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Subject Explanations (Meet the Teacher Night)
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Subject Explanations (Meet the Teacher Night)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. 8/3 Navigator Team Mr. Miles – SS/Team Leader Ms. Gimbar – Math Mrs. Baker – Language Arts Ms. Walton – Science
  • 2. Social Studies Mr. Miles, S.S. Units Activities• Pre-Colonial North America • Analyzing Primary and• Colonial Era Secondary Sources with DBQs• The American Revolution • Lots of writing intensive• The United States Government instruction and content reflection• Westward Expansion • Music Videos• The Civil War • Quarterly Benchmarks• The Turn of the Century • Stock Market Project• Boom and Bust (20s – Depression) • In-Depth Analysis of the 2012 Election• WWII • Increased online collaboration• The Cold War and group projects• Civil Rights• The Modern Age
  • 3. Language Arts Mrs. Baker, Thematic Units Class Focuses • Genre Odyssey: Living Without  Reading and annotating more • Genre Odyssey: Coming of Age excerpts of texts rather than • Social Justice entire novels (still will read • Risking It All some entire novels) • Interdependence  At least one writing • Out of Time assignment (paper) each quarter  Higher-level questions on tests and quizzes (less matching, multiple choice, etc.)
  • 4. Science Ms. Walton, Science Units • Lab Safety • Scientific Method • Interactions of Matter • Energy • Diseases/Biotechnology • Hydrosphere • Populations and Ecosystems • Landforms and Life forms • Use of Natural Resources • Review
  • 5. Common Core Math I (Formerly known as Algebra I) Overview Promotion to Geometry• Topics: one-variable • Must maintain a B statistics, functions, and average two-variable statistics • Must pass the Math I• High school level exam course • Study habits/maturity• Grade goes on the high school transcript• Final Exam is 25% of the Final class grade• Must also take the 8th Ms. Gimbar Grade EOG
  • 6. Common Core Math Overview Promotion to Common• Topics: Algebra Core I (Equations and • Must maintain a B Functions), Geometry average on tests and one-variable • Pass the End of statistics Grade Test• Take and End of • Study Habits/Maturity Grade Test which has two parts, calculator Ms. Gimbar active and inactive
  • 7. Flipping the Classroom• Please check out the video: “Why I flipped my classroom” that is linked from my webpage.• Accommodations will be made for those without internet access.• Student responsibility.• More efficient and effective use of class time.• Great way to work with your student!
  • 8. Geometry Promotion to Overview Algebra 2• Topics- Proofs, • Maintain C test average Trigonometry, 3-D solids, • Work ethic/maturity and an in depth study of 2-D figures• High school level course• Grade goes on high school transcript• Final is 20% of grade• Take Grade 8 EOG Mrs.• No EOC! Earnesthttp://durantroadms.wcpss.n et/web/nearnest/
  • 9. We are a team…