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Spoutings spring12

  1. 1. S u f f o l k S c h o o l L i b r a r y M e d i a As s o c i a t i o nVolume 10 Issue 3 Spring 2012 SPOUTINGS GREETINGS: President’s Message OFFICERS President Kim Bramfeld H appy Spring to all of our SSLMA Members! The crocuses, daffo- dils, and tulips are blooming; trees are ALA and NYLA sites. Even if your job kbramfeld@gmail.com beginning to bud; the forsythias are all is secure, please stand up for those alight in yellow, and it’s only mid- whose positions are threatened. Con- Vice President March! What a glorious time of year. tact your legislators, talk to your ad- Amy Jo Southworth And not a minute too soon. We are ministration, talk to your teachers, and asouth- eagerly looking forward to our Spring most importantly – talk to your commu- worth@bayshoreschools.org Field Trip to Old Westbury Gardens nity – the voters. You don’t have to and a delectable meal together at Pa- reinvent the wheel as materials have Secretary parazzi on May 19, 2012. There are already been created for this purpose Patricia Wolbert more details about this trip in our and are readily available on the above- pwolbert@mtsinai.k12.ny.us Newsletter. mentioned sites. Treasurer Tara Ragona tara312@aol.com A uthors Unlimited is being held on Saturday, April 28, from 10:00- 4:00. This is an exciting event for I t has been a productive year so far. We have held many meetings – both Executive Board and General young adults and for author groupies. Membership Meetings. The discus- EXECUTIVE BOARD The authors will arrive in limousines sions have included the grants that are and will walk the red carpet as their offered to School Library Media stu- Membership adoring fans cheer them on. Then, dents and to our members, possible Mary Charters teens will have the opportunity to at- name changes of our organization to mcharters@mufsd.com tend workshops conducted by some of align with NYLA/SSL, technology tools their favorite authors. There will also for school librarians, and a review of Parliamentarian be a book signing. For more infor- the NYLA/SSL Leadership Retreat Frances La Duca, retired mation, go to our website held at Cornell University this past laduca@aol.com (www.sslma.org) for the link. Additional summer. We look forward to future details may also be found in this news- discussions, networking, and collabo- Program Chair letter. rating with all of you. As always, our NYLA/SLMS Region I Rep. members are welcome to attend any Jane Herbst jherbst@babylonufsd.org I t is more important now than ever before to advocate for school librari- anship. There are many advocacy meeting. Past President tools on our website, as well as on the Kim Sara Kardasz swink@verizon.net Webmaster Carl Vitevitch cvitevit@optonline.net FOLLOW SSLMA ON SPOUTINGS Editor SOCIAL MEDIA Susan Glaser, retired SITES susan@glasermills.com
  2. 2. C A L E N D A R DATE EVENT LOCATION TIMEWed. Apr. 4 EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING: All Welcome Longwood PL 4:30-6:15 PMApr 8-14 National Library Week: You Belong @Your LibraryThurs. Apr. 26 CLASC Annual Dinner Three Village Inn 6:00-9:00 PM Stony BrookSat. Apr 28 AUTHORS UNLIMITED 2012 St. Joseph’s CollegeThurs. May 3 Long Island Library Conference: Melville Marriott Special Guest: Nancy PearlMay 3-5 SLMS Spring Conference: Binghamton, NY Expand Your Influence at the ConfluenceSat. May 19 Spring Trip and General Meeting Old Westbury Gardens Lunch/Tour Papa Razzi TrattoriaJune 21-26 ALA Annual Conference Anaheim, CA Old Westbury Gardens ranked among most beautiful in the U.S. Wednesday March 7, 2012 By Jessica Damiano, NEWSDAY JOIN US Old Westbury Gardens was named one of the top public gardens in the ON world by Four Seasons Magazine, sharing the honor with such places as MAY 19 the National Orchid Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Royal Horticultural Society Garden in Wisley, Surrey, England. SEE NEXT This week, Budget Travel magazine unveiled its list of "The 14 Most PAGE Beautiful Home and Garden Tours in America," and Old Westbury Gar- FOR dens is listed among them. Honored as "the most majestic historic homes and the must-see gardens around them," the sights include Monti- DETAILS cello (Charlottesville, Va.), Biltmore Estate (Asheville, N.C.), Magnolia Plantation & Gardens (Charleston, S.C.) and Green Animals Topiary Gar- den (Portsmouth, R.I.). OUR BUSINESS MEMBERS HELP TO SUPPORT SSLMA PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS arnie@rainbowbookcompany.com www.rainbowbookcompany.comVolume 10 Issue 3 Page 2
  3. 3. SATURDAY MAY 19, 2012 J o i n u s a t 11 : 3 0 a m f o r B R U N C H / L U N C H AT PAPA R AZ Z I T R AT T O R I A 1 5 0 0 J e r i c h o Tu r n p i k e j u s t e a s t o f G l e n C o v e R o a d follow ed by O L D W E S T B U RY G AR D E N S H O U S E & G AR D E N S T O U R 2:00—3:30 pm Transportation: on your ownPrimi∗ Insalata di Charles: ribbons of romaine, arugula, radicchio and fennel with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and par- migianoSecondi—make your selection at the restaurant∗ Tenderloin Hash with poached eggs and English muffins topped with hollandaise∗ French Toast oak-fired brioche bread topped with warm fresh fruit and maple syrup∗ Uova e Pancetta: Scrambled Eggs with Italian bacon, chopped vegetables, pecorino, smoked mozzarella, mascarpone and grilled crostini∗ Ravioli al Pomodoro stuffed with spinach and ricotta in a light basil-tomato sauce∗ Spaghetti alla Bolognese pancetta, ground veal and mushrooms in a light tomato sauce with a touch of cream∗ Pollo Piccata: tender chicken breast pan-sautéed with white wine, lemon and capers and served with lemon- asparagus risotto∗ Salmone al Forno: fresh wood-roasted Atlantic salmon fillet with chef’s vegetables and potatoesDolci∗ Tiramisu Italian “pick me up” with ladyfingers, espresso, mascarpone, sweet cream and a touch of rum Coffee, tea, juice (cranberry, pineapple, tomato) soda included $40 for Members, $45 for Non-members RSVP BY APRIL 27Send check payable to SSLMA to: Susan Glaser 22 Abbington Drive, Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743 Any questions? Call Susan at 631-470-9577 Whats In Bloom at the Gardens Volume 10 Issue 3 Page 3
  4. 4. EVENTS AROUND LONG ISLANDBY OUR FELLOW COLLEAGUES SSLMA is proud to be a sponsor of SATURDAY APRIL 28♦ A FREE full-day event open to everyone, but teens get preferred seating. 155 W. ROE BLVD♦ Meet dynamic authors of young adult literature. PATCHOGUE♦ Break out sessions with author presentations.♦ Autograph session at the end of the day.♦ Teens can apply online to be part of an author’s entourage♦ YA authors treated like royalty for kids, parents, teachers, anyone http://www.authorsunlimited.org/ SSLMA CONGRATULATES: Amy Jo Southworth for receiving the Gale Conference Fellow Award from the New York Library AssociationsAnnual General Membership Section of School Librarians (NYLA/SSL)MeeƟng and Dinner based on her contributions to the library field. Amy Jo is a library media specialist atThursday April 26, 2012 • 6-9 p.m. Bay Shore High School and before thatThree Village Inn, Stony Brook taught at New Mexico State University as$46.00/members, $55.00/non-members well as on the Eastern Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. She has also been an edi-Guest Speaker: Maryrose Wood torial assistant at Accounting Technology magazine and is a member of the Americanauthor of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series. and New York library associations.Contact Tara Ragona for more informaƟon:tara312@aol.com Amy Jo is also currently the VP of SSLMA!! ♦ Isabel Zinman, Commack HS ♦ Jen Olsen, Academy St. School, Retired ♦ Ellen Johanson, Calhoun HS Once again, SSLMA and LISMA members vol- ♦ Jodi Thompson, Herricks MS unteered their time to judge LIHD projects. Held ♦ Rita Kaikow, Oceanside HS, Retired at Hofstra University for the 33rd year, LIHD Co- ♦ Kim McGurk, Riverhead HS ordinator Susan Glaser would like to thank:Volume 10 Issue 3 Page 4
  5. 5. CONGRATULATIONS to April Hatcher of Ward Melville HS Amy Csorny of Great Neck Road Elementary School C E L E B R AT I O N O F T E AC H I N G AN D L E AR N I N G Raffle Winners The Celebration was held on March 16and 17 at the NY Hilton Thanks to all who took a chance and entered to win!!Attending the Celebration of Teaching and Learning was mon Core Standards offered another approach to thean invigorating and inspiring experience. Upon entry into exploration for and the discovery of deeper meaning.the hall, the energy among our teaching colleagues was I found this strategy to be of value in terms of differ-palpable. It seemed as though there was a flurry as in- entiating approaches to seeking meaning.quisitive minds that could not help but be energized by thecollaborative mood of the day. It was exhilarating to real- Toward the end of the day I developed a down andize that attendees were there just as I was, to network dirty approach to the various workshops. I would dartamong gifted and invested individuals, to sharpen and in, see if a presentation was still up on the SMARTstretch skill sets and engage in an environment in which Board and if I found it relevant to my practice, Iteaching and learning are core to every person in attend- scoped out supporting materials and took a quickance. shot of the displays with my camera phone! Technol- ogy, you gotta love it! I stayed long enough to hearI understand why this is a two day event. There is so the first closing plenary speaker, Dr. Henry Gates Jr.much to see and learn! The most challenging part of man- He was dynamic. He was relevant. And he wasaging my day was feeling as though while I was attending grateful. He made it clear, among his other points,one workshop, I was missing something wonderful in an- that he had, as most of us did, a teacher in his lifeother. who lit the lamp of knowledge and led him to the open door.Unfortunately, I attended Saturday only, which I wont do Thanks for the opportunity!again. However, I attended the VitalNY/PBS Prime Mediaworkshop and learned about how to use a free database Amy Csornyof over 14,000 media clips which will be rolled out in Sep-tember of 2012. The workshop given by Eastern SuffolkBOCES about Visual Thinking Strategies and the ComFrom Gail Barraco, ESBOCES SLS ⿜ The ExecuƟve Summary notes that: Based on theAdministrative Coordinator conclusions from the research cited in the brief, it isNew York Research Analysis Documents PosiƟve Impact of clear that school libraries play an important role in stu-School Libraries on Student Achievement dent achievement, curriculum development, and in- strucƟon. Through poliƟcal and fiscal state support,The New York Comprehensive Center (NYCC)/RMC Research effecƟve school library programs can serve as con-CorporaƟon, in consultaƟon with the New York State Educa- sistent drivers for student achievement in Ɵmes of con-Ɵon Department, the New York State Library and the New stant change and churning educaƟonal reform.York Library AssociaƟon has produced a new publicaƟonenƟtled, InformaƟonal Brief: Impact of School Libraries on The full NYCC publicaƟon and the execuƟve summaryStudent Achievement. This comprehensive brief provides a may be found at: hƩp://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/current and rigorous research analyses which demonstrates slssap/index.html or at hƩp://www.nysl.nysed.gov/the posiƟve impact that school libraries and school librarians libdev/nyla/nycc_school_library_brief.pdfhave in advancing student learning. Volume 10 Issue 3 Page 5
  6. 6. IDEA EXCHANGE ♦ Have you found a great tool, app or tech service that you cant live without? That your teachers and students love? WHAT IS A TECH ♦ ♦ Share your favorite site and how you use it with SMACKDOWN? students! ♦ Email susan@glasermills.com with your suggestions! ♦ Provide: ♦ site name WHAT IS ♦ web address ♦ description of what the site does Edmodo is a secure, social learning platform for ♦ how you use it. teachers, students, schools and districts. We pro- vide a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content and access home- work, grades and school notices. Our goal is to SHOW ME: help educators harness the power of social media to customize the classroom for each and every Learn and teach anything. learner. http://www.edmodo.com/ ShowMe is an open learning community where you can learn or teach any subject. Watch great lessons for free, or create your own. http://www.showme.com/ Kathy Schrocks Guide to Everything: BLOOMING APPS: http://www.schrockguide.net/bloomin-apps.html This page gathers all of the Bloomin Apps projects in one place! Each of the images has clickable hotspots and includes suggestions for Google, iPad, Android, and Web 2.0 applications to support each of the levels of Blooms Revised Taxonomy. SSLMA is planning the 2012/2013 Possible workshops on: PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP ♦ APPR and how it applies to SCHEDULE school librarians Look for more information in the next ♦ Resources from NYPL and NARA SPOUTINGS ♦ Math and the Common CoreVolume 10 Issue 3 Page 6
  7. 7. May 3-5, 2012 Keynote speaker Joyce Valenza, PhD Keynote address: Friday, May 4, Opening Session, 8:45 - 10:15, 10 Things Librarians Should be Teaching in 2012 Workshop: Friday, May 4, 11:15 - 12:00 To Register: http://conference2012.wikispaces.com/Conference+HomePlease view our grant offerings athttp://sslma.org/ • 2011-2012 SSLMA Student Grant Award will pro-• The SLMS/NYLA Educational Leadership Re- vide some financial assistance to an interested and treat Grant is designed to provide funding of up to deserving student who is pursuing a Masters De- $250 to help a School Library Media Specialist to gree in Library Science at an ALA-accredited Li- attend the NYLA-SSL Educational Leadership Re- brary School in New York State. Applications must treat. Applications must be received by March 31, be received by April 1, 2012. 2012.REGION 1 REPORTThe NYLA SSL Board was asked to review their acro-nym and logo (Rita Kaikow, past president of LISMA,echoed Fran La Duca’s reservation about the "SS" por-tion). After much discussion about the ways to tweak it,I made the motion to have the logo changed to reducethe apparent emphasis on the "SS" portion and EllenRubin seconded it. Unfortunately, even though manynon-voting members of the Board agreed with us, noone called the question and asked for the vote to beheld. Since I cannot attend the Binghampton confer- The School Library Bureau of the NY State Ed. Dept.ence, I will have to see whether it is done there. Other is very knowledgeable about the upcoming teacherthan that, it is apparent that NYLA doesnt know the es- evaluations as they apply to us, but no rubric hassence of student achievement is a strong SLMC pro- been accepted yet which will apply directly to what wegram with a certified school librarian. I brought up the do. Therefore, it is our job to explain to administratorsmany research studies and the "I Love My Librarian” how to use the accepted rubrics in order to applyaward, and was told that I made a good presentation to them to our work. I will forward the various websitesthe NYLA assistant director, but we are still regarded as which will keep us all aware of changes and needs.a lesser section. Jane Herbst Region 1 Representative Volume 10 Issue 3 Page 7
  8. 8. 1912-2012 LONG ISLAND CELEBRATES THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF • HUNTINGTON LIGHTHOUSE • CONKLIN HOUSE, HUNTINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY • COINDRE HALL 2012 Tour Dates Join us for a special treat! SSLMA will book a tour of the • July 8th Huntington Lighthouse if there is interest. • July 22nd • August 5th Please contact Susan Glaser: susan@glasermills.com with your choice of date. • August 19th • We will take the first boat out at 11 AM, possi- • September 16th bly earlier • September 23rd • Boat leaves from Gold Star Battalion Beach in Huntington in front of Coindre Hall. • Tour lasts generally an hour Adults $15 • Please go to link for more information: Seniors $10 http://www.huntingtonlighthouse.org/index.html Only flat rubber soled shoes are permitted (i.e. sneakers, dock shoes, etc.) Absolutely "NO EXCEPTIONS NO FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED AT ALL - You will not be permitted on the boat if you are wearing Flip Flops - Flip Flops are extremely dangerous on boats and on the Lighthouse. Directions : From any major road, take Rt. 110 north, through the village of Huntington. Proceed to the Light at Mill Dam Road - turn left onto Mill Dam Rd., being careful to keep to the right of the grass island. Drive to the end of Mill Dam Rd. to the stop sign at West Shore Rd. Turn right onto West Shore Rd. and fol- low this curving road to the Town Park at Gold Star Battalion Beach. Proceed into the parking lot and drive to the back by the flag pole and look for the Lighthouse Tent and personnel.Volume 10 Issue 3 Page 8