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Keynote slides shared as pdf... can get you individual slides if needed. Thanks for reading!

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ITSCO Keynote

  1. 1. stories toleading & learninga journey to connected share
  2. 2. what this isn’t
  3. 3. what this is
  4. 4. please join in the conversation Today’s Meet Room: Twitter hashtag: #learningcloud
  5. 5. why are you here?because you want to be brave in leading change? you want to be transparent? you are an optimist? you find value in “the cloud”? you are creative and want to see your ideas come to fruition? because you are a learner? oh.... and the iPads :)
  6. 6. this is a story of learning (and loving it.)
  7. 7. is the story of growing pains
  8. 8. http// alone.
  9. 9. together is better.
  10. 10. this is the story of connections
  11. 11. Image credit; Marco Martins
  12. 12. this is a story of transparency
  13. 13. build it...model it...share it digital footprinta responsibility:!5036418/led-floor-captures-digital-footprints
  14. 14. this is a story about fear.
  15. 15. this is a story ofsharing.
  16. 16. "If you generally think of the Internet as a place to look up stuff youre missing the best part.” "Because everyone embraces a culture of sharing, I benefit.” “The benefits of one idea or comment can be golden to someone.” -Dean Shareski
  17. 17.
  18. 18. this is a story about relationships
  19. 19. this is a story of leadership
  20. 20. from command and control
  21. 21. to support and encourage Jane Hart Social learning doesn’t mean what you think it does
  22. 22. you decide. Command & Control Support & Encourageonly we provide PD, and it happens value informal learning and anytime, where/when we say it does anywhere opportunities we support the platforms our users we ban social media need and preferwe can’t allow people to create their we will create spaces and conditions own content!!! for content creation you may only use our systems, our learners use personal devices and networks, our devices systems the learner knows what’s best for we know what’s best for learning his learning from the work of Jane Hart
  23. 23. continuous learnerwants immediate access to solutionshappy to sharerelies on trusted networklearns best with/from othersstays currentstrives to improve productivitythrives on autonomy
  24. 24. learners first.
  25. 25. this is a story about partners in learning
  26. 26. Iowa, Did You Know? 2011Scott McLeod & Karl Fisch
  27. 27. the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue.
  28. 28. Image credit: Royan Lee
  29. 29. create.
  30. 30. collaborate.
  31. 31. communicate.
  32. 32. think critically.
  33. 33. In order to master the connected world... share cooperate collaborate collective action Clay Shirky * Here Comes Everybody
  34. 34. this is a story about passion.
  35. 35. this is a story about kids.
  36. 36. “We need to move beyond the ideathat education is something that is provided for us, and toward the idea that an education issomething that we create ourselves.” -Stephen Downes
  37. 37. Twitter: @l_hilt * * Skype: l_hilt
  38. 38. acknowledgementsFor Sharing Ideas For Sharing ImagesAlec Couros FlickrGeorge Couros Books/Resources referenced Express monorailStephen Downes found here: bitziBill Ferriter http://Michael Fullan niklaswikstrom kirklau Hart vernhart ITSCO+LeadershipPatrick LarkinRoyan Lee alwaysbreaking +Symposium+11Scott McLeod RsinnerSheryl Nussbaum-Beach zephranyceDaniel Pink tanakawhoMarc Prensky dkuropatwaJason Ramsden markusschoepkeDean Shareski nicdalicEric SheningerClay Shirky Don’t be afraid of changeGeorge Siemens Digital footprintsIra SocolJosh StumpenhorstJustin TarteWill RIchardson