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2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
2nd Provincial Youth Assembly
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2nd Provincial Youth Assembly


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Youth Assembly

Youth Assembly

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. 2 nd Provincial Youth Assembly Sindh By Youth Action for Pakistan
  • 2. Background
    • In 2007 UNFPA initiated youth assemblies in four provinces to empower young people.
    • More than hundred young people participated in Sindh Assembly to discuss reproductive health issues and policy
    • Leader of the house , speaker , opposition leader were also elected .
  • 3. Objectives
    • Enhance UNFPA network at the National Level
    • Establishing database of trainers on Reproductive Health and HIV / AIDS, Gender will be developed at the district levels
    • Reproductive Health issues will be understood in the true perceptive.
    • Provincial Youth Assemblies will be compiled indigenous views of the young people on R.H, Gender and HIV / AIDS matters
    • developing partnership with other stakeholders
  • 4. 2 nd Youth Assembly Sindh
    • Theme : making decisions , Moving forward
    • Location : Karachi
    • Participants : 60 -80
  • 5. Outcome
    • Establishing Youth Assembly secretariat
    • Rebuild network
    • Appoint district focal person of assembly
    • Web link of youth assembly through YAP portal
    • Influence media , government and civil society on youth issues.
    • Formalization of concept
  • 6. National Youth Summit 2009
    • Background
    • in year 2005 and 2006 UNFPA organized national youth summit at Islamabad to gather young people of Five district where RHIYA project implemented , 10 young people participated from each district .
  • 7. Objectives
    • To advocate young people's rights (including ASRH) at national level
    • To facilitate dialogue of young people with key policy makers and implementers on young people right (dialogue with Ministries of health, population, youth, social welfare and women development)
    • To further the integration of ARH in national and sub national policies and programs
    • To provide platform to young people from diverse culture and geographical areas for exchange of experiences and views. 
  • 8. 3 rd UNFPA Youth Summit
    • Proposed Location : Karachi
    • Participants : 100 from UNFPA 10 districts
    • Organized by : Youth Action for Pakistan
  • 9. Outcomes:
    • 100 youth (girls and boys) would be able to attend the summit from all UNFPA districts.
    • 7-8 Ministries would be involved in the process of sensitizing for youth specific policies/programs.
    • Donors` and Policy makers` perspectives on ARH issues and related matters would be discussed for the with primary stakeholder i.e. the young people of Pakistan.
    • Marginalized young people would be involved in mainstream processes with direct implications on policy and programs by different relevant Ministries and provincial department
    • new thoughts and ideas would be generated
    • exchange of valuable information would take place
    • Mainstreaming of ARH issues through media(print and electronic)