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  • 1. FRESCO
    By Liana Khalaf & AniBezdikian
  • 2. About Fresco
    Fresco provides
  • Competition
    Direct competitors:
    • Deviantart.com
    • 7. Shutterstock.com
    • 8. Stormartist.com
    Core competency: updating the website very frequently and allowing members to competewith viewers as judges to announce the winner
  • 9. Mission / Vision
    Mission: “We will provide humankind with the rights to exhibit their artwork without fear of robbery.”
    Vision: “To create a safe and assured community for our users, in order for them to share their artwork.”
  • 10. Audience
    Ideal visitor:
    • Open minded
    • 11. Huge sense of originality
    • 12. Open to criticism
    • User generated
    The professionals hired, whose main goal is to keep track of all the new submissions they receive every minute, will add new content; Fresco will be updated every 2 hours.
  • 13. Functionality
    There will be a number of skilled web-designers and computer engineers who will ensure the smooth functionality of the portal.
    Security is one of our main concerns, we would like our users to feel protected no matter what their opinion, after all everyone’s unique and entitled to a distinct opinion.
    The website will be evaluated by the number of members
  • 14. Web Strategy
    The best things in life are simple
    Plain so as not to distract from the artwork
    Unlike main competitors not forum-based
  • 15. Situation Analysis
    Strengths: flexible to target market, organized & managed by a team of experts, plain user interface
    Weaknesses: time against developed competitors, difficult to develop loyal consumers
    Opportunities: User research, untapped art styles
    Threats: Advertising
  • 16. Goals
    To establish an effective medium between artists and potential buyers online without the threat of chaos.
    To develop a loyal database of users.
    To the number one choice for both artists and buyers as an online communication platform.
  • 17. Objectives
    To earn at least 5% profit within the first year, despite start up costs.
    To increase user database at a steady rate of at least 10% per annum.
    To own at least 30% of market share within the first five years.
  • 18. Marketing Strategy
    Business & Revenue: For-profit, ad space & artwork (Pay Pal)
    Target Market Strategy: Young, innovative & creative
    Differentiation & Positioning: User-generated & organization
  • 19. Thank You for Your Time