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  • Commentary – this contains full text encyclopedias and loose-leafs
    Practice areas - LexisLibrary have predefined a few practice areas (eg. property, family, employment) and grouped together appropriate resources under these headings. Intellectual property is not currently a designated practice area.
    Sources lists all the resources contained within LexisLibrary, and is searchable.
  • Quickest way to access – select Sources, then enter Laddie or Morcom in the Find a Source search box, then tick the box next to the title. Clicking on “OK Continue” will take you to a search screen, where you will only be searching your selected source. Clicking on Browse will allow you to browse through the entire work.
  • Go back to the Start Page, select the Cases tab. Click on Browse on the left, to see a list of all case series available on LexisLibrary. You can then either browse through the report series, or return to search. Demos – Access via https://www.nlsportal.ntu.ac.uk/portal/students u)nls-citrix\dona0000 p)angela
    LexisLibrary – Legislation - Perform title search for trade marks in UK Parliament Acts. Use Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 as example. Also try Patents, Designs, Copyright and Trade Marks (Emergency) Act 1939.
    Perform year/number search in UK Parliament Sis 2000 onwards. Use SI 2006/346 as example
    In All Subscribed Legislation use Search option and search for patents – then narrow search with invention
    In All Subscribed Legislation use Search option and search for patents w/p invention
    LexisLibrary – Cases - Select Cases, search for 2000 fsr 402 using Citation option. Mention Case Search results screen, show link to full text.
    LexisLibrary – Halsbury’s Laws of England - Select Commentary tab, then Halsbury’s Laws of England. Demonstrate Search option – use intellectual property rights. Narrow search down by using Search option with intellectual property rights w/p infringement
  • Commentary – this contains full text key commentary sources in different areas
  • To access, select Commentary from the top menu bar, then select By Practice Area, then select Intellectual Property. Clicking on the heading Intellectual Property, will allow you to search across all the sources in the IP area. Selecting an individual title will allow you to either search or browse within that particular title.
    Remember that the audit trail at the top will always show you where you are within Westlaw.
  • Select Cases, then Law Reports and Official Transcripts, and then an individual title to search or browse only within that title.
  • Do an advanced search in Legal Journals Index for:
    Free text – Star wars
    Cases cited party – Lucasfilm
    Go to the article by Giles Pratt, in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice. Show how to look for this in eSearch.
    (J.I.P.L.P. 2009, 4(6), 434-438. )
  • Westlaw - Cases
    Select Cases and search for Microsoft using Search by party names option. Select Microsoft Corp v Electro-Wide Ltd (document 30) Show link to full text of case and article in case commentary
    Select Cases and Advanced search for “trade marks” and beer using Subject, keyword, catchword option.
    Select Cases and search for 2000 fsr 402 using Citation option
    Westlaw – Journals
    Select Legal Journals Index and search for “intellectual property” and ownership using Article title option. Go into full text of number 10 (EIPR).
    Select Legal Journals Index in Advanced Search and search for “intellectual property” and ownership using Subject, keyword option. Go into full text. Use Search within results option to find Microsoft.
    Westlaw – EU
    Select EU and then Cases and search for C-60/98 using Case number option. Mention Judgment and Opinion of the Advocate General.
    Select EU and then Legislation and search for patent using Title option
    Select EU and then Legislation and search for 2349/84 using Document number option. Go to result number 4 and show related information option
    Westaw – Commentary
    Intellectual property materials on Westlaw – Commentary→By Practice Area→Intellectual Property. You can search across all content in the IP area, or select an individual title to search or browse. Search all content for “live performance”.
  • Journal articles are not available in full text. Use the eSearch Find a Journal facility to check if the library offers access to the journal concerned.
    Lawtel UK
    Perform Cross Database search (include Case Law, Articles, Case Comment etc) for “intellectual property”.
  • Using the eSearch Find a Journal facility will link you directly to titles available within Hein Online
    Mention Intellectual Property Law Journal Library. Select the Intellectual Property Law Journal Library, do a Field Search for “live performance”.
  • From off campus, most databases use NTU Single Sign On, which means you enter your NTU Username and Password to gain access, and select your home institution (NTU) from a list. During the same internet session, you should not need to log in again to access any other databases, but once you log off, you will need to sign in again next time.
  • 20 requests per year.
    Register for the online requesting service and you will be able to make your requests directly from the eSearch screen
  • Visit the SCONUL Access website to find participating institutions close to you. Download the registration form and follow the instructions.
  • Llm Ipl 2009

    1. 1. LLM in Intellectual Property Litigation Research Resources Angela Donaldson - Liaison Librarian, Law angela.donaldson@ntu.ac.uk Tel: 0115 848 2893 The Boots Library
    2. 2. Libraries & Learning Resources • Databases • eJournals • eSearch
    3. 3. Law Databases • LexisLibrary • Westlaw UK • Lawtel UK • HeinOnline
    4. 4. LexisLibrary • Legislation • Cases • Commentary • Practice Areas • Sources • Journals
    5. 5. LexisLibrary Includes full text of: • Laddie, Prescott & Vitoria – The Modern Law of Copyright and Designs • Morcom, Roughton & Malynicz : The Modern Law of Trade Marks
    6. 6. LexisLibrary Includes full text of: • Butterworths Intellectual Property and Technology Cases • EPO Boards of Appeal Decisions • IP & T Digests • Reports of Patent Cases • United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office Decisions
    7. 7. Westlaw UK • Cases • Journals – Legal Journals Index • Legislation • Commentary • EU materials
    8. 8. Westlaw UK Includes full text of: • Copinger and Skone James on Copyright • Kerly’s Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names • Terrell on the Law of Patents
    9. 9. Westlaw UK Includes full text of: • Entertainment and Media Law Reports • Fleet Street Reports • Reports of Patent Cases
    10. 10. Westlaw UK Includes full text of: • European Copyright and Design Reports • European National Patent Reports • European Patent Office Reports • European Trade Mark Reports
    11. 11. Westlaw UK Includes full text of: • European Intellectual Property Review • Intellectual Property Quarterly • International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law
    12. 12. Westlaw UK • EU Treaties • EU Secondary Legislation – Directives, Regulations, Decisions • EU Case law
    13. 13. Lawtel UK • Legislation • Case law • Journal articles
    14. 14. HeinOnline • Full text of over 1100 law and law-related journals • Archive collection only, so does not contain the most recent issues of journals
    15. 15. Other Databases • Business Source Premier • Emerald • European Business ASAP
    16. 16. Other Databases • ASSIA • BHI • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences • Sociological Abstracts
    17. 17. Other Databases Web of Knowledge • Arts and Humanities Citation Index • Science Citation Index • Social Sciences Citation Index
    18. 18. Other Databases • IngentaConnect • Science Direct • ZETOC
    19. 19. Usernames & Passwords • NTU Single Sign On
    20. 20. Inter Library Loans • Books • Journal articles • eSearch - Search for a specific article • Inter Library Loan Online Request Service http://www.ntu.ac.uk/llr/using_llr/library_loans/index.html
    21. 21. Using other libraries • SCONUL Access http://www.ntu.ac.uk/llr/using_llr/other_libraries/index.html
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