Learning stations southern colonies


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Learning stations southern colonies

  1. 1. 8/20/12 The Southern Colonies [ushistory.org] Search:     5. The Southern Colonies Suggest  a  Link Monticello Follow  Thomas Jefferson  through  a Cite  This  Page   Share  Your  Thoughts day.  You  will  gain  a sense  of  the extraordinary  range  of his  talents,  his  insatiable 5.  The  Southern  Colonies thirst  for  knowledge,  his watchful  use  of  time, Virginia  was  the  first  successful  southern SC  Plantation and  the  larger colony.  While  Puritan  zeal  was  fueling  New Museum community  that  lived Drayton  Hall  is  living and  worked  at Englands  mercantile  development,  and  Penns history  in  South Monticello. Quaker  experiment  was  turning  the  middle Carolina  -­  visit  today! Report  broken  link draytonhall.org colonies  into  Americas  bread  basket,  the  South was  turning  to  cash  crops.  Geography  and Ancestry.com                 motive  rendered  the  development  of  these Family  Tree         colonies  distinct  from  those  that  lay  to  the Free  family  tree. Worlds  largest  online North. Map  of  DeSotos  1539-­43 family  history exploration  through  the resource. Southeast Immediately  to  Virginias  north  was  MARYLAND. www.ancestry.com Begun  as  a  Catholic  experiment,  the  colonys Search  For  Your economy  would  soon  come  to  mirror  that  of Ancestors Virginia,  as  tobacco  became  the  most  important  crop.  To  the  south  lay  the Search  your Carolinas,  created  after  the  English  Civil  War  had  been  concluded.  In  the  Deep Ancestors  Records. Get  Access  to  Over South  was  GEORGIA,  the  last  of  the  original  thirteen  colonies.  Challenges  from 1.5  Billion  Records! Spain  and  France  led  the  king  to  desire  a  buffer  zone  between  the  cash  crops  of www.Archives.com the  Carolinas  and  foreign  enemies.  Georgia,  a  colony  of  debtors,  would  fulfill Study  of  Law that  need. Earn  a  legal  studies degree  online. English  American  Southerners Respected. Affordable. would  not  enjoy  the  generally  good Accredited. health  of  their  New  England www.APUS.edu/LegalStudies counterparts.  Outbreaks  of  malaria Become  a  Social and  YELLOW  FEVER  kept  life Worker expectancies  lower.  Since  the With  an  Online northern  colonies  attracted Masters  from  USC. No  Relocating religious  dissenters,  they  tended  to Required.  Learn  More! migrate  in  families.  Such  family msw.USC.edu/Virtual-­Acad… connections  were  less  prevalent  in the  South. The  economy  of  growing  CASH CROPS  would  require  a  labor  force that  would  be  unknown  north  of Maryland.  Slaves  and  indentured servants,  although  present  in  the North,  were  much  more  important The  Southern  colonies  included  Maryland, to  the  South.  They  were  the Virginia,  North  and  South  Carolina,  and Georgia. backbone  of  the  Southern economy. Settlers  in  the  Southern  colonies  came  to  America  to  seek  economic  prosperity they  could  not  find  in  Old  England.  The  English  countryside  provided  a  grand existence  of  stately  manors  and  high  living.  But  rural  England  was  full,  and  by law  those  great  estates  could  only  be  passed  on  to  the  eldest  son.  America provided  more  space  to  realize  a  lifestyle  the  new  arrivals  could  never  dream  to achieve  in  their  native  land.www.ushistory.org/us/5.asp 1/2
  2. 2. 8/20/12 Maryland — The Catholic Experiment [ushistory.org] Search:     a. Maryland — The Catholic Experiment Suggest  a  Link Historic  Saint  Marys City Visit  Marylands  first Cite  This  Page   Share  Your  Thoughts capital:  Historic  St. Marys  City  is  an exciting  mix  of  colorful living  history  and 5a.  Maryland  —  The  Catholic  Experiment fascinating  archaeology, Antioch all  set  in  a  beautiful New  England  was  not  the  only  destination Community Tidewater  landscape. Lord  Baltimores  17th sought  by  those  fleeing  religious Church century  capital  stands persecution.  In  1632,  CECELIUS  CALVERT, A  Church  For ready  to  be Families,  Young known  as  LORD  BALTIMORE,  was  granted rediscovered.  Exhibits Adults  &  College at  the  outdoor  museum possession  of  all  land  lying  between  the Students-­Come  As include  the  square-­ POTOMAC  RIVER  and  the  CHESAPEAKE  BAY. You  Are! rigged  ship,  the Maryland  Dove,  Godiah Immigration  Ship Lord  Baltimore  saw  this  as  an  opportunity Sprays  fine  tobacco Records plantation,  the to  grant  religious  freedom  to  the  Catholics Passengers  leaving reconstructed  State who  remained  in  Anglican  England. from  UK  and  IE.  Find House  of  1676,  a Although  outright  violence  was  more  a  part Your  Ancestors  Today. Woodland  Indian  hamlet, FindMyPast.com/Passenger-­… and  much  more.  With of  the  1500s  than  the  1600s,  Catholics miles  of  walking  trails and  scenic  river  views, were  still  a  persecuted  minority  in  the Religious Historic  St.  Marys  City seventeenth  century.  For  example, Fundraising is  indeed  a  special  place Sell  8  Colors  of  Live where  "Time  &  Tide Catholics  were  not  even  permitted  to  be Meet." Poinsettias!  Sell  This legally  married  by  a  Catholic  priest. Fall,  Deliver  in Report  broken  link Baltimore  thought  that  his  New  World December James Barry, 1793 www.livingcolorfundraiser.c… possession  could  serve  as  a  refuge.  At  the In  this  engraving,  Cecil  Calvert same  time,  he  hoped  to  turn  a  financial New  Homes  in Maryland  Toleration presents  his  1649  Act  Concerning Act Religion  to  the  ancient  Spartan profit  from  the  venture. Maryland The  Toleration  Act  was lawgiver,  Lycurgus,  while Marylands  Premier a  fairly  progressive libertarians  throughout  history, New  Home  Builder Maryland,  named  after  Englands  Catholic document  written  in including  Ben  Franklin  and  William Including  Marlboro, 1649  allowing  a  broad Penn,  look  on. queen  HENRIETTA  MARIA,  was  first  settled Bowie  &  Clinton latitude  in  religious www.carusohomes.com/ in  1634.  Unlike  the  religious  experiments toleration,  particularly  as it  applied  to  Catholics. to  the  North,  economic  opportunity  was  the  draw  for  many  Maryland  colonists. Sports  Coaching Read  the  text  of  the Doctrine  at  this  site. Consequently,  most  immigrants  did  not  cross  the  Atlantic  in  family  units  but  as Program Pursue  a  sports individuals.  The  first  inhabitants  were  a  mixture  of  country  gentlemen  (mostly Report  broken  link coaching  opportunity Catholic)  and  workers  and  artisans  (mostly  Protestant).  This  mixture  would with  a  degree  from surely  doom  the  Catholic  experiment.  Invariably,  there  are  more  poor  than AMU. www.AMUOnline.com/Sport… Marylands  House  of aristocrats  in  any  given  society,  and  the  Catholics  soon  found  themselves  in Delegates From  the  Maryland the  minority. State  Archives,  read about  the  early  years  of The  geography  of  Maryland,  like  that  of  her  Southern  neighbor  Virigina,  was Marylands  Lower House  of  Delegates  and conducive  to  growing  tobacco.  The  desire  to  make  profits  from  tobacco  soon  led its  struggles  with  the to  the  need  for  low-­cost  labor.  As  a  result,  the  number  of  indentured  servants Upper  House  whose members  were greatly  expanded  and  the  social  structure  of  Maryland  reflected  this  change. appointed  by  Lord But  the  influx  in  immigration  was  not  reflected  in  larger  population  growth Baltimore. because,  faced  with  frequent  battles  with  malaria  and  typhoid,  life  expectancy Report  broken  link in  Maryland  was  about  10  years  less  than  in  New  England. Fearful  that  the  Protestant  masses  might  restrict  Catholic  liberties,  the  HOUSE Early  Immigration  to OF  DELEGATES  passed  the  MARYLAND  ACT  OF  TOLERATION  in  1649.  This  act Maryland  in  the Colonial  Era granted  religious  freedom  to  all  Christians.  Like  Roger  Williams  in  Rhode  Island Lord  Baltimore  hoped that  the  colony  he and  William  Penn  in  Pennsylvania,  Maryland  thus  experimented  with  laws settled  would  be  called protecting  religious  liberty.  Unfortunately,  Protestants  swept  the  Catholics  out Crescentia,  but  the  king wanted  to  name  the  new of  the  legislature  within  a  decade,  and  religious  strife  ensued.  Still,  the  Act  of colony  after  his  wife  and Toleration  is  an  important  part  of  the  colonial  legacy  of  religious  freedom  that the  colony  was christened  Maryland. will  culminate  in  the  First  Amendment  in  the  American  Bill  of  Rights. Report  broken  linkwww.ushistory.org/us/5a.asp 1/2
  3. 3. 8/20/12 Indentured Servants [ushistory.org] Search:     b. Indentured Servants Suggest  a  Link Observations  on  the slaves  and  the indented  servants, Cite  This  Page   Share  Your  Thoughts inlisted  in  the  army, and  in  the  navy  of  the United  States A  reprint  of  an  article 5b.  Indentured  Servants which  appeared  in DishLATINO® Philadelphia  in  1777. The  growth  of  tobacco,  rice,  and The  author  cannot History understand  why  two indigo  and  the  plantation  economy Tune  into  History  Now groups  of  people  who created  a  tremendous  need  for on  Dish!  Call  &  Switch were  enslaved  by —DishLatino labor  in  Southern  English  America. Americans  — $22.99/Mo. indentured  servants  and Without  the  aid  of  modern DishLatinoPromociones.com… slaves  —  would  enlist  to serve  in  the  American machinery,  human  sweat  and HP®  Ink army  and  navy. blood  was  necessary  for  the Cartridges Report  broken  link planting,  cultivation,  and High  Quality  Original HP®  Ink.  Official harvesting  of  these  cash  crops. HP.com  Site  -­  Shop While  slaves  existed  in  the  English Now! Apprentices  of William Hogarth, 1747 HP.com/InkCartridges Indentures;;  Delaware colonies  throughout  the  1600s, This  picture,  Industry  and  Idleness,  shows County,  New  York indentured  servitude  was  the 2  apprentices  starting  in  identical Ancestry.com Its  hard  to  believe,  but the  practice  of method  of  choice  employed  by circumstances,  one  is  the  industrious Family  Tree indentured  servitude  in Francis  Goodchild  and  the  other  is  the Free  family  tree. many  planters  before  the  1680s. American  did  not  end  in unsuccessful  Thomas  Idlefrom. Worlds  largest  online the  United  States  until This  system  provided  incentives  for family  history the  early  1900s.  This both  the  master  and  servant  to resource. site  lists  the  contract www.ancestry.com terms  between  Masters increase  the  working  population  of  the  Chesapeake  colonies. and  Servants  in  one Sports  Coaching New  York  County. Virginia  and  Maryland  operated  under  what  was  known  as  the  " HEADRIGHT Program Report  broken  link SYSTEM."  The  leaders  of  each  colony  knew  that  labor  was  essential  for Pursue  a  sports coaching  opportunity economic  survival,  so  they  provided  incentives  for  planters  to  import  workers. with  a  degree  from For  each  laborer  brought  across  the  Atlantic,  the  master  was  rewarded  with  50 AMU. Differential www.AMUOnline.com/Sport… Tolerances  and acres  of  land.  This  system  was  used  by  wealthy  plantation  aristocrats  to Accepted increase  their  land  holdings  dramatically.  In  addition,  of  course,  they  received Punishments  for The  Prayer  at Indentured  Servants the  services  of  the  workers  for  the  duration  of  the  indenture. ValleyForge A  page  as  serious  as  its Direct  frm  publisher title.  Written  by  a This  system  seemed  to  benefit  the  servant  as  well.  Each  INDENTURED  SERVANT student  at  Lafayette Arnold  Friberg  Framed College,  the  site would  have  their  fare  across  the  Atlantic  paid  in  full  by  their  master.  A  contract Prints  -­  Free  Shipping explores  what www.fribergfineart.com was  written  that  stipulated  the  length  of  service  —  typically  five  years.  The happened  when  crimes were  committed  by servant  would  be  supplied  room  and  board  while  working  in  the  masters  fields. either  owners  of Upon  completion  of  the  contract,  the  servant  would  receive  "freedom  dues,"  a servants  or  the servants  themselves. pre-­arranged  termination  bonus.  This  might  include  land,  money,  a  gun, For  you  AP  types  that come  here,  youll  get clothes  or  food.  On  the  surface  it  seemed  like  a  terrific  way  for  the  luckless some  real  insight  into English  poor  to  make  their  way  to  prosperity  in  a  new  land.  Beneath  the the  lives  of  indentured servants,  and  more surface,  this  was  not  often  the  case. particularly  the  "different punishments  of Only  about  40  percent  of  indentured  servants  lived  to  complete  the  terms  of servants  and  their masters  in  colonial their  contracts.  Female  servants  were  often  the  subject  of  harassment  from courts  by  examining their  masters.  A  woman  who  became  pregnant  while  a  servant  often  had  years various  court  cases from  18th-­century tacked  on  to  the  end  of  her  service  time.  Early  in  the  century,  some  servants Pennsylvania  and were  able  to  gain  their  own  land  as  free  men.  But  by  1660,  much  of  the  best Maryland  courts."  No pictures  but  plenty  of land  was  claimed  by  the  large  land  owners.  The  former  servants  were  pushed statistical  data.  This  is westward,  where  the  mountainous  land  was  less  arable  and  the  threat  from what  awaits  any  of  you folks  thinking  of Indians  constant.  A  class  of  angry,  impoverished  pioneer  farmers  began  to majoring  in  history. emerge  as  the  1600s  grew  old.  After  BACONS  REBELLION  in  1676,  planters Report  broken  link began  to  prefer  permanent  African  slavery  to  the  headright  system  that  had previously  enabled  them  to  prosper. Gottlieb  Mittelberger: On  the  Misfortune  ofwww.ushistory.org/us/5b.asp 1/3
  4. 4. 8/20/12 Creating the Carolinas [ushistory.org] Search:     c. Creating the Carolinas Suggest  a  Link Brief  History  of  South Carolina A  very  brief  history  of Cite  This  Page   Share  Your  Thoughts the  state,  brought  to  you by  the  state.  Use  only  in the  case  of  an emergency.  Not  much 5c.  Creating  the  Carolinas here. While  wayward  English  migrants  worked  to  build Charleston Report  broken  link the  new  American  colonies,  mother  England Dream  Homes Own  Downtown experienced  the  greatest  turmoil  in  her  history Luxury  For  Less  From The  Lords  Proprietors in  the  middle  of  the  1600s.  The  Stuart  King, Just  $120,600 of  Carolina www.residencesonking.com/ Charles  I,  was  beheaded  as  the  result  of  a  civil Carolinas  royal  charter was  granted  by  Charles war  in  1649.  A  dictatorship  led  by  OLIVER II  to  8  of  his  generals U.S.  Lawyers CROMWELL  ruled  England  until  1660.  This who  had  supported  him Listings against  Cromwell.  This represented  the  only  break  in  the  hereditary Find  a  Lawyer  in  your overview  webpage  from the  Charleston  County line  dating  from  1066  until  the  present  day. Area  locate  the  best Library  offers  inline  links Cromwell  was  a  brutal  leader,  so  the  return  of Lawyer  in  your  Area to  brief  biographies  of www.USLawyersListing.com the  Lord  Proprietors. the  English  monarchy  was  well  received  by  the Illustrated. public. Charles  II  returned  to  the SC  Plantation Report  broken  link British  throne  in  1660,  after This  disruption  caused  a  temporary  distraction Museum the  brutal  dictatorship  of Drayton  Hall  is  living Cromwell.  It  was  under  his from  colonizing  the  New  World.  When  Charles  II history  in  South Charter  of  Carolina  — rule  that  the  Carolinas  were assumed  the  throne,  it  was  business  as  usual. Carolina  -­  visit  today! March  24,  1663 founded. draytonhall.org The  colonies  that  were  created  under  his  rule In  the  beginning  was  a charter.  The  Carolina were  known  as  RESTORATION  COLONIES.  It  was Carolina  Beach, Charter  was  granted  to Edward  Earl  of in  this  environment  that  the  Carolinas  were  created. NC Clarendon,  George Outdoor  concerts, Duke  of  Albemarle, The  southern  part  of  Carolina  served  first  as  support  for  the  British  West  Indies. seaside  boardwalk, William  Lord  Craven, Soon  the  slave  economy  of  the  sugar  islands  reached  the  shores  of  Carolina. amusements  and John  Lord  Berkley, more. Anthony  Lord  Ashley, The  cultivation  of  rice  in  the  plantation  system  quickly  became  profitable,  and WilmingtonandBeaches.com Sir  George  Carteret,  Sir William  Berkley,  and  Sir planters  in  the  hundreds  and  slaves  in  the  tens  of  thousands  soon  inhabited John  Colleton,  and  their Carolina.  At  the  heart  of  the  colony  was  the  merchant  port  of  Charles  Town, Taste  Carolina heirs,  by  Charles  II. North  Carolinas They  were  granted later  to  be  known  as  CHARLESTON.  African  slaves  became  a  majority  of  the Tastiest  Tour!  Food domain  over  "  the population  before  the  middle  of  the  eighteenth  century.  South  Carolina  even Tours  in  the  Triangle fishing  of  all  sorts  of fish,  whales,  sturgeons experimented  with  Indian  slavery,  enslaving  those  captured  in  the  aftermath  of &  Triad. and  all  other  royal  fishes www.tastecarolina.net battle. in  the  sea,  bays,  islets and  rivers  within  the premises,  and  the  fish Such  was  not  the  case  for  the  northern  reaches  of  the  Carolina  colony.  The therein  taken;;  and earliest  inhabitants  of  this  region  were  displaced  former  indentured  servants moreover  all  veins, mines,  quarries,  as  well from  the  Chesapeake.  Most  established  small  tobacco  farms.  Slavery  existed discovered  as  not here,  but  in  far  smaller  numbers  than  in  the  neighboring  regions.  The discovered,  of  gold, silver,  gems,  precious inhabitants  felt  as  though  the  aristocrats  from  Virginia  and  the  Charles  Town stones,  and  all  other area  looked  down  their  noses  on  them.  Northern  Carolina,  like  Rhode  Island  in whatsoever,  be  it  of stones,  metals..."  Not  a the  North,  drew  the  regions  discontented  masses. bad  deal  at  all. Report  broken  link As  the  two  locales  evolved  separately  and  as  their  differing  geographies  and inhabitants  steered  contrasting  courses,  calls  for  a  formal  split  emerged.  In 1712,  NORTH  CAROLINA  and  SOUTH  CAROLINA  became  distinct  colonies.  Each Historical  Highlights prospered  in  its  own  right  after  this  peaceful  divorce  took  effect. of  North  Carolina From  the  state  library  of North  Carolina,  a  very useful  history  of  Colonial North  Carolina  covering the  years  1663-­1729. No  pictures,  just  lots  of good  hard  facts. Report  broken  linkwww.ushistory.org/us/5c.asp 1/2
  5. 5. 8/20/12 Debtors in Georgia [ushistory.org] Search:     d. Debtors in Georgia Suggest  a  Link Charter  of  Georgia: 1732 The  rice-­  and  tobacco-­ Cite  This  Page   Share  Your  Thoughts selling  colonists  of  the Carolinas  came  under attack  from  the  Indians and  Spanish  to  the 5d.  Debtors  in  Georgia south.  The  British Jamestown solution?  Export  a  whole The  development  of  Georgia  was bunch  of  debtors  to Gardens settle  a  buffer  zone  and unlike  all  the  other  British  colonies. Beauty  &  Adventure call  it  Georgia!  Read  all First  of  all,  it  was  the  last  to  be Await  in  VAs  Historic about  it  and  much  more Gardens.  Packages  at created.  Georgia  was  founded  in in  Georgias  charter. $199! Report  broken  link 1733,  126  years  after  Jamestown HistoryIsFun.org/Historical-­… was  successfully  planted.  England Albany  State and  Europe  as  a  whole  were  in  the University Images  of  Oglethorpe midst  of  an  intellectual  revolution 2012  Tuition,  Course Heres  a  great  site  for &  Admission  Info known  as  the  ENLIGHTENMENT. research.  Not  only  will About  Albany  State you  find  dozens  of Enlightened  thinkers  championed University! pictures  of  James www.CampusExplorer.com/… Oglethorpe  and  related the  causes  of  liberty  and  progress. The  city  of  Savannah,  once  a  part  of to  the  settlement  of Many  believed  in  the  innate Oglethorpes  utopian  design,  makes  its Midtown  Atlanta Georgia,  there  are  also beginnings  in  1734. an  essay  on  the goodness  of  human  beings.  They Hotel colonys  founder  and  a Boutique  Hotel  near asserted  that  even  the  worst timeline  of  events.  All Woodruff  Center  walk from  Armstrong  Atlantic elements  of  society  might  prosper  if  given  the  right  set  of  circumstances. to  the  High  Museum State  University. and  the  ASO Report  broken  link JAMES  OGLETHORPE  was  such  a  thinker.  He  and  a  group  of  charitable  investors www.artmorehotel.com asked  KING  GEORGE  for  permission  to  create  a  utopian  experiment  for  English Savannah  Taxi citizens  imprisoned  for  debt.  Englands  prison  population  could  be  decreased, Cab  Service James  Oglethorpe and  thousands  of  individuals  could  be  given  a  new  chance  at  life.  With  these Clean,  reliable  local Tercentenary  Home Page lofty  goals,  Georgia  was  created. and  airport  service A  comprehensive  site 912-­341-­5397 from  the  University  of King  George  was  not  terribly  concerned  with  the  plight  of  the  English  debtor. www.savannahtaxicabservic… Georgia  celebrating  the tercentenary  of  James His  advisers  pointed  out  that  such  a  colony  in  Georgia  might  provide  defense Oglethorpes  birth.  This for  the  South  Carolina  rice  plantations  from  Spanish  Florida.  He  gave  his  assent Reenactment celebration  was  officially to  a  charter  and  Oglethorpe  acted. Stock  Footage decreed  by  the  Georgia New,  quality  historical State  Legislature.  The page  is  broken  down footage  All  periods  of into  several  chapters history  to  your  door including  "English  roots www.reenactmentstockfoot… of  James  Oglethorpe" and  "Visit  to  Savannah" which  was  a  city  settled "...And this would turn out very well indeed in that by  Oglethorpe.  Lots  of it would encourage very many good families of pictures  to  be  found throughout  the  site  too! average means to go to settle there as well as some Report  broken  link very good workmen as carpenters, masons, tile makers, blacksmiths, farriers, locksmiths, wheelwrights, coopers, vine growers, shepherds, Oglethorpe  and  the laborers, and others who would be most useful Georgia  Indians there. Instead of this, the greatest part of those The  gallery  on  this who have already gone there are nothing but website  contains  48 images  related  to  native miserable ones both as to their manners and as to Americans  in  Georgia their fortunes..." from  the  contact  period up  to  the  early  1900s. – James Edward Oglethorpe, Original Papers, Feb. But  dont  miss  the essay  on  Oglethorpe 11, 1737 relations  with  the  native Americans,  with  special reference  to Tomochichi,  a  Creek leader. Report  broken  link Here,  the  settlers  would  have  to  conform  to  Oglethorpes  plan,  in  which  there was  no  elected  assembly.  Three  major  laws  governed  the  colony.  The  first  dealt with  the  distribution  of  land.  The  second  and  third  reflected  Enlightened  ideals. The  Fortresses  ofwww.ushistory.org/us/5d.asp 1/2
  6. 6. 8/20/12 Life in the Plantation South [ushistory.org] Search:     e. Life in the Plantation South Suggest  a  Link A  Day  in  the  Life  of Thomas  Jeffersons Monticello Cite  This  Page   Share  Your  Thoughts From  the  folks  at Monticello  a  fascinating slice  of  plantation  life. Thomas  Jefferson  was 5e.  Life  in  the  Plantation  South a  very  reluctant politician  and  couldnt PLANTATION  life  created  a  society  with  clear SC  Plantation wait  to  retire  to  his class  divisions.  A  lucky  few  were  at  the  top, Museum plantation.  But  with  all Drayton  Hall  is  living the  work  to  be  done,  its with  land  holdings  as  far  as  the  eyes  could history  in  South a  wonder  he  didnt  want to  stay  in  the  White see.  Most  Southerners  did  not  experience Carolina  -­  visit  today! draytonhall.org House.  Start  at  sunrise this  degree  of  wealth.  The  contrast and  spend  a  day  with farmer  Jefferson. between  rich  and  poor  was  greater  in  the Quail  Hunting Report  broken  link South  than  in  the  other  English  colonies, Plantation because  of  the  labor  system  necessary  for Award  Winning Plantation  Hunting its  survival.  Most  Southerners  were Quail  hunting  at  its Gunston  Hall YEOMAN  farmers,  indentured  servants,  or finest Gunston  Hall  was  home Slave  Cabin  at  Sotterley slaves.  The  plantation  system  also  created www.riopiedraplantation.com to  influential  Virginian Plantation,  Maryland,  is  one  of  the George  Mason  who only  remaining  freely  accessible changes  for  women  and  family  structures was  a  big  influence  on examples  of  its  kind  in  the  state. HTML5  Sencha Jefferson.  These  folks as  well. Flex  Devs say  theyre  ready  to HTML5/Flex/AIR help  you  with  you The  TIDEWATER  ARISTOCRATS  were  the  fortunate  few  who  lived  in  stately Dashboards  We  have school  project.  I  quote. "Working  on  a  school plantation  manors  with  hundreds  of  servants  and  slaves  at  their  beck  and  call. your  solution! project?  Writing  a www.webappsolution.com Most  plantation  owners  took  an  active  part  in  the  operations  of  the  business. paper?  Or  maybe  you are  simply  interested  in Surely  they  found  time  for  leisurely  activities  like  hunting,  but  on  a  daily  basis Masters  Degree more  information  about George  Mason  or they  worked  as  well.  The  distance  from  one  plantation  to  the  next  proved  to  be In  History Gunston  Hall.  Please isolating,  with  consequences  even  for  the  richest  class.  Unlike  New  England, Get  Your  Graduate call,  write,  or  e-­mail  us Degree  Online  From who  required  public  schooling  by  law,  the  difficulties  of  travel  and  the  distances to  discuss  your  needs. Accredited  Schools. We  carry  books  about between  prospective  students  impeded  the  growth  of  such  schools  in  the Aid  Avail. George  Mason  and USADegreePrograms.com South.  Private  tutors  were  hired  by  the  wealthiest  families.  The  boys  studied  in Gunston  Hall,  copies  of the  Virginia  Declaration the  fall  and  winter  to  allow  time  for  work  in  the  fields  during  the  planting  times. Mixpanel  Mobile of  Rights,  postcards, and  much  more.  Let  us The  girls  studied  in  the  summer  to  allow  time  for  weaving  during  the  colder Analytics Learn  how  your help  you  with  your months.  Few  cities  developed  in  the  South.  Consequently,  there  was  little  room project!"  They  have  a application  is  used. comprehensive for  a  merchant  middle  class.  URBAN  PROFESSIONALS  such  as  lawyers  were  rare The  most  advanced bibliography  of  sources in  the  South.  Artisans  often  worked  right  on  the  plantation  as  slaves  or analytics  ever. on  George  Mason, www.mixpanel.com Gunston  Hall,  and  other servants. 18th-­century  topics. Report  broken  link The  roles  of  women  were  dramatically  changed  by  the  plantation  society.  First of  all,  since  most  indentured  servants  were  male,  there  were  far  fewer  women in  the  colonial  South.  In  the  Chesapeake  during  the  1600s,  men  entered  the Historic  St.  Marys colony  at  a  rate  of  seven  to  one.  From  one  perspective,  this  increased  womens City  —  1634-­1695 Historic  St.  Marys  City power.  They  were  highly  sought  after  by  the  overwhelming  number  of  eager has  a  working  farm  as men.  The  high  death  rate  in  the  region  resulted  in  a  typical  marriage  being part  of  the  museums attractions.  The  Spray dissolved  by  death  within  seven  years.  Consequently  there  was  a  good  deal  of familys  recreated remarriage,  and  a  complex  web  of  half-­brothers  and  half-­sisters  evolved. 1660s  tobacco plantation,  tucked  away Women  needed  to  administer  the  property  in  the  absence  of  the  male. on  the  banks  of  St. Consequently  many  developed  managerial  skills.  However,  being  a  minority  had Andrews  Creek, contains  the  main its  downside.  Like  in  New  England,  women  were  completely  excluded  from  the house,  tenant  house, political  process.  Female  slaves  and  indentured  servants  were  often  the  victims and  tobacco  houses (barns),  as  well  as  the of  aggressive  male  masters. crops,  gardens, orchards,  livestock,  and fencing  that  a successful  planter would  have  owned.  The Spray  family  and  their indentured  servants interpret  the  everyday life  of  early  Tidewaterwww.ushistory.org/us/5e.asp 1/2