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Learn more about Library Interiors of Texas

  1. 1. Your Choice for Inspiring Library Interiorsand World-Class ServiceLibrary Interiors of Texas
  2. 2. Your Choice for Inspiring Library Interiorsand World-Class ServiceLibrary Interiors of Texas
  3. 3. !!451!North!Main!Street!Boerne,!TX!78006! 830924993053! www.boernelibrary.org!!!!August 3, 2011To Whom-It-May-Concern:The Patrick Heath Public Library, a $7.2 million facility, was completed in June 2011. We hadthe great pleasure of working with Library Interiors of Texas to furnish the building. Thecompany is small, family-owned and has a wealth of expertise. The entire team made absolutelypersonally sure every piece of furniture and shelving was assembled and placed before ouropening. They worked extensively with us to create custom pieces, find appropriate fabrics andquality pieces.Of the multitude of vendors we worked with over the course of constructing the building, LibraryInteriors was the easiest, most responsive and customer-service oriented. You won’t find abetter furniture company to outfit a library.I recommend them for any project, large or small, without hesitation.Kelly SkovbjergDirector
  4. 4. Your Choice for Inspiring Library Interiorsand World-Class ServiceLibrary Interiors of Texas
  5. 5. WPAWalker PerezAssociatesTo Whom It Concerns:My name is James Calvin Walker, an Architect licensed to practice in Texas (Reg.#5428) and I have been working with Library Interiors of Texas for the past 3 or moreyears on Library projects for the City of Brownsville, Texas.During one of our recent gatherings with Trevor Taylor and his staff, it became obviousto me that I needed to brag about Trevor and his Company and offered to do so.Trevor immediately accepted my offer, so here goes:As an Architect we are usually involved with consultants on many projects. Someexperiences are nightmares and some are simply enjoyable. Library Interiors of Texasfalls into the latter category.When, during the design process, we hit a snag in coordination of my designs withfurniture layouts, Trevor and Michael quickly respond with a flood of options toconsider. There is always a smile on their faces as if to say "Is that the best problemyou can throw at us?"Invariably together we work out any obstacles encountered and everyone is usuallypleased with the results.Trevor and his staff are very positive in their work which creates a "CAN-DO" attitude.There is absolutely no hesitation on my part, should I have control of picking consultants,that I would choose Library Interiors of Texas for my future project involving theservices they provide.Their costs (fees) are considerably more reasonable than others and they always seemto have access to lower cost furniture without losing quality.I strongly recommend Library Interiors of Texas for your next project if quality andease of a delightful working environment is your "cup of tea."If you want to discuss this personally please call me at (956) 592-4999.Respectfully,James Calvin WalkerArchitectWalker-Perez Associates!
  6. 6. Your Choice for Inspiring Library Interiorsand World-Class ServiceLibrary Interiors of Texas
  7. 7. THE JOHN COOPER SCHOOLOne John Cooper Drive The Woodlands, Texas 77381 Tel. 281.367.0900 Fax. 281.292.9201 www.johncooper.orgSeptember 19, 2011To: All That It May InterestAbout a year ago, we at The John Cooper School began the process of re-designing someexisting space on our campus to provide additional classrooms, and to house a new library forour Upper School. Early in that process, we began discussions with Dave Gaskins of LibraryInteriors of Texas, LLC.Throughout that process, Dave was an active contributor to the furniture design and layout. Aswe  looked  for  unique  features  that  would  be  reflective  of  the  style  and  character  of  our  campus  vision, he always came through with the necessary concepts and prototypes to help us focusour thoughts. Above all, we wanted a library environment that was not only consistent withour motto “From Curiosity To Wisdom,” but one that would also prepare our students for thetransition to a university setting.Library Interiors of Texas helped us achieve our goals and brought the new Upper SchoolLibrary project to completion on budget and on schedule. All of us at The John Cooper Schoolhave  enjoyed  and  benefited  from  the  working  relationship  with  Dave  and  his  fine  team.We commend them on their workmanship, their designs and their products. Others would bewise to consider Library Interiors of Texas for their future needs for library furniture.Sincerely,Michael F. MaherHead of School