.” Team Leader Development Forum Expo - recommendations
  2. 2. Placemaking Recommendations – Strategic Focus • Numerous staff within the organisation that have an integral part to play in respect to place making, have various perspectives on the meaning of place making • These variances are beneficial for the organisation however there are no organisational wide guiding principles or definitions of place making for the City of Charles Sturt
  3. 3. Placemaking Recommendations – Strategic Focus • It is recommended that such guiding principles and a definition of place making are developed to ensure a coordinated approach that meets the intended objectives of the Community and Corporate Plan is implemented
  4. 4. Placemaking Recommendations – Empower Staff and Community • There are numerous staff across business units that are aware of the concept of place making and are directly involved in this activity as part of their role, however many are not and do not believe they have an ability to participate in place making in their day to day roles.
  5. 5. Placemaking Recommendations – Empower Staff and Community • Numerous staff are in fact involved in place making but do not make the connection that the event they are holding or program being delivered is in fact a form of place making • It is recommended that the profile of place making is heightened to empower staff to make this important connection between their roles and the creation of vibrant places
  6. 6. Placemaking Recommendations – Empower Staff and Community • Residents closest to places often have innovative ideas to reinvigorate areas and create active and vibrant spaces, therefore substantial opportunities become available by empowering the community
  7. 7. Placemaking Recommendations – Empower Staff and Community • Council has a role to play in building capacity of citizens, inspiring individuals, communities and organisation to ‘think outside the box’ and take personal responsibility for improving public spaces, vibrant communities and prosperous shopping centers
  8. 8. Placemaking Recommendations – Empower Staff and Community • It is important that Council support these activities and consider opportunities to remove ‘red tape’ to facilitate place making and have guidelines and funds available to ensure ideas can be supported by Council
  9. 9. Placemaking Recommendations – Specific ideas, Food trucks, wifi and more… • Significant momentum has generated in the last 12- 24 months for ‘fork on the road’ events where numerous food trucks congregate at a designated location attracting significant crowds • Approach ‘fork on the road’ organisers to discuss opportunities for future events to be held at iconic sites within our City to raise the profile of our City and the numerous attractions available
  10. 10. Placemaking Recommendations – Specific ideas, Food trucks, wifi and more… • Adelaide City Council has recently announced its roll out of extensive free wifi locations throughout Adelaide City which has been very positively received by residents and visitors • The introduction of free wifi at key locations throughout the City of Charles Sturt has the potential to create more vibrant and attractive places and should be considered
  11. 11. Placemaking Recommendations – Specific ideas, Food trucks, wifi and more… • The City of Charles Sturt Inner West Place Making Framework (March 2013) presents a range of innovative suggestions for place making activities • Given the quality place making actions identified in the framework, it is recommended that this document is critically reviewed and a coordinated strategic approach is applied to its implementation
  12. 12. Placemaking Recommendations – Specific ideas, Food trucks, wifi and more… • The Woodville Town Hall has undergone significant, presenting an opportunity for Council to attract performances to the venue which will have positive social and economic impacts to the surrounding area • The development of a Woodville Town Hall prospectus and the consequential widespread marketing of the venue is encouraged in order to attract the most suitable use of the facility