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Lianyungang xuwei new area china
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Lianyungang xuwei new area china


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Lianyungang xuwei new area china

Lianyungang xuwei new area china

Published in: Economy & Finance

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  • 1. 2009 年 6 月 10 日,国务院常务会议通过了《江苏沿海地区发展规划》,明确提出要把加快新亚欧大陆桥东方桥头堡连云港的建设作为重点任务。 Jun 10, 2009 , the Development Planning of Coastal Areas of Jiangsu Province was passed. This plan specifically defined that it is a major task to accelerate the develo-pment of Lianyungang. 一、开发背景 Development Background
  • 2. 徐圩新区是连云港市城市总体规划“一心三极”的重要组成部分,是实施江苏沿海开发战略的主要载体。 Xuwei New Area is an im-portant part of the “One Heart, Three Poles” future city layout of Lianyungang and an import-ant platform for coastal Jiangsu development.
  • 3. ● 规划范围 : 74 (港区) + 194 (产业区) +22 (物流园区) =290 平方公里 Planned area : 74 ( port area ) + 194 ( industrial zone ) +22 ( logistics park ) =290 square kilometers. 二、基本概况 Basic Overview ● 功能布局 : 徐圩港区、循环经济发展区、高新技术产业开发区、综合物流园区、综合产业园区、南部生态涵养区。 Functional layout : Xuwei port area , Circular economy development zone , High-tech Industrial Zone , Comprehensive logistics park , Comprehensive Industrial Park , Ecological wetlands area. ● 开发模式 : 对港口、产业和城市实施一体化开发。 Development mode : integrated development of port, industries and city.
  • 4. 港区面积约 74 平方公里 The port area covers an area of about 74 square kilometers. 赣榆港区 连云港区 徐圩港区 前三岛港区 灌河港区
  • 5. 面积约 27 平方公里高新技术产业区,是徐圩新区的核心功能区,将打造成为国家东中西区域合作示范区的先导区。 Over the land with an area of 27 square kilometers, we have planned the core functional area of Xuwei New Area, This area will be built into a pilot area for the nation’s east-middle-west cooperation demonstration area.
  • 6. 四、发展定位 Development Positioning ● 开发原则:坚持“规划先行、错位发展、滚动开发、环保优先、开放合作、体制创新”六大原则。 ● Development Philosophy: six points including “planning first, different positioning, rolling development, giving priority to environment protection, open cooperation and system innovation”
  • 7. ● 战略定位:以《江苏沿海地区发展规划》为指导,立足深水港口,依托陆桥经济带,面向东北亚,融入长三角,服务中西部和淮海经济区,构筑国家东中西区域合作示范区、循环经济示范区和江苏沿海新型工业基地,打造江苏沿海新的经济增长极。 ● Strategic Positioning: guided by the Development Plan-ning of Coastal Areas of Jiangsu Province, supported by deepwater port, based on Land Bridge Economic Belt, aiming at northeast Asia, integrating into the Yangtze River Delta, serving Central and Western China and Huaihai Economic Area, establishing the nation’s east-middle-west regional cooperation demonstration zone, circular economy demonstration zone, and new-type industrial base in coastal Jiangsu, establishing a new economic growth pole in coastal Jiangsu.
  • 8. ( 1 )大陆桥合作论坛永久会馆 Land Bridge Cooperation Forum Hall ( 2 )徐圩新区产业服务中心 Xuwei New Area Industrial Service Center ( 3 )大陆桥主题公园 Land Bridge Theme Park ( 4 )大陆桥产品展览展示中心 Exhibition Center of Products from Areas along the Land Bridge ( 5 )大陆桥沿线集中采购中心 Mass Procure Center of Areas along the Land Bridge ( 6 )大陆桥技术交易市场 Land Bridge Technology Trading Center ( 7 )研创中心 Research and Innovation Center ( 8 )区域人才和劳动力共同市场 Regional Labor and Talents Markets. ( 9 )进口资源深加工基地 Imported Resources Deep Processing Base ( 10 )航运交易市场 Shipping Trading Center