We're gonna need a bigger boat: new directions for open access


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We're gonna need a bigger boat: new directions for open access

  1. 1. Rebecca Parker: Swinburne We’re gonna need a bigger boat new directions for open accessSCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATION Image: Microsoft Clipart
  2. 2. Text line Just what is open access? access? ‘Houston, we have a problem.’ - Apollo 13Image: Microsoft Clipart
  3. 3. Text line Green institutional repositories Image: Microsoft Clipart
  4. 4. Text line Gold open access journals Image: Flickr/Peter Heilmann
  5. 5. Text line Hybrid ‘paid open access’ Image: Microsoft Clipart
  6. 6. Open access availability by discipline (2009) Text lineSource: Björk B.-C., Welling P., & Laakso M., et al. (2010). Open access to the scientific journal literature: situation 2009.PLoS ONE 5(6), e11273.
  7. 7. Text lineSource: Gargouri, Y., Lariviere, V., Gingras, Y., Carr, L., & Harnad, S. (2012) Green and gold open access percentages andgrowth, by discipline. Paper presented at the 17th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (STI),Montreal, Canada, 05–08 Sep 2012.
  8. 8. Text line flickr: creative_stock/6603724951/
  9. 9. Text line Source: Sample, I. (2012, 24 April). Harvard University says it can’t afford journal publishers’ prices. The Guardian. ‘I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.’ closet.’ - Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the CityImage: Microsoft Clipart
  10. 10. Text line Source: Doctorow, C. (2012, 28 February). Elsevier withdraws support from Research Works Act, bill collapses. Boing Boing. ‘None shall pass.’ - Black Knight, Monty Python & the Holy GrailImage: Microsoft Clipart
  11. 11. Text line HowOpenIsIt? © 2012 SPARC and PLoS. http://www.plos.org/about/open- access/howopenisit/‘They’ll never take ... our freedom!’ - William Wallace, BraveheartImage: Microsoft Clipart
  12. 12. Text line Source: Sample, I. (2012, 15 July). Free access to British scientific research within two years. The Guardian. ‘Show me the money!’ - Jerry MaguireImage: Microsoft Clipart
  13. 13. Springer $US 3000 GB 1840 Text line Sage $US 3000 GB 1840 10m= ~5435 articles Wiley $US 3000 GB 1840 38m= ~20652 articles Elsevier $US 3000 GB 1840 T&F $US 3250 GB 1725 Annual UK research output = ~60000 articles ‘Stop trying to control everything and just let go.’ - Tyler Durden, Fight Club Durden,Image: Microsoft Clipart
  14. 14. flickr: mbtrama/8334950588/ SwinburneText line
  15. 15. Text line ‘Do, or do not. There is no try.’ - Yoda, The Empire Strikes BackImage: Microsoft Clipart
  16. 16. Text line Source: Australian Open Access Support Group press release, 22–28 October 2012. ‘I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.’ - Rick Blaine, CasablancaImage: Microsoft Clipart
  17. 17. Text line LibrariansImage: Microsoft Clipart
  18. 18. Awareness of current and changing local research interestsKnowledge to advise on the manipulation and presentation of researchers’ informationAbility to advise on current trends, best practice and available options in research publication and dissemination Text lineAbility to advise on preserving research outputsUnderstanding of the national and local research assessment processesUnderstanding of research impact factors and the ability to advise on citation analysisUnderstanding of author rights, copyright legislation and IP issues, and plagiarismKnowledge to advocate, and advise on, the use of metadataSkills to develop metadata schema and advise on standardsKnowledge to advise on citing and referencing, and the use of bibliographic management softwareAbility to proactively advise and market appropriate library services to researchersSufficient knowledge to support compliance with the various mandates of funders ‘Carpe diem. Make your lives extraordinary.’ - John Keating, Dead Poets SocietyImage: Microsoft Clipart
  19. 19. ‘Knowledge to advise on the management of researchers’ information’ (RLUK)Text line Source: Pat Loria, University of Southern Queensland. Based on data from ARC discovery grant requirements for 2012. Image: Microsoft Clipart
  20. 20. Text line Images: flickr: indi/4211242053; flickr: indi/4211984650; Presenter’s own; flickr: mag3737/4761418116
  21. 21. ‘After all, tomorrow is another day!’ - Scarlett O’Hara, Gone with the Wind thank you Rebecca Parker Research Services Librarian Swinburne Library rparker@swin.edu.au SCIENCE | TECHNOLOGY | INNOVATIONImage: Microsoft Clipart