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Library 2.0 in the Real World
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Library 2.0 in the Real World


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Keynote for Iowa Small Libraries Online Conference

Keynote for Iowa Small Libraries Online Conference

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Library 2.0 in the Real World Meredith Farkas Norwich University
  • 2. So what is library 2.0?
  • 3. Web 1.0: Democratized Access to Information
  • 4. Web 2.0: Democratized Participation
  • 5. Revolutionary or evolutionary?
  • 6. What is different now?
  • 7. Technology has enabledTechnology has enabled us to do so much moreus to do so much more
  • 8. but we’re no longer thebut we’re no longer the only game in town.only game in town.
  • 9. Library 2.0 is a state of mind•Working to meet changing user needs •Trusting our users (radical trust) •Getting rid of the culture of perfect •Aware of emerging technologies and opportunities •Looking outside of the library world for applications,
  • 10. What do you think when you read these headlines?• New Open Source Social Catalog (SOPAC) 2.0 Debuts in Darien Public Library • Columbus Metropolitan Library chooses Aquabrowser as its visual discovery interface • DCPL iPhone application ready for download • The Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County has videos on YouTube
  • 11. Wow! That’s pretty cool, but...•We don’t have programmers on staff to make stuff like that happen. •We don’t have the money to make stuff like that happen. •Our patrons don’t use iPhones. •We don’t have the equipment to create videos.
  • 12. Does this mean 2.0 technologies aren’t meant for small libraries?
  • 13. 2.0 technologies are for ALL libraries!•Allow libraries to more easily communicate, collaborate and connect with patrons online •Options at all price points (free to $$$) •Options for all levels of tech- savvy •Options for all types of patrons (tech-savvy to computer novices)
  • 14. 2.0 technologies can allow libraries to...
  • 15. Communicate with their users
  • 16. Share knowledge more effectively
  • 17. Become More Transparent
  • 18. Highlight Collections
  • 19. Be where our users are
  • 20. Collect Local Knowledge
  • 21. Building Organization 2.0
  • 22. Avoid technolust
  • 23. Know your users
  • 24. Develop a Learning Culture
  • 25. Develop a Risk- Tolerant Culture
  • 26. Give Staff Time for Creative Endeavors
  • 27. Encourage Network-Building
  • 28. Involve Staff from All Levels in Planning I can haz your cooperation?
  • 29. Create partnerships
  • 30. Time Must be Devoted to all This
  • 31. Consider maintenance and sustainability
  • 32. Assess,Assess,Assess!
  • 33. Thanks! AIM: librarianmer Links and presentation at http://meredithfarkas.wetpaint .com
  • 34. Photo Credits • Day 255: Magic Wand by Amanky • Library 2.0 Meme Map by Gerard Bierens • Digitage Web 2.0 by ocean.flynn • The hopeless drunker part 3 by Roberto Arias • RISK #2 by Bjornar • Farm Cat Group by weesmalldoll • The Spongebob Square, Er, Roundpants Juggle by Cayusa • sunny day by jessamyn