MFAH Hirsch Library Gap Development Resource List


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MFAH Hirsch Library Gap Development Resource List

  1. 1. Hirsch Library Collection Development Resource List Author Title Format Publisher ISBN/ISSN Price Selection Source Review Source Other Details Selection Bearing Source Witness: Continued: Contemporary Oxford History Purchased Via Works by ISBN: 0-8478- of Art: African African Rizzoli 1962-0 (HC) American Art, (Not availableJontyle Theresa American International ISBN: 0-8478- www.questia. by Sharon F. on the originalRobinson Women Artists Book Publications 1963-9 (PB) $31.77 com/library/afric Patton site) Selection Women Artists Source of Color: A Bio- The African Continued: Critical American Purchased Via Sourcebok to Experience: 20th Century Women Artists (Not available Artists in Greenwood ISBN: 0-313- www.questia. of Color, by on the originalPhoebe Farris America Book Press 303-74-6 $99.61 com/library/afric Moira Roth site) The Columbia Guide to The Double African Contemporary Vision of American African Clarence Major, Review http: American Painter and Indiana State ISSN: 1062- //aar.slu. Fiction byLisa C. Roney Writer Periodical University 4783 $24 edu/index.html Darryl Dickson Selection Passionate Source Visions of the Continued: American ISBN: 0-87805- Southern Purchased Via South: Self- 676-9 (cloth) Cultures Taught Artists University of ISBN: 0- Volume 3, by (Not available from 1940 to Press of 878805-677-7 www.questia. Anne L. on the originalAlice Rae Yelen the Present Book Mississippi (paper) $162.3 com/library/afric McClanan source site) The New York Against the Times: Movie Odds: Artists of New Jersey http://www. Section, the Harlem Documentary Public ISBN: 0-793-9- shoppbs. Reviewed byAmber Williams Renaissance (DVD) Television/PBS 111-7 $24.99 org/product/inde Sara Ing, Rovi
  2. 2. Hirsch Library Collection Development Resource List Selection Source The Black List Continued: Volume 1, An Purchased ViaTimothy HBO ISBN-10: Interview with Amazon.comGreenfield- Documentary 0743578082 & Documentaries: Elvis Mitchell, (Not availableSanders & Elvis The Black List Documentary Films & Perfect ISBN-13:978- by Wilson on the originalMitchell Vol. 1 (DVD) Day Films 0743578080 $6.82 com/documenta Morales source site) Selection Source Continued: Purchased Via (Not available on the original Newsblaze. source site) + com: HBO No ISBN/ISSN Special Again for Vol. 2 Profiles available. ASINTimothy HBO Prominent # provided.Greenfield- Documentary Documentaries: African- Item isSanders & Elvis The Black List Documentary Films & Perfect ASIN: Americans, by available forMitchell Vol. 2 (DVD) Day Films B002SQAMN4 $6.89 com/documenta Kam Williams purchase Selection Source Continued: Purchased Via (Not available on the original site for purchase.) Defense- Gumbo ya ya: Choice: Book = Anthology of Michigan State rare find -- Contemporary University plethora of African- Libraries Black FemaleLeslie King- American Midmarch Arts ISBN: catalog.lib.msu. Explanation in Artists from theHammond Women Artists Book Press 1877675075 $7.98 edu next column. 20th Century
  3. 3. Hirsch Library Collection Development Resource List 3blackchicks. com: Colored Frames-- Documentary ISBN: Colored Screening by DVD Colored Documentary Microcinema UPC/EAN Frames (official CassandraLerone Wilson Frames (DVD) DVD 880198129895 $149 website) Henry Souls Grown Souls Grown Deep: African Tinwood Books: Deep American http://www. Foundation Art Vernacular Art tinwoodmedia. Reviews: SoulsWilliam Arnett & of the South Vol ISBN: 0- com/TWIndex. Grown DeepPaul Arnett 1 Book Tinwood Books 9653766-0-5 $100 html Vol 1 Tinwood Books: http://www.David tinwoodmedia. Foundation forRaccuglia & Purvis of Documentary ISBN: 0- com/TWIndex. Self TaughtShawn Conrad Overtown (DVD) Tinwood Books 9653766-0-5 $19.95 html Artists: Purvis Selection Source Continued: Purchased Via New York Times Movie (Available Review: Through One Bad Cat Painting His VanguardThomas G. Documentary Vanguard DVDUPC: (official Fears, by Cinema by wayMiller One Bad Cat (DVD) Cinema 658769 933635 $29.95 website) Nathan Lee of Amazon) Reviews available via the Oxford web page for this Primitivist- book by Choice Modernism: Oxford Magazine, Black Culture ISBN13: University Harvard and the Origins Oxford 9780195104035 Press http: University, andSieglinde of Transatlantic University ISBN10: //www.oup. BostonLemke Modernism Book Press 019510403X $110 com/us/catalog/ University
  4. 4. Hirsch Library Collection Development Resource List Black Photographers Book Reviews: 30 Americans (Rubell Family 30 Americans: Rubell Family Collection,Rubell Family Rubell Family Book (2nd Rubell Family ISBN: 978-0- Collection/Conte2008), by CarlaCollection Collection Edition) Collection 9821195-5-6 $39.95 Arts Foundation Williams The New York Times: ART REVIEW; Shades of Meaning From a Black ISBN 10: Avisca Fine Art Modernist byLowery Stokes Norman Lewis: 0942949005 http://www. Grace GlueckSims & David Black Paintings Studio Museum ISBN 13: 978- aviscafineart. By GRACECraven 1946-1977 Book in Harlem 0-942949001 $45 com/Books_on_ GLUECK Powells Books gives the best annotation for this book. There are not many reviews so this is the ISBN 10: best to review 0810825031 Alibris http: in regard toDennis The Black Artist Scarecrow ISBN 13: //www.alibris. purchasing thisThomison in America Book Press 9780810825031 $160.65 com/booksearchbook. Project Muse: Creating Their Own Image: Creating Their The History of Own Image: Oxford African- The History of ISBN 10: University American African- Oxford 019516721X Press http: Women ArtistsLisa E. American University ISBN 13: -978- //www.oup. (review) By,Farrington Women Artists Book Press 0195167214 $75 com/us/catalog/ Renée. Ater
  5. 5. Hirsch Library Collection Development Resource List Beyond the Blues: Reflections of Africa America in the Fine Arts Amistad Collection of Research Avisca Fine Art Art Collections: Amistad Center and http://www. AmistadLionel Arnold & Research New Orleans ISBN: 978-0- aviscafineart. ResearchVictor DuBois Center Book Museum of Art 89494-112-2 $24 com/Books_on_ Center Booklist Journal via Ebsco Host: David C. Avisca Fine Art Driskell Artist David Driskell: http://www. and Scholar Artist and Pomegranate ISBN 10: aviscafineart. Review, byJulie L. McGee Scholar Book Communications0764937472 $45 com/Books_on_ Donna Seaman Proceeding of the American Philosophical Society: Expanding the Mainstream: Romare ISBN-10: Avisca Fine Art Bearden 0764929798 http://www. Revisited Romare Pomegranate ISBN-13: 978- aviscafineart. (Review), byRuth Fine Bearden Book Communications0764929793 $39.95 com/Books_on_ Ruth Fine
  6. 6. Hirsch Library Collection Development Resource List Los Angeles Times: A Masters View of LIfe: Virtuoso Muralist John Biggers Is Given a Major Museum of Deserving Fine Arts Retrospective, The Art of John Houston, in ISBN: by William Biggers View association with 0810919567 Harmann WIlson (ArtAlvia J. from the Upper Harry N. (cloth) IBSN: Books: http: Critic @ LAWardlaw Room Book Abrams 0890900612 $29.95 //hartmannbooksTimes) Project Muse: Journal of Contemporary African American Art, Creating Their Own Image: The History of US African- Black Visual ISBN 10: MACMILLIAN: American Culture: 1860643825 http://us. Women Artists Modernity and ISBN 13: 978- macmillan. (review) , byGen Doy Post-Modernity Book I.B. Tauris 1860643828 $39 com/blackvisual Kim Cornish The Journal of Aesthetics of The New Press: Art Criticism http: Vol. 54, Art //thenewpress. Review, by Art on My ISBN: 978- com/index.php? JamesBell Hooks Visual Politics Book New Press 1860643828 $16 option=com_titleWinchester
  7. 7. Hirsch Library Collection Development Resource List Heidegger 2000 Conference: Building Dwelling Thinking and Whitfield Lovells The Art of Avisca Fine Art Whispers from Whitfield Lovell: http://www. the Walls", by Whispers from Pomegranate ISBN: aviscafineart. Dr. JenniferLucy R. Lippard the Walls Book Communications0764924478 $29.95 com/Books_on_ Ellenway Souls Grown Souls Grown Deep: African Tinwood Books: Deep American http://www. Foundation Art Vernacular Art tinwoodmedia. Review: SoulsWilliam Arnett & of the South Vol ISBN: 0- com/TWIndex. Grown DeepPaul Arnett 2 Book Tinwood Books 9653766-3-X $100 html Vol 2 New Art World: Alma Thomas: Phantasmagoria Alma W. Avisca Fine Art Paintings from Thomas: A http://www. the 1970s, byFort Wayne Retrospective Pomegranate ISBN: aviscafineart. DonaldMuseum of Art of the Paintings Book Communications0764906860 $12.95 com/Books_on_ Goddard Landsvideo: http: //landsvideo. The Creative Documentary ISBN: 1- com/index.David Irving Process (DVD) L&S Video, Inc 882660-29-3 $39.95 shtml Landsvideo: Elizabeth http: Catlett: //landsvideo. Sculpting the Documentary ISBN: 1- com/index.David Irving Truth (DVD) L&S Video, Inc 882660-14-5 $39.95 shtml Landsvideo: Jacob http: Lawrence: The //landsvideo. Glory of Documentary ISBN: 1- com/index.David Irving Expression (DVD) L&S Video, Inc 882660-04-8 $39.95 shtml
  8. 8. Hirsch Library Collection Development Resource List Landsvideo: http: Romare //landsvideo. Bearden: Visual Documentary ISBN: 1- com/index.David Irving Jazz (DVD) L&S Video, Inc 882660-09-9 $39.95 shtml Landsvideo: http: //landsvideo. Faith Ringgold: Documentary ISBN: 1- com/index.David Irving The Story Quilt (DVD) L&S Video, Inc 882660-00-5 $39.95 shtml Black Music A New Journal: Willis Anthology of Art Patters Songs by Southern Illinois "Anthology ofMargaret R. Contemporary ISBN 10: University Art Songs bySimons & African Southern Illinois 0809325232 Press http: Black AmericanJeanine American University ISBN 13: 978- //www.siupress. Composers",Wagner Composers Music (CD) Press 0-8093-2523-8 $29.5 com/product/Ne Donald IveyStudio Museum Journal Studio Museum Studio Museumof Harlem Institution Subscription of Harlem Various $125 of HarlemAfrican AfricanAmerican Art Saint Louis American ArtReview Institution E-reference University Various $80 ReviewNka: Journal of Nka: Journal ofContemporary Cornell ContemporaryAfrican Art Institution E-reference University Various $158 African Art Total = $2015.38