ACRL-DVC Nov 2011: Consortial Sharing of eBooks


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Updated data about CTW's PDA program - presented for the ACRL Delaware Valley Chapter.

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  • Here’s a breakdown of all PDA titles that have been purchased or viewed by LC class. It helps answer a question we have been getting asked: Which content areas show up repeatedly in usage statistics? …May relate to wanting to identify early adopters of ebooks by disciplinary areaWhen we started the pilot, we made some guesses about which departments might use ebooks the most and were glad to see that titles being used fall across all disciplinary areas. For example, we were not surprised to see the highest usage counts in the Social Sciences, but were surprised to find out many more Religion and Philosophy titles have been used than Psychology titles.
  • ACRL-DVC Nov 2011: Consortial Sharing of eBooks

    1. 1. Collection Development Adventuresof a Small Consortium: CTW’s Shared eBook Project The CTW Library Consortium ACRL- Delaware Valley Chapter Conference November 2011
    2. 2. Lorri Huddy CTW Librarian for Collaborative ProjectsThe CTW Library Consortium Connecticut College Trinity College Wesleyan University
    3. 3. The CTW Consortium Trinity CollegeConnecticut College Wesleyan University
    4. 4. CTW’s Shared eBook Pilot Expectations• Ease of sharing• 24/7 access• Multiple simultaneous users• Cost savings• Patron-driven selection• Space needs• Workflow
    5. 5. Vendor Evaluations
    6. 6. Getting Titles that Fit• Content Areas • Publication Date• Types of Materials • Language• Specific Publishers • Price Limit
    7. 7. Overview of CTW’s set up with MyiLibrary• Books purchased on 2nd session No Short Term Loans!• Entire book accessible each session• Print 60 pgs / Download 10 pgs • Access Levels: - Multiple Users (Year 1) - Single User (Year 2)
    8. 8. What’s in the Numbers? 6,322 PDA Records Loaded 1,012 Titles Opened = 16% of all PDA titles  462 titles purchased Cost to CTW: $47,117 Avg. price/title: $103  550 titles opened once Value: $60,680
    9. 9. Usage of eBooks Titles Titles ViewedJan 2010-Oct 2011 Purchased OnceTotal Titles 462 550Total Sessions 3,179 550Total Pages Viewed 45,298 5,989Avg. Sessions / Title 7 1Avg. Pages / Session 14 11Avg. Pages / Title 98 11Most Sessions in 1 Title 116 1Most Pages in 1 Session 270 207Most Pages in 1 Title 2,143 207
    10. 10. Views After Purchase
    11. 11. Usageacross CTW ::Are webuying the“right”titles?
    12. 12. So Far So Good… User AccessTitles that fit # Publishers Understand & Titles workflowsDe-duplication Customer Service service
    13. 13. Devilish Details?! PublishersPDA Workload vs. Titles Usage StatsInvoicing & Limitations AcquisitionsUsers’ Purchase Expectations Triggers
    14. 14. The Oops Factor
    15. 15. eBook vs. Print Average price per ebook: $131 MU and $75 SU Average cost over list:MU vs. Cloth = 1.9 MU vs. Soft = 3.9SU vs. Cloth = 1.2 SU vs. Soft = 2.0
    16. 16. Which way from here?
    17. 17. CTW’s Future eBook Program Consolidate Workflows • Selection • Technical Services Delay Purchases • Short Term Loans Deposit Account Funds • Usage by Campus
    18. 18. A Cautionary Tale:A Most Unexpected andUnwelcomed “Patron”
    19. 19. Thank You!Questions about CTW’s PDA Program? Lorri Huddy CTW Librarian for Collaborative Projects 860-297-5212
    20. 20. Photograph and Image CreditsImages may be subject to copyright and cannot be used for commercial purposes.• Clouds and Blue Sky:• eBook image:• Ebrary Banner:• NetLibrary Logo:• Ebook Library (EBL) logo:• MyiLibrary Banner:• Computer users: Microsoft clip art collection• Pool Balls:• Sticky Notes- cropped versions of:• Oops Bubble Logo:• Hanging Money image: Microsoft clip art collection• "Which way?":• Ebooks image:• Hacker at Work• Clouds and Blue Sky:
    21. 21. Titles Used by LC Class