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  1. 1. The production begins with a long-shot showing a child fishing on the moon and a strange circle that could indicate that it’s something to do with the story in the movie. Also it has a low-key lighting, which relates to the genre or the movie (horror).The lines show that something hasinterfered with the presentation of theproduction, which foreshadows that in themovie something happens with a signal ofthe T.V or another type of technology. Italso has low-key lighting and no music atthe beginning, this gives a creepy anduncomfortable effect to the audience.Furthermore another effect of is that itcreates suspense before the film evenbegun.
  2. 2. Than the movie begins with a house, it also shows only one light on. This connotes that there aren’t loads of people in the house and you can hear the rain, which creates more tension and shows that something is going to happen in the house. Then you hear a female’s voice which lets the audience know that the first character is a female. The atmosphere shows the audience mystery and the music shows some suspense. The effect of this is that the audience does not really know what is happening yet, this is shown by lack of action and there are no characters introduced. There is also a low-angle shot of the house, the effect of this is that it makes the house look mysterious and unknown, which makes the audience uncomfortable and threatened.The shot of this image is a mid-shot because thisimage shows two female characters hanging out in aroom, assumingly they having a sleep-over. Theproducer used a mid-shot to let the audience see theappearance of the characters. The female characterthat is speaking seems bored and is talking just tobreak the silence, were as the other character seemsnot to be interested. The lightening of the room is low-key lighting, which foreshadows something terrible tohappen. Also one of the characters is dressed in darkclothing which can also show that she might be avictim in the film.
  3. 3. In the image you can see a black T.V, which is turned off. The T.V appears to be the main focus of this shot; also it is a close-up shot. It is a low-key lighting but the lamp is the only object that is shining brightly, which connotes the light is a sign of hope. The T.V also connotes that it is the most important object in this scene because the shot is only focusing on a T.V but not anything else. As well as that when the character turns of the T.V is connotes that someone is going to die, because it relates to a life being taken quickly.In the image you see the character on the right jump up, thisconnotes that she is excited to tell her friend something through theexpression of her face. The image also has low-key lighting and along-shot of the characters bodies. The effect of this is that it drawsthe attention to the character dressed in black and shows curiositytowards the information that the character is telling.
  4. 4. In this image you can see an over-shoulder view, which shows that the character is concentrating on the other character. This also connotes that the girl on the right is telling her friend something that seems important because of her face expression. It also is a low-key lighting, this connotes that the character on the right, which is talking is in danger because her costume relates to a funeral, were someone has died, meaning she could be the victim that is going to die.This image shows a close-up shot of the femalecharacter. In the image she looks as if she’sfrightened of something that her friend might havesaid, we know this by the characters face expression.You can slightly see a lamp at the back of thecharacter; however the director has blurred the lampso that the audience could concentrate on the maincharacter. It also has low-key lighting representingthe genre of the film.
  5. 5. This image is a medium-long-shot, which shows one of the characters being unwell and the other character trying to comfort her. In the image the character seem as if she is being strangled and her friend seems be panicking. The image has low-key lighting and a lamp which is turned on, this connotes that the lamp is a sign of something holly and represent hope. In this scene there is no music apart from the characters, which lets the audience focus only at the character and what’s happening in the scene.The image shows a long-shot of the two characters. Oneof the characters appears to be laughing, this breaks thetension of the audience and lets the audience relax. Italso has a low-key lighting. The character’s costumes areschool uniform wear, this connotes that they are twoschool girls and that they are under 18. The setting is atypical school girl’s bedroom.
  6. 6. This image shows a low angle shot of the female character, which represents that shes not in power and something was a joke because shes laughing. She also seems like shes going to be a victim in the movie because she looks in a protective mode. It has a high-lighting, furthermore shows that the scene is harmless and there’s nothing to get afraid of.In the image the character looks troubled and afraid of thesound of the phone. There is still no music and the onlysound you can hear is the phone, this creates suspense. Theimage also has low-key lighting which foreshadowssomething terrible happening and creates more mysterytowards what is happening.
  7. 7. The image shows a close-up of a clock in the movie when the camera zooms in on the clock, this indicates that the time and the clock must be important in the film because when the phone rings the attention switches onto the clock. This connotes that when a certain time comes something bad happen, which relates to the story the character was telling. It also has low-key lighting and no music, but only the phone ringing, the effect of this is that it creates suspence.The image show a phone being in focus and thebackground in a blur, this connotes that the phone is inshadow focus. The setting is a normal house, in a normalkitchen, this connotes that the house isn’t going to staythat way and that disruption is going to happen. It haslow-key lighting and the only sound is the phone ringingthe effect of this is that it creates tension and makes theaudience think what might happen next.
  8. 8. The image focuses on the two characters, also thecharacters appear to be frightened and anxious, as they arelooking at the phone. The phone is blurred, which connotesthat it is not important.