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Slideset for July 12, 2012 Simple K-12 webinar …

Slideset for July 12, 2012 Simple K-12 webinar

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. 7/12/12 the networked administrator leading & learning with social media lyn hilt
  • 2. Resources related to this webinar found here: 5th year, K-6 principal Elem. tech integrator/coachConnected reader, writer, learner @l_hilt on Twitter
  • 3. isolation?
  • 4. is better.
  • 5. If effective principals energize teachers in complex times, what is going to energize principals? Michael Fullan The New Meaning of Educational Change (2001)
  • 6. should I?why
  • 7.
  • 8. This begs me to ask, Is this acceptable?Can we, as leaders, accept that we donot know enough about the needs ofthe children in front of us, and thereforefail to prepare our teachers andstudents for their futures? (by failing to prepare ourselves?)
  • 9. 92%of U.S. toddlers havean online presence bythe age of 2 Source:
  • 10.
  • 11. Scott McLeodIf we were really serious about educational technologyDangerously Irrelevant
  • 12. via Will Richardson
  • 13. Image: Alec CourosSource:
  • 14. Essential Conditions• Shared vision • Technical support• Empowered leaders • Curriculum framework• Implementation planning • Student-centered learning• Consistent & adequate funding • Assessment & evaluation• Equitable access • Engaged communities• Skilled personnel • Support policies• Ongoing professional learning • Supportive external context
  • 15. build it...model it...share it digital footprinta responsibility:!5036418/led-floor-captures-digital-footprints
  • 16. Image: Justin Tarte
  • 17. connections relationships opportunities
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20. "If you generally think of the Internet as a place to look up stuff youre missing the best part.” "Because everyone embraces a culture of sharing, I benefit.” “The benefits of one idea or comment can be golden to someone.” -Dean Shareski
  • 21. be transparent.
  • 22.“A curator is an expert learner. Instead of dispensingknowledge, he creates spaces in which knowledgecan be created, explored, and connected.” -George Siemens
  • 23. why social media? free connectedreflective available
  • 24. the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue.
  • 25. a personal learning journey
  • 26. What can it look like in your school?
  • 27. model.
  • 28. teachers as learners first
  • 29. social learning doesn’t meanwhat you think it does
  • 30. continuous learnerwants immediate access to solutionshappy to sharerelies on trusted networklearns best with/from othersstays currentstrives to improve productivitythrives on autonomy
  • 31. Know your community.
  • 32. In order to master the connected world... share cooperate collaborate collective action Clay Shirky * Here Comes Everybody
  • 33. engaging learners... (It’s not about the tools.) Image credit: Royan Lee
  • 34. create.
  • 35. collaborate.
  • 36. communicate.
  • 37. think critically.
  • 38. collectiveaction.
  • 39. Ways to get started.Start to develop a PLN. Join Twitter. Use RSS tosubscribe to blogs....Transition from a static newsletter to a living blog....Use Facebook & Twitter communications with yourschool community...Utilize Google docs and wikis for collaborative work...Use social bookmarking (Diigo, Delicious) for curationand sharing...Try YouTube and Livestream to bring life to yourcommunications...
  • 40. Getting there.Model use.Provide autonomy, time & resources.Form partnerships.Embrace failure, promote growth.Educate.
  • 41. ContactTwitter @l_hiltSkype l_hilt
  • 42. acknowledgementsFor Sharing Ideas jwasAlec Couros For Sharing Images sfviewGeorge Couros FlickrBill Ferriter sky_mitch Other Images SharedMichael Fullan clappstar Don’t be afraid of changeDean Shareski Aelle Digital footprintsPatrick Larkin bennylin0724 Child with cell phoneRoyan Lee N07 It’s the roomJenny Luca plugusin bitziScott McLeod Articles/Resources niklaswikstromSheryl Nussbaum-Beach referenced found here: mikeleeorgMarc Prensky http:// annaisJason Ramsden leadandlearn.wikispaces.c kirklauEric Sheninger om/Networked nagattaGeorge Siemens psd +AdministratorJosh Stumpenhorst alwaysbreakingJustin Tarte sparktographyWill RIchardson Rsinner zephranyce tanakawho