Reshaping the research library.LIBER's involvement in The European Library


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Izaskun Lacunza, LIBER Executive Director, presents LIBER's strategy and LIBER's involvement in The European Library at the Research Library United Kingdgom (RLUK) workshop for members

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  • The Europeana Libraries projected interviewed LIBER members on the idea of a library aggregator: the potential popularity of a domain-level aggregator for libraries, bringing together national and research library content; the services and added value that such an aggregator might provide; how it should be managed and governed; and how it ought to be financed. Also, LIBER members were asked to rate possible services of the aggregator (access to libraries’ repositories; enabling searching of hard and digital copies; enriching metadata and return it to contributing libraries; OCR services, etc)
  • EL: UCL was scientific coordinator and leaded the WP on the study of research library needs and new business model for TEL LIBER: participated in that WP; communication and dissemination Other LIBER members: content providers Identified the needs of the aggregator (in Tartu): access to IR repositories, search of bibliographic records in hard and digital format, OCR services for content providers, push data out to other academic services, enriching metadata (LOD) and returning it to contributing libraries. EN: LIBER leading communication WP LIBER members: content providers (mainly national libraries, also University of Belgrade, eg.) Ecloud: Assesing researcher’s needs in the cloud (how they search, the properties of the resources they value, how the organize the information they use, how the share info with peers) Explotiting Ecloud with services and tools for researchers Legal, strategic and economic issues Launch Europeana Research
  • Where the Commission sees libraries: Infrastructure for Open Access Storing, managing and preserving research data Authorisation and Authentication Infrastructure Skills and new proffessions for research data Global data e-infrastructures
  • Reshaping the research library.LIBER's involvement in The European Library

    1. 1. LIBER Strategy 2013-2015 “Re-inventing the library for the future” LIBER’s involvement in The European Library Izaskun Lacunza LIBER Executive Director RLUK meeting 24th September 2013, London.
    2. 2. CONTENTS
    3. 3. CONTENTS
    4. 4. WHAT IS LIBER  400 members  Participation of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe
    5. 5. CONTENTS
    6. 6.  To provide an INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE to enable research in LIBER institutions to be world class  To enhance the EXPERIENCE OF USERS in LIBER institutions  To PROMOTE AND ADVOCATE for European libraries in all European and national fora  To DEVELOP LIBRARY and INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS who are INNOVATIVE and can offer LEADERSHIP to LIBER and to the national/international library community WHAT’S OUR MISSION? SERVICES INTERNATIONAL APPROACH NEW PROFFESIONALS ADVOCACY INFRASTRUCTURE
    7. 7. THE LIBER STRATEGY. Re-inventing the library for the future FORAKEY PERFORMANCE AREAS Special areas of work 2013-2015 Long term LIBER activities
    8. 8. CONTENTS
    10. 10. CONTENTS
    11. 11. LIBER’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE EUROPEAN LIBRARY UCL, BL,Open University, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, etc
    12. 12. LIBER and LIBER MEMBERS CONTRIBUTION TO THE EUROPEAN LIBRARY PROJECT Opened up TEL to research libraries  New content to TEL  Adaptation to research libraries requests  New business model  8 LIBER members UK LIBER members: University College London, University of Oxford
    13. 13. Making digitised newspaper content available through TEL Building of special content browsers for newspapers  LIBER: Dissemination and exploitation  LIBER members (mainly national libraries, also BL) LIBER and LIBER MEMBERS CONTRIBUTION TO THE EUROPEAN LIBRARY PROJECT
    14. 14. Develop a cloud based infrastructure for Europeana Explore researchers needs Provide new platform: Europeana Research LIBER and LIBER MEMBERS CONTRIBUTION TO THE EUROPEAN LIBRARY PROJECT 10 LIBER members UK: The Open University, UCL, University of Edinburgh
    15. 15. CONTENTS
    16. 16. LIBER WORK ON RESEARCH DATA Participation in Research Data Alliance Collaboratio n with LERU, COAR, ARL, CARL
    17. 17. European Commission: Research data e-infrastructure: Framework for action H2020 RESEARCH DATA. WHERE DOES THE COMMISSION SEES LIBRARIES? Libraries and LIBER identified as key stakeholders!!: FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES!! European Infrastructure
    18. 18. TEXT AND DATA MINING. What LIBER is doing LIBER leading a request for exceptions and limitations to copyright in TDM  More than 60 research institutions and prominent researchers adhering to our request! Meetings with the European Commission to explain our position  TDM workshop, 27th September, London Copyright European Directive: review needed (also for UK)
    19. 19. CONTENTS
    20. 20.  Association at the European level works!  LIBER and LIBER members contribute to the evolution of The European Library  European directives and European policies need to be lobbyed in Brussels  Helps having a European common vision and helps taylor the message at the national level  Help us share ideas  Great source of information ! CONCLUSIONS
    21. 21. THANKS!! QUESTIONS?