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Skills Audit


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Skills Audit

  1. 1. Personal Skills Audit Name: Liam Hedley How did these skills contribute to the How will you develop these skills Skills acquired creation of your product? during the A2 project?Digital technology Canon E0S 500D SLR camera The camera was used to produce the I hope to make better use of the camera What equipment/software Tripod footage itself, and the tripod was used and the features that it offers, such as the packages did you use to produce Final Cut Pro X alongside to try and ensure it was stable focusing; I hope to be able to produce an your production? Adobe Photoshop CS6 and not shaky. Final Cut Pro X was used effective pull focus if possible. The camera Garage Band to edit the footage together, as well as quality offered by the SLR was more than produce the titles and apply visual effects, sufficient, although I may need to procure etc. such as the blue-tinted black and a better tripod and potentially a dolly – white filter. Photoshop was used to create some shots were unstable. Although the production company logo and film logo producing a music video where sound will that in turn featured at the beginning be dubbed over the sequence, if I include sequence. The logo was imported them any dialogue in the sequence I hope to into our Final Cut timeline to do this. improve the sound quality by not using the Garage Band was used to create the built-in camera microphone and an score for the film and added much tension external one instead. The built-in camera and suspense. caused numerous problems at AS, particularly in relation to the wind when filming outside. Also, I need to be careful with how I use the camera to produce shots if I decide to use the shot reverse shot technique. At AS, I crossed the 180° rule, and so more planning needs to go into this. At the same time, I want to be more creative and use a wider variety of shots and later, editing techniques to make the product more interesting and maybe less conventional. Because I have used Photoshop, Garage Band, and Final Cut Pro X at AS, I now have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the interfaces and the features they offers. This will, in turn, allow me to work more efficiently to ensure that tools and effects are applied appropriately and relevant to my work – not just for the sake
  2. 2. of it. I will also be able to use the programs in a more sophisticated and creative way – essential for A2 study.Post production Final Cut Pro X In terms of Final Cut Pro, the tools and At A2 I will be familiar with the various - What software did you use to Cutting features used helped us to facilitate the programs and interfaces and so will be create your production? Clipping ambitious vision that we had for our able to apply their features in a much - Discuss specific features of the Transitions sequence. It allowed us to be creative to more efficient and appropriate way – not software. Text compensate for our lack of creativity with just for the sake of it. I hope to look Lighting filters the camera, such as adding interesting outside the box at A2 and be more Camera stablisation transitions, and lighting filters. The creative with editing, camera and design. software also helped us to make our To do this I will need to use more Sound enhancements product as professional as possible by advanced techniques in these software Adobe Photoshop CS6 improving the quality of sound and how packages. I am now confident in using Fonts ( stable the camera was. Most importantly, Final Cut, Photoshop and Garage Band Colours we could add text to create titles at the and so will be comfortable in acquiring Garage Band beginning of the sequence (a convention) new skills. Instruments and make appropriate cuts in our footage Loops where appropriate. This ensures that our sequence was not boring, and created tension, again a horror film convention. In Photoshop CS6 we were able to create a professional logo through out use of various fonts downloaded from the internet. It allowed us to position them in a neat, cohesive way. This allowed us to create our own brand identity. The ability to use a really wide range of colours was helpful as we could see how each one worked with our logo to create the connotations that we wanted, eventually choosing a black, deep red and white theme to fit with the horror genre but also look sophisticated. It was quite bold and stood out well. In Garage Band we were able to use the built-in instruments and loops to create a soundtrack for our opening sequence that
  3. 3. was varied and quite tense in line with the genre. This added much meaning to our footage, especially the use of sound effects and Foleys, such as police sirens, helicopters and camera flashes. In some places it allowed us to dub over bad audio.Research and Planning Research Our research was routed in finding out the In all, our research and planning at AS - What tasks did you complete Genre Conventions conventions of products similar to the one was relatively detailed, however the when preparing to film your History of Genre we were creating – a horror film. To do planning was a little incohesive from group sequence? Title Sequence Timeline this we analysed existing media texts to member to group member. Through - How did your planning help the Institution Research find out how they have created such a working by myself I know that my ideas smooth progression of your film? Primary Audience Research product. We found out the expected way and thoughts will carry from each piece of Audience Research of doing things, for example the correct work to the next - there will not a Opening Sequence Analysis order of the titles at the beginning of the communication issue and so the final sequence in the Title Sequence Timeline, product will come together more Nine-frame analysis and how meaning was created through the efficiently. Planning micro-elements (particularymise-en- Initial Ideas scene) in the Nine-frame and Opening Treatment Sheet Sequence Analysis. This helped to create A lot of the research was not taken into Pitch a product that was similar to something consideration when planning our horror Audience Profile found in industry. As such, we were able film, and this is something I would like to Storyboard to conform and subvert conventions to improve upon. Rather than conducting Animatic create our own unique product that would research for the sake of it, I will transfer Tiles still fall under the “horror” genre. We also what I find and think about it in the Script looked at industries and audiences to planning of my own music video, i.e. Call Sheet assess how we would target our film. challenging or adhering to conventions. I Recce Shots / Test Footage will also incorporate media theory to help Shooting Schedule The planning helped us be organised in to do this, hopefully further helping the Risk Assessment the creation of our product, and to video be more like something actually Production Company Logo consider all of the necessary aspects that found in the industry. Film Logo went in to filming and production. It helped us to also to appreciate how much time I hope to put a bit more thought into the and effort goes in to production. planning so that I do not have to think on the spot when filming. Some particular editing techniques need careful thought (e.g. shot reverse shot) as discovered at AS! Although the planning process helped us
  4. 4. to appreciate how much time and effort and thus detail needed to be put into production, I need to be more focused and committed to putting 100% effort into every aspect as they are all highly important – particularly the storyboard – this needs to be much clearer so that I do not forget what I have planned later on. At AS, we covered the key media concepts in research and planning, but at A2 I would like to look at them in a more systematic way. This will help me to understand my ideas better. I have a personal interest in music videos and so research and planning so should be less laborious to complete.Using conventions of real media texts As a group we analysed a variety of texts The combination of challenging and At AS, I personally did not analyse any - Which texts did you analyse? such as the films “The Descent 2”, “Saw conforming to conventions helped us media texts individually and as a result our - Did you take any inspiration from IV”, “Halloween II” and “The Descent”, all create a film which could easily be sequence may have suffered as not being the conventions found from your relatively well-know horror films. From marketed and branded under the influenced by wider, and thus more research? these films we took a range of conventions “Supernatural” sub-genre, but also with a representative genre research. Working in and inspiration such as the use of tracking USP that would attract audiences. a group means that I will definitely shots in “The Descent 2”. Although we did complete this task. I hope to analyse a not analysed the film we watched “Silent wider range of texts as a whole as the Hill”. This film uses many remote music video genre is much more creative locations, as did we in our sequence. and complex in my opinion. I also hope to better use what I find in this research in my planning, rather than just doing it for the sake of it, taking a more appreciative approach. To do this I will use media theory to cover the key media concepts in a more systematic way, strengthening my analysis.Creativity We both followed and challenged Following on from AS, I really want to think- Where your ideas for your portfolio conventions of the “supernatural” genre. outside the box to produce my musicimaginative and unique or did you adhere Conventionally we used dark imagery, video. This will work well given that music
  5. 5. to conventions? slow camera shots to built tension, and videos as a genre are generally much “eerie” music that did this also. more creative in terms of all the key Unconventionally, we approached the concepts. I will still need to adhere to supernatural genre in an elliptical way (not some conventions and I will use media specifically giving away any references to theory to identify these in my research. ghosts, witchcraft, etc.) but used a “possessed” to challenge conventions. This iconography was used to ensure that our film appealed to a target audience, taking inspiration from films such as One Missed Call (although we did not watch this).