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Pythagoras Pythagoras Presentation Transcript

  • PYTHAGORASLearn all about this amazing mathematician!! By Kyla G.
  • HIS CHILDHOOD He was born in 570 B.C. He is the son of Mnesarchos. His mom is Pythais. He is known to have two or three brothers. Pythagoras lived on the island of Samos, the western coast of what is now Turkey. He was smart as a kid. He learned to play the lyre (a Greek string instrument. Top right), do pottery, and recite to Homer(Wrote poems and read them to others). Pythagoras had a birthmark on his thigh. People said he had a golden thigh!! In school there were three people that really influenced Pythagoras. His teachers Pherekdes and Thales, but also Thales student named Anaximander. He traveled many places like Egypt as a young man to get a better education. Thales had suggested that he should go to Egypt to gain knowledge. It is said that Pythagoras gained most of his knowledge in Egypt.
  • ADULTHOOD The Persians invaded Egypt while Pythagoras was there. Pythagoras was taken prisoner and sent to Babylon (which is now Iraq). About 10 years later he was freed. He left Babylon and went back to Samos. He founded a school there called the Semicircle. The leaders of Samos did not like Pythagoras teachings, so he left. The Pythagoreans lived simply, they dressed simply and ate on a strict diet. Pythagoras married a woman named Teano, who attended the Pythagorean school he founded. Pythagoras had five children Myia or Mryia, Damo, and Arignote, were his daughters. His sons were Arimnestes, and Telauges. Some of Pythagoras’ famous sayings are “Silence is better than unmeaning words.”-Pythagoras and “above a cloud with a shadow is a star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself.” - Pythagoras
  • PYTHAGOREAN SCHOOL Pythagoras tried to found a school in Samos but couldn’t, and instead founded a school in Crotona Italy. The Pythagorean school was founded around 530 B.C. The Pythagorean school was scientific, but also very religious. Pythagoras taught in this school. Here is the schools hectic schedule. Morning: meditation, planned out their schedule for the next day, ate breakfast, exercise, and study. Afternoon: ate lunch, they wrote and got letters from family members, and went for a walk. Night: ate supper, read, and then meditated. Pythagoras taught that the Earth was a sphere in the center of the universe. Pythagoras also noticed that the orbit of the moon is inclined with the Earth’s equator.
  • THE PYTHAGORAS THEOREM The Pythagoras theorem is a2+ b2=c2. This theory applies only to right triangles. A right triangle must have a 90 degree angle. The longest side called the a hypotenuse, is always across from the 90 degree angle. This theory was not first discovered by Pythagoras, though. It was first discovered by indian mathematicians. Pythagoras proved this theory and popularized it. Pythagoras also believed that after a person dies their soul is placed in a new body. They believed that you might have a body of an animal!
  • FUN FACT ABOUT PYTHAGORASPythagoras was a vegetarian! Because of his religion he did not eat meat!!
  • THE END!!I hope you liked my PowerPoint on Pythagoras !!