P1 layout, convention, appearance, structure and navigation


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P1 layout, convention, appearance, structure and navigation

  1. 1. P1 Layout, Conventions, Appearance, Structure and Navigation By Liam Thorley
  2. 2. Navigation Logo Image The convention of this website is a portfolio website that shows a persons best work in hope to get a job. As you can see the navigation buttons and the main image is very easy to see. Layout This layout has a header and footer. Here is the picture of the person who made the website. www.84colors.com
  3. 3. House style These are the different pages for the www.84colors.com As you can see they have the same sort of house style with everything important in the same place on each page which would mean that it is consistent. The logo, links, navigational buttons and the top story’s are all in the same place. The font of the website is consistent which would make it less confusing for people to navigation around it. The style is like it is an autumn day.
  4. 4. The users of this website wont be over flown with information when they look around it because there aren’t many pages, there are 5 pages all together. The navigation of the webpage is easily noticed when you open it, with navigation along the top and when clicked on other pages you get a noticeable navigation bar along the side. This is an example of the navigation on the portfolio page. I would say that this webpage is a success because it has everything that a portfolio site needs, easy navigation to look at their best work and a consistent house style so people don’t get confused.
  5. 5. Logo Navigation Main images/ Best work The convention for this website is a portfolio style website. By just first looking the website you can spot where the logo, navigation bar and the main images are. This is the layout On the first page, the first thing that it shows you is the best work. Which would be a good way of ‘selling’ the work to employers.
  6. 6. These are the different pages for www.thetoke.com . As you can see all of the pages have a consistent font and house style. The consistent font makes it easy for the users to navigate their way around the website, and to understand what the website is better. The colour scheme is a very dark and dull background with the opposite colour as the font which is white. All of the logo’s, navigation bar and the information are still in the same place on each page.
  7. 7. This is the navigation bar on each webpage. The person who enters the website has a lot of information to take in but its very ‘hard hitting and takes you by surprise to gain the attention. I would say that this website is successful for the purpose showing off the best work that this person has done, they show it off very well and have set the website out very well like the navigation and the images.
  8. 8. This has a conventional layout of a portfolio website that's aim is to show off their best work for people, so they offer them jobs. This website has a different layout than the others because instead of having the navigation at the top, it has it spread across the page in speech bubbles. Logo Navigation across the page. Footer This is the overall layout of the website hoepage. www.Alexarts.ru/en/index
  9. 9. By these pictures you can see that they aren’t actual WebPages for this portfolio site. They are pop ups that appear when clicked on. It has a picture as its background and looks to be a famous city, these picture is consistent because there is only one page. This would also mean that the fonts and house style would be consistent as well because of the fact that he has only made one page to contain all of his work.
  10. 10. The person who enter this website has hardly got any information on the screen, it just shows some simple buttons which make a pop up of what they have clicked on. This would mean that when the person does enter this site they aren’t put of by masses of writing. This is an example of the buttons that spring the pop ups, they are made as type of a speech bubble. Because this link is so big, it is easy to notice which means that the website is usable by anybody. In my opinion, this website also is a success to employers because its easy to navigate and it is consistent all the way through.
  11. 11. This is a complicated website that operates by drawing something. It is a convention of a portfolio website The navigation of this website is along the bottom in little writing. This would make it quite hard to see for people who can’t see very well. This would be made for company’s that want a very good designer because that why its complicated to show what he can do. Logo When something is drawn on this screen it becomes a news article. Links
  12. 12. This website is like the alexarts website because the links aren’t actually separate pages, they are pop ups. It basically has a plain light green background and this is consistent throughout the website because it is the only page. The buttons are consistent as well because they are on the same page. This website has very little links which make pop ups and the links that they do have are very little so its hard for the user to navigate.
  13. 13. This website is a success and a failure because: Its a success because it shows to the employers that they can create a good and creative website. Its a failure because the normal people who just want a look around the website have to draw something to get a news article and they have very little buttons which means that they might not be noticed. This is what it looks like when you draw on it, they are two pictures of news articles. These are the buttons at the bottom, they are very small so they might not get noticed.