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CALHM Presentation

  1. 1. CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Every 40 seconds in the United States, a child is reported missing or abducted. That translatesto over 2,000 children per day (under 18 years of age) or 800,000 per year.Of the 800,000 children reported missing annually, approximately 69,000 are abducted.Out the child victims of ‘stereotypical kidnappings’, 40 percent are killed, 4 percent arenever found, 71 percent are by a stranger and 29 percent are by a slight acquaintance.In 46 percent of non-family abductions, the child was sexually assaulted.More than 65 percent of the victims of non-family child abduction are girls.Of abducted children who are ultimately murdered, 74 percent are dead within three hoursof the abductionIn the UK, a child is reported missing every 3 minutes.Here is a list of the missing children in the UK;
  2. 2. CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Why?In national newspapers, there is often news about young children being abducted,kidnapped or even lost whilst on holiday or playing outside with friends, with extremecases such as Madeline McCann, James Bulger and Shannon Matthews beingpublicized by the media. Shannon Matthews was later found, with her mother andlong distance relative being convicted of the abduction. Madeline McCann stillhasn’t be found, and considered dead. Whereas, James Bulger was abducted,tortured and murdered by two ten-year-old boys. The mission of finding children, in apotentially global search, is nearly impossible. Trying to find one child in sevencontinents, 196 countries, populated with 7 Billion people could take decades, butwhy? A microchip surgically implanted into a child’s arm sounds horrendous, however,it could save a life. A child’s life. Your child’s life.The GPS Tracker, Also known as CALHM (Child and Adolescent HypodermicMicrochip) can only be activated by government officials during extremecircumstances. This product is not compulsory and parents can decide against it. Atthe age of 16, the CALHM is then deactivated and taken out of this individual. This willhelp tackle crime against children, and if in extreme circumstances something badhappens, these children can be found.Many people have suggested that this product should be modified into a bracelet,but many problems come with this. For example, Bracelets could be taken off by thekidnapper/abductor, which would obviously mean that the child could not betracked. Alternatively, if the child is at a young age, they tend to play with objects,with the outcome being that the child will take the bracelet off instead.
  3. 3. CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Production DescriptionThe GPS Tracker can be surgically implanted into ones body, which will be as simple asa jab. In reality, it is the simplest way of tracking children that have beenkidnapped/abducted/lost. The product can be surgically implanted at the age ofone and removed at the age of 16.Many people have implied that’s its like Big Brother’, as your every movement can bemonitored, but here are a few considerations: Its not compulsory, and parents can decide against the CALHM. At a young age, why would the Government have any interest in following theirmovements, as at the age of 1-16, you are not considered a national threat. Parents cannot just sit at home and monitor where their child is. It can only beactivated by Government officials, once the parent has informed them of thecircumstances. It is not visible, therefor potential kidnappers cannot remove the CALHM. The childs exact location will be accessible as soon as the CALHM is activated.
  4. 4. CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Functions and CharacteristicsIn extreme circumstances, the parent will need to contact the government, using the number which was given to the consumer in thedocuments. If, for any reason, the number has been lost, contact your GP, as they will have the details.The product is not visible, as its surgically inserted into the arm of an individual. This is the best possible way in order for the product toachieve its maximum potential, because if the product is visible, it can be removed by a youngster, or removed by the kidnapper,therefor the child will not be found as the tracker will give a false location.There is nothing the individual can do once its been inserted. If ,for any reason, the individual or parent want the GPS Trackerremoved, they will have to contact their GP, they will then contact government officials.The GPS Tracker is minuscule, and will not irritate the skin.The GPS Tracker will only be activated once the government/police have been informed of the childs disappearance. Once the GPSTracker has been activated, the exact location of the childs location will be given. There will be nothing obvious to a kidnapper that ithas been activated, as it may cause a disturbance in the investigation, I.E murder.Obvious activations that will not feature in the product: Alarm Flashing Lights Cause the individual to become unstableThe activation will be silent, and only Government officials, and parents will know about the whereabouts of the child. The individualand kidnapper will be none the wiser.Its best that if the GPS Tracker is surgically inserted into a child at a young age, that they shouldnt know, this is because in extremecircumstances, the child may inform the kidnapper of the GPS Tracker, and again will cause a disturbance in the investigation.
  5. 5. CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Target AudienceAs my product’s primary purpose is to protect children, you could say that the targetaudience is children aged 1-16. However, you could argue that the product will bepurchased by parents or a legal guardian, so the product is aimed towards them. Atthe end of the day, in order for the child to use this product, it has to be please theparent, fit their criteria, in terms or their childs wellbeing .In conclusion, the target audience is any parent, whether their young or old. Theproduct will not be overly expensive, so their isnt a specific socio economic class thatthis product leans towards.
  6. 6. CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Availability and DistributionThe product will not be advertised using multimedia services, like; Television, Radio,Internet & Social Networking Sites. Once a baby has been born, documents will begiven to parents informing them of the availability of the product.Its not compulsory, therefor doesnt have to be purchased, and isnt against the law ifignored.If the consumer decides to buy the product, the process is simple. Make anappointment at your local doctors surgery, your GP will then send paperwork off tothe government giving, them of your details, the government will then send theproduct to your local doctors surgery, and then an appointment will be made for thetransaction; at an appropriate date. The whole process will take a month, as checkswill have to be made by both your GP and the government.
  7. 7. If its going to be used in different countries, have youthought about how you are going to track the device if it didneed to be found, as it may need satellite?CALHM will be a product run by the government. The exactlocation, of the intended individual, will be accessed via aglobal satellite, which can only be accessed by the nationwhere the individual is from.CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Considerations
  8. 8. If its going to be used in different countries, you may have toget permission from that said country for it too be used, asdifferent tracking facilities may infringe on other countries laws?Due to the nature of the product, countries within the EU willnot have a problem with the product, as it can only beaccessed in extreme circumstances. If countries outside the EUhave a problem with the ability to access an individualslocation during an investigation, then they are potentiallyrisking someone’s life; which is against ones human rights. Whatall countries have to consider, is that they also have the abilityto access the location of an individual within the nation as well.CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Considerations
  9. 9. You say "government”, but who in the government will control accesswhen its used?The likelihood is that the product will be managed and organized bythe Foreign Office. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, commonlycalled the Foreign Office or the FCO is a department of the UnitedKingdom Government. It is responsible for protecting and promotingUK interests worldwide. The FCO have British Embassies located aroundthe world, with hundreds of government officials working at each one.Every country has access to a British embassy. British embassies areavailable for UK interests, and British nationals living or currently in aspecific country. Obviously, authoritative figures within the specificcountry that the individual is in, will be notified of the circumstances,and they will be part of the investigation, as its of their countries interestto. It will be a joint investigation between the FCO and the saidcountry, with FCO having the ability to access the location.CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Considerations
  10. 10. Who will people contact if there child is missing/kidnapped?Within the documents given to the individual and theirparents, will be a number that they can call, which will be anumber of the FCO’s. Also, the GP of the individual will canbe contacted if there are any problems. For example, theparents or individual may want the product removed.CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Considerations
  11. 11. Will an organization, within the government, have to be setup to deal with this, if so how much is that going to cost?No, the FCO will be the major figurehead for the CALHM.This is because the FCO are responsible for UK interests.There will be additional costs, for the set up of an extrasatellite, specifically for the CALHM. An exact amount,however, will be undisclosed.CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Considerations
  12. 12. CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)Product DesignThis is an image of a computermicrochip.This image is just to portray the sizeof the CALHM.The CALHM will be inserted in thehypodermis layer of the skin, which isbelow the dermis (second layer).The reason behind this is becausethe epidermis (first layer) has aprimary purpose to protect us frominfection and a waterproofingbarrier, and the dermis layer consistsof connective tissues that cushionsthe body from stress, so to insertsomething so unfamiliar may causedistress to the body.The hypodermis layer contains 50%body fat and serves as paddingand insulation for the body, whichindicates that the body would notreact due to the insulation of thebody. Hypodermic piercings arealso becoming increasingly popular,which again shows how relaxed thehypodermis is.
  13. 13. CALHM – (Child and Adolescent Location Hypodermic Microchip)SWOT AnalysisStrengthsThe product will save lives, and will prevent crime. Criminals will be caught, and less kidnappings willtake place. It will also tackle child slavery and child prostitution, if the product is purchased by theparents.WeaknessesA lot of people will get the interpretation that its like a Big Brother. They will get the impression thatthe government will be watching their every movement. What has to be remembered is that theproduct is for children, aged 1-16, and the question that you need to ask yourself is: What will thegovernment want with children aged 1-16? Are they really a threat to our national security? Will thegovernment waste their time watching childrens daily routine? The answer is no.OpportunitiesChild slavery, prostitution and abduction will be prevented. Criminals will be caught, and childrenwill be found, instantly.ThreatsFamilies living in poor countries may not have access or the money to purchase they product. Apercentage of each purchase will help provide the GPS Tracker to people living in poorer countries.Some parents, who are buying the product, may not be happy with this idea.