NYLA SMART "Flash Session" on Ebsco Discovery Service


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Overview of UAlbany's implementation of Ebsco Discovery Service

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NYLA SMART "Flash Session" on Ebsco Discovery Service

  1. 1. SMART Flash Session: Implementing Ebsco Discovery Service at the University at Albany Libraries Elaine Lasda Bergman Dewey Graduate Library University at Albany ebergman@uamail.albany.edu
  2. 2. Invited by Ebsco to be a Beta Test Site • 1st ALEPH Library • 1st SUNY Library 1st meeting of UAlbany EDS Workgroup: October 20, 2009 http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_qCkdRMbp0TE/SpV9ZRuWvdI/AAAAAAAAApU/yYFZxvhMM rw/s400/1-year-anniversary.jpg
  3. 3. Weekly Webinars/Biweekly Webinars • Preview options for new features, look and feel of site, etc. • Demonstrate features of user and administrative interfacces • Update the schedule for enhancements to the product
  4. 4. Live Catalog Testing • Library’s catalog data kept separate at first from the EDS database data • Opportunity to troubleshoot quirks with the catalog display
  5. 5. Integration Ebsco Database contents, partner content, etc. (Provided by Ebsco) Custom Catalog Database (provided by UAlbany Libraries) EDS provides customized content from our subscribed databases (mostly EBSCO) and the library’s own catalog.
  6. 6. Features: Customizability Branding: color scheme, logos, service name The only place the EBSCO logo appears
  7. 7. Features: Simple Search interface Widgets can be inserted on any web page “Google-like” Search Box
  8. 8. Features: Facets Concept: input a broad search term then limit results by facets/clusters in the left hand navigation to obtain more focused and relevant results. Facet/Cluster display changes based on what metadata occurs in the results retrieved.
  9. 9. Features: Limiters
  10. 10. Features: EHIS Ebsco Host Integrated Search (EHIS) is Ebsco’s Federated searching tool. Non-Ebsco/partner databases can be made available through EHIS connectors to provide a more robust search experience. Functions as a separate search. You can name it whatever you want!
  11. 11. Fall 2010: Soft Rollout
  12. 12. Issues: What to Name?
  13. 13. Issues: Real Time Availability?
  14. 14. Issues: Catalog Updating Catalog extraction: • Desired format wasn’t clear •Our own inexperience with catalog data extraction •Time consuming •Slows down the system considerably Accuracy of information: •Full catalog reload annually? •Interim updates: additions only, not deletions or changes in status
  15. 15. Issues: Academic/Scholarly Articles submitted to peer review process Articles geared towards an academic audience but not peer reviewed Not all databases included in EDS use these terms in the same way; EBSCO working to normalize the metadata on these limiters
  16. 16. Issues: Content Provider Facet •Supposed to be dynamically generated based on results •Does not work for the majority of partners •Ebsco changed this facet to be a static list of resources and information. •Expected to be fixed in 4 to 6 months.
  17. 17. Issues: EHIS Connectors What they Added as Examples: Criminal Justice Periodicals Index Remove Criminal Justice Abstracts Keep Gale Virtual Reference Library Remove HarpWeek Remove LexisNexis Academic Remove Library Catalog (ALEPH) Remove Literature Resource Center Remove New England Journal of Medicine Remove Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center Remove PAIS International Keep PsycINFO Keep Sociological Abstracts Remove Social Services Abstracts Remove WorldCat Remove What We Wanted (took over 2 months to connect): American National Biography Online BioOne Columbia International Affairs Online Contemporary Women's Issues Education Full Text Encyclopaedia Britannica JSTOR New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians Oxford English Dictionary Oxford Reference Online – Premium ProQuest Historical Newspapers: New York Times, 1851-2004 Scopus Social Work Abstracts Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage
  18. 18. More Changes Afoot http://hullhouse.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/a rb_work_in_progress.jpg DECEMBER Release enhancements: •Features for consortial catalogs •Custom Links (trigger ILL when item is not in home library •Composite “super records” for books •Widgets: Google books, LibraryThing, etc. on detailed records •Additional catalog values for real time availability (YAY!) •Web of Science will be added for subscribers •Optional radio buttons (TI,AU,KW) for basic search page •Language/alternative alphabet enhancements (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc. •Multi language search/language limiter •Database Advisor: suggests specific dbs for in-depth searching •Integrate netLibrary •More customization •Enhance metadata re: peer reviewed status
  19. 19. Assessment in Progress • User survey • Feedback from librarians • Information Literacy Instruction http://www.conduit.com/getattachment/0b06e3b0-d790-40c6-8bc9- 91422019a93f/Gathering-Feedback-from-Your-Users-Directly-From-t.aspx
  20. 20. Conclusion: Still in Flux UAlbany Libraries: • Results of assessment • Customization not finalized • Establishment of administrative policies (changes to customization, catalog uploads, etc.) Ebsco: • Still tinkering, adding features • Indefinite biweekly webinars •“Enhancement requests” to assist with Real time Availability, other features