A Mediterranean Approach to Open Access


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Presentations from the LIBER 2013 workshop on Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures: : 'New Horizons for Open Access Policies in Europe' and 'Ten Recommendations on Research Data Management - What's Next?'

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A Mediterranean Approach to Open Access

  1. 1. www.cineca.it A Mediterranean approach to Open AccessA Mediterranean approach to Open Access Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures SC Workshop: 'New Horizons for Open Access Policies in Europe' – LIBER Conference 2013 Ilaria Fava @ilariaefava
  2. 2. www.cineca.it - Overview on the state of the art of Open Access Policies in MedOANet country partners - Highlight on the current situation in Italy
  4. 4. www.cineca.it MedOANet partners started their joint commitment towards OA with the Alhambra Declaration in 2009 (Action plan to develop OA in Southern Europe) To date, MedOANet helped a lot in promoting OA and policies at the highest levels. All the six countries highly benefited of the joint action towards OA and are developing their own National policies At a Regional level
  5. 5. www.cineca.it MedOANet: the background MedOANet can count on a well established network, which bases are •SELL (Southern European Libraries Link) Collaboration since 2001 for electronic resources acquisition •Seminar for Open Access to Science Information (Granada, 12- 14/05/2009) Common commitment towards the development of Open Access in Europe
  6. 6. www.cineca.it MedOANet: some objectives To identify and map existing strategies, structures and policies of Open Access in the six Mediterranean countries (through three surveys) To engage key policy-makers and stakeholders of Open Access, with the ability to affect change, thus increasing awareness on the key issues that require action To produce guidelines for policy makers for the effective implementation of the Commission’s recommendations on Open Access to scientific information
  7. 7. www.cineca.it National initiatives on OA
  8. 8. www.cineca.it Initiatives on OA - Italy So far, Italy has been quite active on OA promotion and awareness. 1.In 2004, two Italian HPC consortia (now CINECA) released PLEIADI, a National harvester of OA publications deposited in repositories and journals. To date, >650000 records are indexed 1.In 2007, a working group on OA has been established within CRUI. It issued many guidelines and documents re: quality of repositories and metadata, OA to PhD theses, and many more
  9. 9. www.cineca.it Italy is participating in two main projects on OA: -OpenAIRE, on OA infrastructures -MedOANet, on OA policies Both project raised the general public awareness on OA MedOANet led to a Position statement on OA to publicly funded research, promoted and signed by main research institutions The NPR for the EC works together with the Italian MedOANet taskforce to implement EC recommendations National initiatives on OA
  10. 10. www.cineca.it Link between National agenda and Horizon 2020 At a National level, Italy acknowledged the importance of the EC recommendations by -Starting a public consultation on OA in Horizon2020 -Issuing a document (HIT2020: research&innovation) in which the strategy towards OA is defined
  11. 11. www.cineca.it Lessons learned so far - Need to approach key stakeholders at a National level, in order to promote effective policies on OA - Common strategies (at a Regional and European level) are needed to coordinate efficiently the development of OA
  12. 12. www.cineca.it GREEN AND GOLD: WHAT’S UP
  13. 13. www.cineca.it OA Repositories
  14. 14. www.cineca.it OA Journals
  15. 15. www.cineca.it Repositories •Most of them contain PhD theses only •A few are connected with a CRIS – the ones not managed by the institution’s library Journals •Steady growth •Most of them are (surprisingly) SSH journals – source DOAJ In general: there is not a strategy, things seem to happen by chance..
  16. 16. www.cineca.it Conclusions and remarks The MedOANet project shows very well that cooperation and coordinated actions are VITAL in the promotion of OA and related policies What has been done so far: -mapping strategies to check what works and what can be improved -engaging policy maker for the effective implementation of the Commission’s recommendations on Open Access to scientific information
  17. 17. www.cineca.it Conclusions and remarks