The Phantom Tollbooth


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Gr 5 project work

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The Phantom Tollbooth

  1. 1. By: Joey, Nate, & Ashley
  2. 2. Summary There was a boy named Milo. He thought life was very dull and boring. One day, he received a box that contained a magic tollbooth. This took him to a magical land. Milo wanted to travel to a city called Dictionopolis. On his way, he met Tock the dog. Tock was as big as a bear. Tock joined Milo on his journey as they traveled. Although traveling was daring and dangerous for the duo, they continued their journey. Dictionopolis was a very active place. They then discovered the word market. This where the people of Dictionopolis would buy words. Then came the Spelling Bee. This bee could spell anything. But then, the Humbug arrived. He thought he was better than the Spelling Bee. They got into a fight and Humbug took out the whole market! Milo and Tock were blamed for it and put in jail. He there met the Which. They talked to her and said they would escape along with her. She told them of the princesses named Rhyme and Reason. They all set out to find them and return peace to Dictionopolis and Digitopolis.
  3. 3. Main Ideas What is this passage mainly about?The passage is mainly about Milo finding a small box that had a tollbooth in it that led him to a magical realm where he got into a world of action and adventure. We found this out by using context clues and looking closely at the details.
  4. 4. Identify Meanings What does contained mean?Contained means to hold something. We found this out by looking at the sentence it was in and picking the best answer. “One day, he received a box that contained a magic tollbooth.”We knew the tollbooth was in the box so it must mean inside of something.
  5. 5. Author’s Purpose The author’s purpose of writing this story was to entertain the reader with a story about a boy who uses a magic tollbooth. We found this out because we know: There is no factual information in this story. All of the characters are fictional. And they do not persuade you to do anything.
  6. 6. Literary Devices Read the sentence: “Tock was as big as a bear.” This is an example of a simile. We know this because it uses the word “as” in it. This clarifies that this sentence is a simile because all similes use words like “like” or “as”. Other types of literary devices are personification, metaphor, and alliteration.
  7. 7. Synonyms and Antonyms Read the sentence: “Milo thought life was dull and boring.” In this sentence, dull means the same as boring. This is an example of a synonym. Dull is the OPPOSITE of colorful. That was an example of an antonym.Antonym=oppositeSynonym= same
  8. 8. Fact and Opinion Read the sentence: “Dictionopolis was a very active place.” This is an opinion because someone could think differently. A fact is something like: “There was a boy named Milo.” This is a fact because it is proven that there was once a boy named Milo.
  9. 9. Character Traits These are three character traits about Milo. Milo thinks life is dull. Milo likes to express his opinions. Milo can be very excited. Character traits are three specific, detailed things about a certain character.
  10. 10. Alternative Thinking We thought that another possible title for the story could be something like “A Milo Story”. This makes sense because this story is mainly about Milo’s journey to different places.
  11. 11. Setting The setting of the story is a magical world called Expectations. There are many cities within Expectations like Dictionopolis, Digitopolis, and the Doldrums.
  12. 12. Story ResolutionMilo and Tock saved Rhyme and Reason from Digitopolis and brought peace to the land of Expectations once more.