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My Audience and How I Attracted Them
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My Audience and How I Attracted Them


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This is a powerpoint about what my target audience was and how i distributed it to them.

This is a powerpoint about what my target audience was and how i distributed it to them.

Published in: Education

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  • 2. MY PRIMARY AUDIENCE • My primary audience would be middle aged adults, this is because I think these are the kind of people that would be able to emotionally connect and understand my opening sequence. Adults with children will be my primary audience because I believe they will be able to relate to the opening sequence the most, as they may be able to imagine if their kids got abducted what they may feel. This is important because I want my opening sequence to be relatable as it is based on an event that is quite common young children. • People any younger that 16 probably will not understand the issue because they are not old enough to understand what an important issue this is, unlike middle aged adults they may not have had the same experiences and be aware of the problems in the world like adults are aware. Children probably would not enjoy my opening sequence because it may be scary for them, and therefore it would not be productive to watch
  • 3. SECONDARY AUDIENCE • My secondary audience may be slightly older than adults with younger kids, this is because many people older will still be aware of the problems, and still be able to realize how horrifying it would be to loose a child without knowing why • Older adults may have had kids that have already grown up and therefore be able to imagine what it would have been like if their kid had been abducted and therefore they would be able to emotionally connect to my opening sequence
  • 4. PSYCHOGRAPHICS • Psychographics is the study of personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. • Psychographic studies of individuals/ communities was valuable when I was trying to decide the main audience I should distribute my opening sequence to, the fact that many mothers have the same interest and lifestyle as the mother in my opening sequence it made me realize that I should make them my target audience.
  • 5. QUESTIONNAIRE • I created a questionnaire and targeted different people in society, who are of different ages, gender and ethnicity. I asked questions to help me try and figure out my target audience.
  • 7. SOCIAL MEDIA • TWITTER = I tweeted my opening sequence to try and get my followers to watch it, I also had it retweeted therefore this helped spread the word about my product. My posting it on twitter I released it to social media where it could then spread by word of mouth and through twitter. This would of helped with the distribution as more people would watch the film as they where aware of it. • FACEBOOK = I posted my video on Facebook, therefore my friends and family could see it and pass it on to other people, this also distribute it.
  • 8. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE • I made a Facebook fan page to try and attract audience and advertise my opening sequence. • I was hoping that my opening sequence may spread by word of mouth once I have created the Facebook fan page. • People who like or follow the page where able to follow the making of the opening sequence, and therefore they where aware when the film was distributed and could get involved with marketing the opening sequence
  • 9. BBC ADVERTS • If a TV company like the BBC distributes my film, then they could produce adverts to entice people into watching my product, this would be effective as I would try and make the advert interesting and leave it on a cliff hanger so that the audience will want to carry on watching. • Adverts are very effective because it targets the audience that would actually sit and watch my sequence, my target audience are the kind of people that watch the TV, and therefore the ones that would catch my product on television.
  • 10. QUESTIONNAIRE • My questionnaire would of helped people realize that was film was going to be released, and therefore would of helped advertise it. • People who where my target audience who completed the questionnaire would want to see if after they have watched the extract and completed the questionnaire, and therefore this helped with my advertisement.