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Community of Practice Innovatie

28 juni 2010

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Community of Practice Innovatie

  1. 1. 28 juni 2010 M-DO-IT Driebergen SMILE conference Sociale Media In Law Enforcement Marga van Rijssel Politie 2.0 Community of Practice Innovatie
  2. 2. "THE BLUE WAVE OF CHANGE" #smilecon
  3. 3. Jack Holt: Information at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force First we had to decide if the Internet was a fortress to be defended or a field of manouver Jack Holt, Sr Strategist for Emerging Media, DOD
  4. 4. Why using social media to communicate with our communities is important; wherever those communities may be. Untangling our Nets and Connecting the Dots
  5. 5.
  6. 6. DoD Live | Department of Defense Blog
  7. 7. New Intelligence Strategies Seek to Predict Enemy Actions
  8. 8. Chief Dan Alexander, Boca Raton Police Leveraging Social Media to Create a Brand
  9. 9. Using Minimal Resources to Maximize Results Sergeant Tim Burrows, Toronto Police Service
  10. 10. Michael Vallez, Social Media Strategist at USIS 
 Mike will cover the basics, tools, sm outlets, best practices, audio vs. video, and law enforcement specific applications to podcast with success.
  11. 11. UK Policing 2.0. The Citizen and Digital Engagement Gordon Scobbie, Assistant Chief Constable, West Midlands Police, UK National Social Media Lead in Policing for ACPO
  12. 12. How is Microsoft supporting the Justice & Public Safety Community? 
 Colin Nurse, Chief Technology Officer, State & Local Government, Microsoft Public Sector
  13. 13. Child Exploitation Tracking System
  14. 14. Use of Social Media in Proactive Investigations 
 Detective Chris Duque, Honolulu Police (retired)
  15. 15. Using the Internet and Social Media to Prevent Violence 
 Scott Mills, President of NoToGangs "You can't use this stuff and really make it work sitting behind a desk". Relationships and Technology strategy using social media for youth, parents, teachers, police, corrections and community members to prevent gangs, suicides, bullying, school shootings and terrorism.
  16. 16. Robin "Cookie" Cook now on the podium talkn bout gang & social media   @gangprevention   Ron "Cook" Barrett: "Information not shared is useless" The gangs are using SM, why NOT the cops?
  17. 17. Gangs and the Internet: How Street Gangs utilize Social Networks 
 Ron “Cook” Barrett, Gang Prevention Coordinator, City of Albany, NY
  18. 18. Social Media is changing how a law enforcement agency approaches criminal investigations 
 Todd Shipley, VereSoftware Unintended misuse or abuse of social media during an
investigation can be prevented with a properly designed policy. A social media investigations policy should guide investigator actions during a social media investigation. This session will discuss the development of social media policy as it relates to investigations.
  19. 19. Closing Keynote – What’s Next? Law Enforcement in a Brave New World 
 Lewis Shepherd, Director of the Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments 
 Emerging technologies are converging to construct a radically different online world, with offline implications in society, crime, and law enforcement. Our final talk offers a look at how LE will be enabled – and challenged – by next-gen developments beyond today’s social media, involving planet-scale immersive visualizations, cloud-computing’s massive-data services, and real-time analytics and investigation across a universal semantic web. What can Law Enforcement expect in a world of ubiquitous presence and universal visibility?
  20. 21.