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Presentation delivered to the Vale of Leven Learning Community in February 2011, informing learning partners of a PLQIM funded project to implement an online community information portal and digital …

Presentation delivered to the Vale of Leven Learning Community in February 2011, informing learning partners of a PLQIM funded project to implement an online community information portal and digital archive, using Talis Engage.

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  • 1. Digital Information:
    Driving Community Participation
    Richard Aird
    Senior Officer Library Services
  • 2. Community Information
    Traditionally managed & supported by public library services in the UK.
    Online databases searchable for circa 8 – 10 years.
    Increasing need to enhance online experience & provide interactivity.
    Increasing need to reduce administrative overheads.
  • 3. PLQIM
    Public Library Quality Improvement Matrix.
    Externally audited & verified on behalf of Scottish Government.
    Annual funding available for clearly identified service improvements.
    09/10 – “Digital Information: Driving Community Participation”.
  • 4. Talis Engage
    Long established UK vendor of software for libraries.
    Engage product increasingly being used as low-cost solution to community information provision & other online databases.
    Entirely bespoke databases, websites & interactivity.
    Zero cost for project consultancy – data migration, database/website design, etc.
  • 5. Talis Engage (continued)
    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
    Funded for three years.
    Two elements to project:
    Community Information Portal
    Digital Archive
  • 6. Community Information Portal
    Key benefits:
    Community groups & organisations take ownership of their own data.
    Highly automated:
    Email reminders to review data annually.
    Automatic shadowing of un-reviewed data.
    Provides simple contact mechanism to connect end users with record holders.
    Simple, intuitive interface, easy to use.
    Effective promotion of events & activities.
    Support provided by library staff in libraries or onsite.
  • 7. Community Information Data
    In addition to community groups & organisations, we’re aiming for EVERY…
    …learning opportunity in West Dunbartonshire and neighbouring areas, available from one central location.
    …community facility & resource listed, especially where ICT facilities can contribute to bridging digital exclusion.
  • 8. Digital Archive
    Rich source of images and data recording the heritage of West Dunbartonshire.
    Ability for users to comment and amend data, subject to approval by specialist staff.
    Excellent educational resource.
    Potential for user-generated content approval.
  • 9. Timescales
    Community Information:
    Soft-launch, late April 2011.
    Full launch, late June 2011.
    Digital Archive (provisional dates):
    Soft-launch, late August 2011.
    Full-launch, early October 2011.
  • 10. Draft Screenshots
  • 11.
  • 12. Draft Screenshots
  • 13.
  • 14. North Yorkshire
  • 15. Wolverhampton
  • 16. Lancashire
  • 17. Browse Index
  • 18. Simple Record
  • 19. Improved Record
    No screenshot yet, but…
    Able to upload logos, photos of events, etc.
    Able to upload documents such as constitutions, promotional leaflets, etc.
    Direct links to websites, RSS feeds (twitter feeds, etc.).
    Interactive Google maps.
    Possibility of embedding YouTube video in future.
  • 20. What happens next?
    All record holders (circa 1500) will receive letters informing them of new site.
    Each will have to register a user account and return a form to us with their username.
    Usernames and accounts will be linked – possible deletion where organisations cannot be contacted or no longer exist.
    Existing data needs general update & tidying.]
    Full-launch to follow this exercise.
  • 21. Anything else?
    New records can be created during soft-launch.
    Wider publicity as part of full-launch, inviting more groups to register and promote site to users.
    Training available to community groups/organisations in the first instance.
    Training for general users available after the full launch.
  • 22. More info…
    Richard AirdSenior Officer Library Services
    01389 608040
    Find this presentation at: