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Pre production

  1. 1. Development is overseen by internal and externalproducers.Internal Producer: The producer working for thedeveloper manages the development team, schedules,reports progress and so on and is known as the internalproducer.External Producer: The producer working for thepublisher is called the external producer and overseesthe developers progress and budget. Producersresponsibilities include PR, contract negotiation, liaisingbetween the staff and stakeholders, schedule andbudget maintenance, quality assurance, beta testmanagement, and localization. This role may also bereferred to as project manager, project lead, or director.
  2. 2. A video game publisher is a company that publishes video games in which theyhave either made themselves or had someone else develop for them such asanother company. Just like books, films etc the publishers are responsible fordistributing, advertising and market research.Usually the development is financed by the publisher, sometimes by paying anotherdeveloper or by themselves internally which is called a studio. Another thing thatare often performed by the publisher is paying for a license that the game mayutilize. For example paying for localization, layout, printing and sometimes writingthe user manual and creating the graphic design elements.
  3. 3. Developers can vary in size from small groups making casualgames to larger groups which hire many employees which producelarge titles. Usually the companies divide their game developmentinto subtasks, similar to films. The size of team differs from 20 to100 or even more depending on the size of the game. These rolesare taken on full time work.
  4. 4. A game designer is someone who designs the game playand conceives the structures and rules of the game. It iscommon for development teams to have a lead designerwho leads the other designers in the process. They areseen as the main visionary of the game and one of theirmain roles is often being the writer. Usually they areemployed part time to create the games narrative,dialogue, commentary, cut scene narratives, journals,video game packaging content, hint system etc. Obviouslyfor much larger games such as Grand Theft Auto there willbe more than just one Lead Designer as It is a very biggame which one person could not create that much detailand ideas on their own.
  5. 5. A video game artist is a visual artist who create the overallvideo game art. They are usually overseen by an art directoror art lead making sure that the directors vision is followed.The art director manages the art team, scheduling andcoordinating within the development team.If the artist is 2D oriented then they may produce things likeconcept art, sprites, textures, environmental backdrops, orterrain images. Whereas the 3D artists may produce models,meshes, animation, 3D environment and cinematic, althoughsometimes the artist can have both roles.
  6. 6. A game programmer is a software engineer who develops video games or related software.The games codebase development is handled by programmers. There are usually one to afew programmers who put the games starting codebase in place and overview thedevelopment.Programming roles include:Physics – the programming of the game engine, including physics, collision, object movement,etcGraphics – the production of graphics engine, models, textures to work along the physicsengine.Sound – music, speech, effect sounds into the proper locations and times.Game play – games rules and featuresUI – User interface elements such as option menus, HUDs, help and feedback systems, etc.Input processing –compatibility of different user input devices, such as keyboard, mouse,gamepad, etc.Network communications – the managing of data inputs and outputs for local and internetgameplay.
  7. 7. A level designer is what it says. The role of the level designer is to createdifferent levels/challenges/missions for the video game using a certain set ofprograms. These programs can be either commonly available for companiesto use or they can be specially designed and made for a specific game. Forexample Grand Theft Auto uses a specially designed program. Leveldesigners work with the game when it is both incomplete and complete
  8. 8. Sound engineers are responsible for the sound effects and sound positioning.Sound positioning means that the a sound is activated by a certain action, forexample when firing a gun on Grand Theft Auto the sound engineer willimplicate a specific gun noise to go off when that gun is used.
  9. 9. A quality assurance test is carried out by game testers. Game testersanalyzes video games and give feedback on parts of the game as a qualitycontrol. This means that they ensure the game works within its initial design:the game works and is also entertaining. This involves testing everything inthe game such as features, compatibility, localisation etc. Because testing isan expensive process it is usually performed towards the end of thecompletion of the project.