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Is workforce housing for you? Purchase a condo in convenient Kaka'ako Hawaii for prices starting at just $249,000! Check out this powerpoint presentation to see what it is and come to the meeting on July 3, 2013 at 9:00 am at HCDA office located at 461 Cooke Street, Makai Room wearing blue to show your support!

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Waimanu hcda presentation 2013 05-01 copy

  1. 1. Workforce Housingat 803 Waimanu StreetLive, Work, Learn And PlayThe image part with relationship ID rId2 was not found in the file.
  2. 2. Designed tomeet theincreasingneed of theworkforcemarket TargetMarketHouseholds earningLess than 140% of AMI
  3. 3. All workforce housing unitsSales prices are from $249,000 to $586,000These sales prices are for people who makebetween 90% AMI to no more than 120% AMI
  4. 4. For the 1st 60 daysALL units will beoffered toowner occupantsearning 140% AMIand below
  5. 5. • Go to Sale 3rd quarter 2013• Construction begins 4th quarter 2013• Construction complete 1st quarter 2015Project Timeline
  6. 6. • Demolish the existing singlestory industrial building• Develop 217 housing units20 Studios116 1 Bedroom units81 2 Bedroom units
  7. 7. 1 BedroomStudio2 Bedroom3 Bedroom
  8. 8. • Ground floor retail / commercial onKawaiahao Street• Open space and landscaped ‘greenwall’ on Waimanu Street• Access to building from both WaimanuStreet and Kawaiahao Streetalleviates traffic congestion• Ground floor recreational room andrecreation spaces on the parking roofdecks for owner’s use• Rooftop photovoltaic system• Rooftop solar hot water heater systemFeatures & Amenities• Rainwater collection system to helpalleviate current storm water drainageproblem on Waimanu Street
  9. 9. Designed to the U.S. Green Building CouncilLEED Rating SystemSome notable features include:• Solar water heating system• Photovoltaic system• Community Connectivity• Water efficient landscaping• Energy efficient plumbing fixtures & appliances• Indoor environmental efficiency in lighting and thermal comfort• Rainwater collection system
  10. 10. Transit-Oriented Development
  11. 11. ViewLookingMauka
  12. 12. ViewLookingMakai
  13. 13. Diamond Head ViewMakai Elevation
  14. 14. Mauka Elevation Ewa View
  15. 15. Development PermitModification Request#1Change in tower andportion of podium height
  16. 16. Development PermitModification Request#2Change in number anddimension of loading stalls
  17. 17. Development PermitModification Request#3Change in distance toImperial Plaza tower.Waimanu’s parking podiumhas already been redesignedto closely match ImperialPlaza’s podium.
  18. 18. Development PermitModification Request#4Addition of a livinglandscape ‘green wall’ forparking above the groundlevel to hide car’s exposureto the view from the street
  19. 19. Development PermitModification Request#5Move both Waimanu Street &Kawaiahao Street drivewayscloser together.This more appealing &pedestrian friendly use of thesidewalk and ground floorbuilding entries is acommunity benefit.
  20. 20. Development PermitModification Request#6Request to improveKawaiahao frontage tomatch the sidewalkimprovement fronting theadjoining property.
  21. 21. Original Submittal
  22. 22. Revision as a result of HCDA staff recommendations
  23. 23. • Modified the parking at the request of HCDA in the STAFF REVIEW• Modified the number of units to 192 in lieu of 217 because of the reductionin parking• Completed HCDA’s DESIGN REVIEW• Attended Department of Planning and Permitting Meetings with HCDA Staff• Will comply with State Historic Preservation District requirements includingan Archeological Inventory Survey, which will be completed upondemolition• Accelerated project schedule for completion in the first quarter of 2015Our Commitment to the Project & the Process
  24. 24. Who needs workforce housing?People who take care of our children, our seniors andour communities. For example, teachers, health careworkers, municipal employees and the other workerswho provide essential services - retail, manufacturing,service, and hospitality workers.
  25. 25. Workforce Housingat 803 Waimanu Street