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  • 1. Product Certification for export of products to Russian FederationGOST R certification Presented by SZUTEST 1
  • 2. Technical obstacles and obligatoryrequirements for the export and operationof the products to Russian FederationGOST R CertificateHygienic CertificateRTN LicenseEx Proof CertificateFire Safety Certificate 2
  • 3. SZUTEST is one of the less non-Russian organizations, accredited in theRussian system GOST R and able toperform testing and certification accordingto the Russian GOST R standards ofconformity. Accreditation Certificate No.POCC CZ.0001.21AR22. 3
  • 4. Procedure for getting of the GOST R certificate:• GOST R Certification of Conformity Certification of conformity in the Russian Federation is conducted pursuant to Act 184 of 27 December 2002, as amended by the so-called Technical Regulation Act, an amendment thereof dated 9 May 2005. The conditions for certification are determined by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation. 4
  • 5. For products with obligatory certification it isnecessary to submit the GOST R certificate ofconformity to the customs authority of theRussian Federation already prior to the entryof the goods to the territory of the RussianFederation.An overview of products determined forobligatory certification within the GOST Rsystem is part of the so-called Nomenclatureof Products and Services of ObligatoryCertification in the Russian Federation. 5
  • 6. • The system of voluntary certification within the GOST R system concerns those products, which are not determined for obligatory certification by the above- mentioned nomenclature.• The GOST R certificate declares conformity of products with relevant technical rules and standards of the Russian Federation. 6
  • 7. Application scope The GOST R certification system concerns the majority of products sold or/and used in Russia, namely:• consumer products such as foodstuff, textiles, cosmetics and toys;• mechanical and electrical goods;• industrial equipment for food, chemical, oil & gas, construction and other industries 7
  • 8. How to get itProcedure:– Complete the application– Conclusion of the technical details– Submittion of the documentation (in Russian language) provided bellow– Working out of the report– Issue of the certificates and copiesDuration: 5-7 days 8
  • 9. List of documentation• Producer information (company name, address, telephone)• Application for certification (address, telephone, name of director, copy of registration record)• Name of the product, included the types and models• Catalogue of products (technical drawings, pictures description)• Technical specification, instruction manual• Certificates or test reports (ISO/TUV/CE) 9
  • 10. Procedure of the getting of the RTN LicenseThe obligation to possess the so-calledAuthorisation for Use for dedicated productsand technological units is determined in theRussian Federation by Decree 25 of 14 July2002, concerning the rules and procedure forissuance of the Authorisation for Use.This authorisation is issued by the FederalService for Technical Supervision,abbreviated as ROSTECHNADZOR (RTN). 10
  • 11. For dedicated equipment and technological unitsdetermined by the Decree above and safetyregulations, the manufacturer or operator isobliged to submit the Authorisation for Use priorto putting the dedicated equipment to regular ortrial operation.The products concerned are especially productsconveying increased risk in their use, such aspressure equipment, lifting equipment, equipmentfor work in explosive environments, etc. 11
  • 12. Procedure1. Application2. Conclusion of the technical details3. Submittion of the documentation (in Russian language) provided bellow4. Working out of the record5. Submittion of documentation to the RTN expert6. RTN Expert carries out the conclusion report7. Submittion to the RTN head office8. Delivery of record of registration9. Issue of RTN license approval 12
  • 13. List of documentation1. Catalogue and other information about company for all types of declared products2. Company information ( trade name, mail and official addresses,telephone, fax, family name and first name of statutory representative, addresses of branches)3. List of the previous deliveries of producer to Russia 13
  • 14. List of documentation4. Technical description of the applied products, instruction manual, installing manual (in Russian language) - Instruction for adjusting, general - Instruction for accesories - Technical specification of supporting equipment( if any) - Safety accesories, lifting devices etc. - Calculation 14
  • 15. List of documentation5. Electrical drawings and diagrams, power and controll circuits (indication of colors of conductors)6. Copies of product certificates (included foreign ones) Russian ones are obligatory, the others if they are at disposal.7. Copies of certificates of equipment, which are included in the complex delivery and which confirm conformity with requirements for operational safety or similar documents (conformity declarations, Ex certificates etc)Duration: 60 working days 15
  • 16. Fire Safety Certificate Procedure of the getting of the Fire Safety Certificate:What is Fire Safety Certificate Fire Safety Certificate assures that particular materials or structures conform to the fire safety standards. It is a pre-requisite to GOST R Certification of Conformity 16
  • 17. Fire safety is regulated in Russia by theFederal Law “On Fire Safety” ¹ 69-FZ.Coordination of standardization,metrology and certification activities withregard to fire safety is in the hands ofthe State Fire Supervision Department. 17
  • 18. Application scope Mandatory fire safety certification is required for the following:• Fire detection, protection and extinguishing equipment and systems• Flammable building materials and structures - wall- paper, floor tiles, carpets, cable ducts, doors, etc.• Electrical products - cables, fridges, Christmas-tree lightning, etc• Heat producing products - gas ovens, chargrills, heat- generators, etc 18
  • 19. Procedure• Fire Safety Certificates are issued by Certification Bodies accredited by the Russian State Fire Institute to act on its behalf.• Technical evaluation of the goods is done to ensure their compliance to Russian fire safety regulations. 19
  • 20. The evaluation procedure includes evaluation of the following:• technical documentation• sampling, analysis, type testing (with regard to fire resistance and toxic emissions in fire situation)• onsite factory audits 20
  • 21. Documentation• The scope of the documentation is very similar like in case of RTN License.• Duration: 3-4 weeks 21
  • 22. Ex Proof CertificateEx-proof certification system forelectrical equipment is one of the 48sub-systems for homogeneous productswithin GOST R system. Rules forcertification of ex-proof electricalequipment are stipulated in the Decree№28/10 dated on 19.03.2003 registeredin the Russian Ministry of Justice underthe number 4440. 22
  • 23. The GOST R Ex-Proof requirementsconcern ex-equipment, which includesapparatus and components that fully orpartly use electrical power and containexplosion protection for areas where thepotential for explosion exists because ofexplosive atmosphere (gas or dust),namely: 23
  • 24. • Apparatus for generation, transmission, distribution, storage, measurements, regulation, transformation and consumption of electrical power;• Telecommunications equipment;• Other equipment used in explosive atmospheres that might be the cause of ignition. 24
  • 25. Ex-equipment is classified into two groups:• Group I – mining ex-proof equipment• Group II – ex-proof electrical equipment for use other than mines (surface equipment). The GOST R Ex-Proof Certificate of Conformity is required for obtaining of the RTN License and is to be presented during commissioning of Ex-equipment on installation site. 25
  • 26. Procedure• is the same like in case of GOST R certificate• Duration: 3-4 weeks 26
  • 27. Documentation required:• Instruction manual• List of directives, standards and requirements• Technical specification• Construction documentation• Drawings• Drawings of the means intended to the explosive atmosphere• El. diagrams• Ex proof certificate issued by national authorities• Test Report on which base the certificate has been issued 27
  • 28. Thank you for your attention 28