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Lola’s theme

  1. 1.  This video is in complete juxtaposition to the lyrics of the song. The song has no relation to the video, incorporating random people into the video which have no relevance. Whilst the video does focus on a couple, the lyrics do not relate to their attraction for each other.
  2. 2.  The video is set on a fairground throughout the entire video. The video shows a variety of people who have no particular relationship. This may have been do o appeal to a wide audience.
  3. 3.  The camera shots, uses a lot of close ups on the singers mouth singing into the microphone of the waltzers. The other shots used however, contrasted with the slow movement of her mouth, with an upbeat pace which saw the waltzers constantly spinning.
  4. 4.  The camera uses a lot of tracking in following the waltzers spinning. This is done to give the video a fast pace. There is also an extensive of motivated cuts to show a variety of people looking into the camera, who weren’t apparent until they were shown.
  5. 5.  The music is upbeat and the video shows elements of a narrative video in that it is sung through a microphone of the waltzers, by the main singer. The upbeat music is slightly reflected in the video, however, the video uses varying paces.
  6. 6. This shot is the establishing shot, showing a little girl introducing the video. The girl has no significance in the video.
  7. 7.  The little girl is stood against a circus tent, immediately telling us we are at a fair or circus. She uses a blackboard to introduce the video, rather than speaking. The board used is childlike and shows her innocence and her lack of speech makes her mysterious.
  8. 8.  The camera uses a medium shot to establish a setting and the introduction of the video. The medium shot shows the audience the surroundings and lets them make their own judgement of where the video will take place.
  9. 9.  There is a lack of editing in this opening shot. This is due to the fixation on the little girl who writes on the board before showing it to the camera. The lack of editing heightens the importance of the opening shot because it shows innocence and makes an impression of the video.
  10. 10.  There is no sound played at this point, which again heightens the anticipation for the introduction of the video.
  11. 11. This shot shows the singer, singing into the microphone of the waltzers. This shot is used many times.
  12. 12.  In this shot we can clearly see an arcade in the background of the booth in which the singer is sat. This shows the setting. The singer has minimal makeup and although her clothes aren’t visible, it is assumed they would not be too over- the-top. This lets her blend into the fairground background.
  13. 13.  There is a medium shot used to show the surroundings as well as the singer. There is no angle used giving the singer an ordinary status such as any other person on the fairground.
  14. 14.  The scene uses cross cutting to show the couple which the video focuses on and the singer. This is done to add rhythm to the video and fluidity.
  15. 15.  ‘looking back’. This has no relation to the current shot or any in the video as the music video is not telling a story with the lyrics.
  16. 16. This shot shows a middle aged man on the waltzers enjoying himself. He again has no relativity in the video.
  17. 17.  The man in the waltzers has a facial expression of excitement, to show his enjoyment of the ride. He is dressed in a casual manner, similar to other people shown. This is done so that everyone is portrayed equally.
  18. 18.  The camera uses a medium shot and is at an eye level. This is done deliberately to portray everyone in the video including the singer as equals. This is done throughout the video as well as the use of different people. The director has done this to portray the different types of people in society.
  19. 19.  There are a series of cross cuts used in this shot to show different people on the waltzers and the singer singing through the microphone. This is done to give the video a lively pace and this is reflective of the upbeat song.
  20. 20.  ‘I’m a different person’- this shot could be seen as reflective to the lyrics in that a number of different people are shown on the waltzers at the time of this shot.
  21. 21.  In this shot, we can see the main couple on an arcade game. There are people shown in the background also playing games. They are all dressed casually. The boy is looking at the girl, who is looking at the screen of her game. This shows his interest in her.
  22. 22.  The camera is at an angle focusing on the girl in the shot. This is reflective of the game they are playing in which they move side to side. The camera focuses on the girl, who wins the game and this is shown through her positioning being closer to the camera and the emotion on her face.
  23. 23.  The two-shot is taken on an angle to fully capture both people and their facial expressions. This is called a tilted-shot and the editor uses this not only to highlight the female in the shot but to capture the boy looking at her constantly. This reiterates his affection for her.
  24. 24.  ‘see the light’ – these lyrics aren’t reflected in the video which shows two people in an arcade. This is a typical feature of a conceptual video.
  25. 25.  In this shot we can see an airplane flying above the fairground. This is a romantic and calming image used to reflect the atmosphere between the young couple.
  26. 26.  The camera has zoomed into the image of the plane flying above the fairground. A finger pointing towards the plane is also seen in the shot. The finger is blurred making the plane the more focused image.
  27. 27.  The editing used in this shot gives it a natural image, almost as if recorded on a hand held camera. This is shown through the shaking of the camera, and the image is blurred to due zooming in. This effect is used to reiterate the recurring image of naturalism shown through clothing and appearance of characters.
  28. 28.  ‘I’m a different person’ – again not reflected in the video, however it is possible that they may be referring to the people on the plane, or to the happiness between the two people despite just having an argument.
  29. 29.  This shot shows a close up of the main couple. Nothing else is seen on the screen and this is done deliberately to signify to importance of their ‘first kiss’. This is again showing naturalism as it is an everyday life occurance.
  30. 30.  The camera use a close up of the two people kissing. This is used to signify the moment and add intimacy between the couple. This makes the audience feel as though they are intruding on a private moment.
  31. 31.  In this shot, the pace of the video slows down dramatically due to the use of slow motion. The slow motion is used to again highlight the shot and also as a contrast to the fast pace of the video.
  32. 32.  ‘oh yeah, yeah’ – this could be viewed as reflective of the pleasure they may feel when being kissed. However, it is also possible that this wasn’t planned and is sticking to the rules of a conceptual video through the use of the lyrics not being reflected in the video.
  33. 33.  In this shot, there is a shot of the young girl shown at the beginning, again with the blackboard which now reads ‘the end’. She is used as a device to open and close the music video. She is also a representation of the variety of age shown in the video.
  34. 34.  The camera uses a medium shot to show the young girl and people in the background oblivious to the filming of the blackboard. This shows naturalism. There is also a use of a high angle looking down on the girl to show her young age. Whilst this shot is usually used to show weakness or lack of power, the little is significant due to her opening and closing of the video.
  35. 35.  In this scene, all sound is fading leaving the little girl looking into the camera or at her blackboard. This editing is used to show her significance and end the video on a recurring note.
  36. 36.  Similar to the beginning, the song is just ending drawing attention to the young girl holding the blackboard. This is a recurring image and is used to add continuity.
  37. 37.  In evaluation, whilst this video is mainly conceptual, it has elements of narrative in that the singer, sings the song down a microphone of the waltzers. The video is a successful conceptual video which shows a recurring image of naturalism through the variety of people used and the camera shots and angles.