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    Office lyf Office lyf Document Transcript

    • INT. TYPICAL OFFICE - DAYDAN, CHARLIE and ROSS are talking in the office about the newtrainee Danny that they will be meeting any minute.Charlie, is a cool ladies man in a black and white suit theblue suede shoes.Ross, is a homosexual and loves to be womens gay best friend,he is wearing a bright pink suit with pink shoes with a prettybow.Dan, is a middle aged stoner always coming to the officebaked, he is wearing a hand-me-down suit with his top buttonsundone and his tie not tied properly.CHARLIEWhat do you think he willbe like?ROSSI hope hes good! Omg Ihope he is hot too.CHARLIEDan what do you think? Dan,Dan? Oh there you are.Dan walks back into the room with a small cloud of smokefollowing him, his eyes are red and his pupils are as wide asthey can go.ROSSHoly shit Dan what are youdoing?! You cant get highat the office!DANOh chill man chill, itsall good.CHARLIEOh my God it fucking stinksin here, Dan you mong! Shitsomeone get the Febreeze.Ross then grabs the Febreeze from the cupboard and starts tospray it around. The BOSS walks in with the new trainee DANNYbut there is a big surprise for Charlie, Ross and Dan.Page 1Continued
    • Danny, is a woman who joins the office as a new trainee. sheis a tall blonde with a short dress on which is too small, sheis also wearing glasses and has a pony tail.The Boss is a small chubby middle aged man that is wearing acasual suit and size 4 shoes.THE BOSSEverybody this is Danny the newtrainee. Make her feel at homeand welcome. Mmmm it smells sofresh in here, is that Febreeze?Ross, Charlie and Dan are left really surprisedDANNYHey boys.Dan and Charlie are struggling to get words out whilst Rossgoes to speak to Danny.ROSSHey Im Ross and btw gurl you are smokinhot! These boy will be on you like me onpink.DANNYHi, thanks hun! really?ROSS -No problem gurl! ye, anyway Im your gaybest friend from now on ok?DANNYErm that would be greatDan goes into greet her first but Charlie swoops in front ofhim and turns on the charm.CHARLIEHello Im Charlie andwelcome to the office.DANNYHello Im Danny, thank you.CHARLIEwould you like a tea orcoffee?DANNYYes please, erm tea thanks.Page 2Continued
    • Charlie leaves the room followed my Ross to make the cup oftea for Danny and this leaves Dan to talk to Danny.DANHey, you know what wouldlook good on you? Me!DANNYNice pick up line therestud.DanSorry Im just a bit....DANNYStoned, ye I know. You gotany of that shit left?DANErm ye why?DANNYThank god! What do youthink?! Lets go get baked!DANOh ye of course.Ross and Charlie come in with the tea to find an empty room,they dont know where Dan and Danny are they look around andopen the back door, the room is full of smoke and it stank.Once the smoke cleared they saw Dan and Danny.ROSS and CHARLIEOh my god!ROSSWhat are you doing?DANNYChill man chill, join usRoss and Charlie look at each other and shrug their shoulders.INT. storage room in the officeThey are all sat in a circle passing round a bong, then theboss walks in.They all look at him in fear. Then he says.Page 3Continued
    • BOSSwhere was my invite?They all sit down laughing and pass the bong to the boss.